In Virtual Reality 25 ☆ Death Notice (9/25)

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“Good evening, student Silence,” greeted the ghostly figure.

To everyone's surprise, none of the feared gruesome scenarios had come to pass.
The ghost opened its mouth and slowly greeted Hoodie in a raspy voice.
Its face appeared smeared with layers of red paint or blood, creating a striking contrast of varying shades of scarlet.
The ghost's piercing eyes stared unblinkingly at Hoodie, who was just a few centimetres away, but upon hearing Peng Jia Long's scream, the ghost's gaze shifted and fixed upon him.

The boy was like a chicken caught in a chokehold, swallowing his scream abruptly.
His pupils twitched uncontrollably while everyone remained frozen, unable to escape their instinctual fear and flee.

“Good evening, Ms Sophora~” (槐) spoke Silence, smiling and greeting their teacher as a typical student would.
“It's been a long time, and you look rosier every day.”

The group remained quiet as if time had frozen at that moment.

“Good evening, student Silence.” The corners of the ghostly figure, known as Ms Sophora, turned up slightly as it spoke.
“Oh, really~” The scarlet face with its snake-like neck suddenly turned to the trembling Peng Jia Long.
The ghost's tone lowered as it asked, “But why did this student scream when he saw me?”

Ms Sophora split its mouth open, revealing its flesh-coloured insides, with red lips cracking and tearing into numerous minor bleeding marks.
Its open mouth showed shark-like teeth to Peng Jia Long, who felt his face go numb and unconscious with goosebumps all over his body.

If not for the support of Shen Jia, who stood behind Peng Jia Long, he might have fallen to the ground like a dead body.
Ah Ma and Qian Qin, who were not the “lucky ones” chosen for this encounter, were even more stunned when they saw the body of the Sophora teacher.
Yes, this ghostly face had a body.

It had a long, long neck, connecting its head on one side and extending into the rubber-curtained interior of the canteen on the other.
The angle between the face and the neck was so convincing that the crowd thought it had no other limbs.
The neck appeared slippery, like a plastic tube, but with the texture of human flesh.

Ah Ma glanced at it and quickly looked away, her heart pounding in her chest as she remembered the neck tube she had just seen.

'Stop thinking about it! Stop! Vomit…' she almost dry heaved.

Ms Sophora pressed closer and closer, aggressively asking, “Why, student?”

Peng Jia Long's pupils quaked, and his whole body resisted the monster's closeness.

'What am I going to say?! I…I don't know!' he thought to himself.

A hand reached out from his left side, wrapping itself around his right shoulder and forcibly pressing Peng Jia Long to the side of Silence.
His face was planted into Silence's shoulder.
“That's because, of course,” Silence said with a toothy grin.
“You really look too rosy and healthy, teacher.
But this schoolboy here is not as cultured as I am and doesn't even have the words to describe your glowing face.
So, he can only praise you with the most primitive of cries!”

Silence held up their left hand in front of them with a thumbs up.
“I think you're the most popular teacher this term!”


— You guys are too good at fooling around, aren't you?!!!

“Yeah, well.” Ghostface remained doubtful, its elongated neck twisting back and forth, grabbing Peng Jia Long's attention like hypnotists swaying a pendulum.
“Student, is that really what you think?”

Shen Jia stood behind them and stealthily poked Peng Jia Long's rear end, causing him to flinch out of his daze.
The young man's face was drained of colour, and he struggled to maintain a tight-lipped smile.

“Yes, yes,” he nodded in agreement, “our teacher looks too good.
They must pay more attention to health care than I do.

The boy's pale face added credibility to his statement, earning a nod of approval from Ms Sophora.

“Geez, it's not as good as you guys say,” Ghostface feigned modesty, but its eyes were smiling so hard that the slits were barely visible.

Hoodie patted the boy's shoulder and then released him.

“But yeah,” Ms Sophora's tone shifted, and it approached Hoodie again, giggling wryly.
“why didn't you see your teacher first thing this morning to complete your admission report? Surprisingly, you'd broken school rules before even starting school.
Did you?”

Ms Sophora's sharp teeth were visible as saliva dripped from between them, its greedy eyes fixed on Hoodie.
It was as if it was ready to take a bite out of the human's head at any moment.

Shen Jia held Peng Jia Long, who was feeling weak and was momentarily stunned by Teacher Sophora's words.


'Could this violation of school rules be the work of the student council?' Xu Jin Yi wondered.

She couldn't imagine the three ghosts trying to confront her through a counsellor.

'No, that can't be it,' she thought.

As a straight A (100% achievement) student, Xu Jin Yi was well-versed in gaining the favour of her teacher, Ms Sophora.
But did they really have to come to a battle in her area of expertise?

Probably not.

After all, the student council's ghost officers wouldn't dare confront a teacher-level ghost directly.
It would be the minister or deputy department that would handle the situation.

So what had gone wrong?

But right now, the most pressing issue was to get Ms Sophora to close her drooling mouth.


Silence rummaged in their pocket with a calm demeanour and pulled out the Leave of Absence they had been carrying with them all morning.

“Ms Sophora, here's my Leave of Absence.”

Sure enough, the sight of the Leave of Absence diminished Ghostface's greedy gaze toward Hoodie.

“Alright, alright, come in, student Silence,” Ms Sophora spoke before retreating back into the canteen with a whoosh.

The few people outside the canteen hesitated to go in, looking at each other.

But Silence didn't hesitate.
They didn't wimp out at all when they encountered danger.
With confidence, they lifted their feet and stepped inside.

Ah Ma and Qian Qin took a deep breath, holding hands and following behind.

“Peng Jia Long, are you going back?” Shen Jia asked softly, worried about the other's mental state.
After all, Peng Jia Long had been shocked when he visited the cafeteria at noon, and Shen Jia didn't want him to pass out again.

“I'm fine,” Peng Jia Long replied, taking a deep breath.
“I wasn't mentally prepared before, but I am now.”

“Don't push yourself,” Shen Jia advised.

“I'm really ready now,” Peng Jia Long said with a smile, trying to reassure his friend.
“Let's go.”

With that, he grabbed the curtain and walked inside, leaving Shen Jia to shake his head and follow with a sigh.


It was 4:25 PM, during school hours, and a few spectral students wandered the canteen.
Silence followed Teacher Sophora inside, and they caught a glimpse of the ghostly figure.
The elongated neck, soft as a hose, had been slightly shortened but extended much longer than a typical human's.
The 2-meter-tall teacher was dressed in a lady's suit, and its arms hung loosely, nearly touching the ground.

Ms Sophora grinned and waved its overly long arm, “Silence, here here.” The coppery red hand gestured to the right, and Ms Sophora introduced with excitement, “Introducing the new Vice President of the Student Council, Little Zhou (小周).”

The person beside Ms Sophora forced a stiff smile, “Hello, Senior.”

The members of the Student Council all wore the same eerie smile, like Annabelle the Terror Doll, and no matter how many times Silence saw them, they couldn't get used to it.
They had yet to see this new [Student Council Vice President NPC] in the PC version.
Was it a recent addition to the remake?

Vice President Little Zhou was dressed in a bright red chiffon shirt and a long black skirt.
Her shoulder-length hair flowed softly behind her.
Despite the perpetually smiling face, Silence found the NPC quite elegant.

“I brought Little Zhou to familiarize with the work environment, and I didn't expect to hear the hostel officers talking about you,” Teacher Sophora was thrilled, its black pupils dilating as its neck wriggled uncontrollably.

“student Silence.
Would you mind if the teacher sat in for a moment?”

Silence politely smiled, knowing full well what the ghostly teacher had in mind.
It would devour a student's head as its next meal in a second if given a chance.

Stealing back the initiative was the best course of action.

“Of course, you can, Ms Sophora!” Silence declared with even more enthusiasm, clapping their hands together in delight.

Teacher Sophora's original excited smile on her ghostly face suddenly faded, surprised by Silence's lack of fear: 'How come this student isn't even scared?' “With you here, Ms Sophora, justice will surely be served,” Silence declared with a look of pure trust on their face.
This show of faith made even Ghostface hesitate for a moment.

Turning its head to the three student council officers at the other end of the communal table, Ms Sophora asked, “Do you have anything to say?”

The lead ghost was caught off guard, having just come to the cafeteria for a meal and a chat with its fellow student council ghosts.
“Teacher Sophora…,” the ghost stuttered, its eyes darting around.

The lead ghost had gnashed its teeth at Hoodie earlier but hadn't thought to involve a teacher.
Teachers at Death Notice treated their students indiscriminately.

this senior didn't stay in their dorm during hygiene inspection and ran into the freshman dormitory,” the ghost admitted, slurring its words.

“Wrongly accused, Teacher Sophora!” Hoodie bellowed, their voice trembling with righteous indignation.
“I had a compelling reason for my actions!”

The lead ghost was momentarily stunned but quickly regained its composure.
Sensing Silence's desire to argue, the ghoul stepped forward to challenge them.
“Senior, even if your motives were pure, you cannot flout the school's rules.”


At these words, Xu Jin Yi paused her game and removed her VR glasses, hanging them around her neck.
With a loud thud, she made her way to the kitchen, where she retrieved a bottle of green tea from the fridge and popped it open with a satisfying crack, drinking half in on the go.

Carrying the mostly empty bottle, she strode back to the living room with a thud and resumed playing her game, her expression determined.


“Teacher Sophora~~~!” Silence cried out, their voice infused with the fresh scent of green tea.

The pink hoodie hung their head in defeat, their demeanour despondent.
“Teacher, I was wrong,” they whispered remorsefully.

The lead ghost's lips curled into a smirk of unbridled delight.
“Look, Teacher Sophora, this student has admitted their mistake!”

Silence huffed in annoyance, their brows furrowed.
“Yes, my mistake was putting too much faith in the spirit and discipline of Dark Virtue University,” they declared, their voice tinged with a hint of bitterness.

At the mention of the university, Teacher Sophora's expression froze.
“What do you mean by that, my student?” the ghost stammered, craning its neck nervously as it looked towards Hoodie, its eyes darting back and forth in fear of what was to come.

“Teacher Sophora,” Silence exclaimed, their voice rising with conviction, “I've received numerous media invitations to extoll the virtues of our beloved Dark Virtue University and asking why we haven't created a promotional video for our adMsions brochure!”

The group of students standing behind Hoodie shifted from shock to confusion as they struggled to understand the situation.
They gazed at Hoodie with bewilderment and disbelief as if trying to grasp the meaning behind their words.

Even Shen Jia, who had seen their antics before, now stood with his expression fixed, as if carved from wood, as they listened to Hoodie's explanation.

“Undoubtedly, our Dark Virtue University boasts an excellent infrastructure, exceptional teaching resources, and a faculty of highly talented educators like yourself.
With a harmonious student body to complement these assets, it is no surprise that our goal is to recruit more students.
By producing a high-quality promotional video, we will attract a larger pool of applicants and firmly establish ourselves as one of the top universities, making Dark Virtue the preferred choice for many aspiring graduates.
To capture the true essence of our university in the promotional video, I took the initiative of turning on my mobile phone's high-resolution lens as soon as I arrived on campus.
I wanted to document every aspect of our beautiful grounds, including each blade of grass, to showcase the impeccable beauty of Dark Virtue University.

In the bustling cafeteria, a hoodie figure stood with their hand over their heart, their voice trembling with emotion as they cried out in distress.
“Teacher Sophora, have you seen what I've captured on film?! I've uncovered the misdeeds taking place at our Dark Virtue University!!!”

The eavesdropping cafeteria manager and leader of the ghost monsters listened in stunned silence, unable to believe the extent of the impropriety being revealed by the person who was more ghoulish than a ghost.
A palpable sense of unease settled over them as they sensed that something ominous was about to occur.

Sure enough, their premonition proved to be true.

Silence nimbly retrieved their phone, unlocking it with a crackling sound and flipping through the saved recordings.
“Listen! Listen to this! What kind of words are these!” they exclaimed, their tone laced with shock and disbelief.

The recording captured a contentious conversation between the lead ghost and the attempted private settlement.
The clarity of the recording was remarkable, showcasing the leader's imperious and haughty tone.

The trio of leading ghosts stood in stunned silence as Hoodie offered, “I have a 1080P HD close-up video version here, and I can provide subtitles if needed, Teacher.”

Even Ms Sophora was taken aback by the proposal.
It was becoming increasingly evident that the reticent student sincerely intended to make an 'admissions video for Dark Virtue University.' Who could have imagined that they would film such a thing?' As the evidence mounted, the lead ghost's face contorted with either embarrassment or rage.
Just as everyone anticipated a confrontation, Teacher Sophora closed its eyes and took a deep breath.
With a friendly demeanour, it turned to the Vice President of the Student Council, who had been standing quietly beside it.

“Little Zhou,” it asked calmly, “what do you think should be done?”

For a fleeting moment, all eyes in the room were fixed on the newly appointed Vice President Zhou.

With an unwavering demeanour, Little Zhou stated, “Teacher Sophora, I agree with the student Silence.
Our Dark Virtue University is a premier institution, and it's unacceptable for such incidents to occur.”

Despite her eerie resemblance to the lead ghost, Little Zhou did not view the trio of ghosts as allies.
She finished with a smile brimming with mirth.
She added, “As a fellow officer of the Student Council, it's important to keep in mind the council's philosophy of 'serving the general public' rather than exploiting your peers for personal gain.
This undermines the reputation of the Student Council and the esteemed status of Dark Virtue University as a 'Top Ten University.'”

Ms Sophora listened intently, a look of satisfaction spreading across its face as Little Zhou spoke of the 'Top Ten Universities'.
The ghost's expression displayed a sense of pride and dignity, and the entire ghostly presence seemed to expand.

Ms Sophora breathed a sigh of relief, asking, “So, according to Zhou, what should be the action plan?”

“I believe the first step,” replied Vice President Little Zhou as she crossed her arms in thought, her frozen smile still in place, “is for the fellow officers of the Student Council to conduct a thorough self-reflection on their behaviour.
Then, we must delve deeper into the incident's root cause and assess its impact.
Next, we must determine the appropriate course of action to minimize the negative effects of this incident,” she continued.
“Finally, we must ensure that the resolution of this matter results in mutual benefit and serves as a lesson so that similar mistakes are not repeated in the future,” concluded Little Zhou with a sense of finality and then continued.
“In my opinion, it's important to address this issue so that future students feel more confident in choosing Dark Virtue University.”

Teacher Sophora and the trio of leading ghosts remained silent, while Silence, standing nearby, was shocked.
Why did this NPC sound more like a seasoned player? They believe that Little Zhou deserved an award for being the best wingman and assistant!

Vice President Little Zhou was not finished, making a bold move.
“I believe that the behaviour of these Student Council officers is not only a result of their failure to uphold the philosophy of the Student Council but also due to the inaction of their departments.
Therefore,” she continued, “I propose that these officers be held accountable by both their department minister and deputy and that the Residence Department take steps to rectify the situation according to the rules of the Student Council.”

Ms Sophora, dazed and its face reddened, gave a start and burst into sobs of joy, “Alright, alright, let's go with the abbreviated version!”

Little Zhou, her expression unreadable, said nothing.

Silence then raised their hand and asked, “Student Zhou, may I ask a question?”

Little Zhou's rigid smile, reminiscent of Annabel's, shifted to face Hoodie, who was now even more resolute, their eyes shining with the light of righteousness, “Of course, Senior,” she replied, “Please go ahead.”

Silence brandished their mobile phone, still displaying evidence of the bribes accepted by the leader's ghost, and gestured to Zhou.
“What about the students who were coerced into giving up their class hours? Their young and pure hearts, still burning with a passion for our Dark Virtue University, have been deeply wounded!”

After a moment of thoughtful silence, Zhou replied solemnly, “Indeed.
The Student Union will transfer the illegally collected credit hours from the student ID of the bribe recipient to rectify the injustice done to the majority of students who were victimized.”

“And what about other points that were wrongly deducted?” Silence added.

Little Zhou declared with righteous conviction, “I shall speak with the head of the Residence Management Department and strive to have the dormitory points unjustly deducted from the freshmen this month waived.”

At his words, the eyes of the most immediate beneficiaries widened in shock, and even Peng Jia Long let out an involuntary “ooh”.

Joyful tears streamed down their faces.

In sharp contrast, the trio of lead ghosts sat in their cafeteria chairs with ashen expressions, eager to retort but unable to do so under the weight of Little Zhou's status as Vice President of the Student Council and the authority of Ms Sophora.

For the trio of lead ghosts, the sudden appearance of the junior hoodie was nothing short of a disastrous turn of events.
Everything was running smoothly until now, and no freshman had ever dared to challenge them.

'It's all that damn person's fault!' The more the leader thought about it, the more incensed he became.
His increasing panic at the prospect of being expelled from the Student Council only fueled his rage.

He stood up abruptly, his black and white eyes flashing angrily, and pointed accusingly at the hoodie.
“What do you have to be so proud of?” he shouted.
“You have broken school rules as well! Even if we did something wrong, you broke the rules too!”

He was unaware of the sudden change in Ms Samuel's expression, which had been one of relief but now sank.

Silence, who had previously not denied breaking school rules, now curled their lips in disdain.
“But I have only just enrolled and the teacher has yet to assign me a dorm room,” they explained, looking particularly frightened.
“I was merely trying to do my part for our beloved Dark Virtue University, but today's recording only captured some impropriety…ugh.”

This simple utterance of “ugh” from the hoodie was enough to shatter the leader ghost's defence completely.

“*****! You ****!”

The solitary word cracked the safe volume barrier.

Xu Jin Yi, donning virtual reality glasses, swiftly silenced the game's audio and then leisurely took a final sip of the sweet, crisp, and invigorating green tea.

This tea was an absolute delight to the senses.


The primary ghost lost control in the game's unfolding narrative, but the other two ghost officers remained collected.
Despite the student council members' identical appearances, these two could decipher expressions with greater proficiency than the volatile, security-compromising leader ghost.
With a tug and a pull, they retreated to the rear, away from the chaos.

Vice President Zhou studied them with a discerning gaze but remained silent.

“Indeed,” chimed in Teacher Sophora, “What do you believe would be an appropriate punishment for student Silence?”

The question was posed to the lead ghost.

Shen Jia's fists clenched tightly, and he couldn't help but gulp down a mouthful of air.

Did Ms Sophora desire to eliminate Silence as well? This was doubtful, although it was evident from its recent behaviour that it held some animosity towards Senior Silence.
Nonetheless, Ms Sophora appeared to value the potential benefits Senior Silence could bring to Dark Virtue University more highly.

And as for the leader ghost, he had entirely lost his bearings.

The leader ghost believed that the tide was turning in his favour and even if he was stripped of his council position, it would bring the culprit to justice.
Overcome with excitement, he spoke passionately, “As a senior, if one fails to serve as a positive influence to other students, it is tantamount to dragging them down.
I propose that student Silence be swiftly and decisively punished with death!”


A loud commotion erupted from the rear of the cafeteria, causing the crowd to swivel their attention to the source.
With beads of sweat rolling down his face, the brawny cafeteria manager attempted a strained smile, “It's nothing to worry about! Please, carry on with your meal.”

Silence sneered: 'You're a bit too eager to revel in victory, aren't you?' Before the lead ghost could respond, teacher Samuel's neck elongated, swaying back and forth.

“So, young student,” teacher Samuel hissed, “are you aware of the ramifications of your actions – of disobeying your teachers, showing them disrespect by calling them by their given name and shouting at senior students?”

Xu Jingyi's eyes gleamed with intense focus.

Teacher Sophora's full name was Sophora Sophora Sophora (槐槐槐).
[TN: If a teacher is in a bad mood, it can choose to say you called them by first name XD] So definitely don't stutter in front of this teacher.

Xu Jin Yi: Disrespectful Teacher Warning.JPG

No student dared to respond to Teacher Sophora's inquiry, and the lead ghost, realizing the situation at hand, cried out in horror, “No, Teacher! Not this–” Before he could finish, the long necked ghost took a vicious bite out of the leader's head.
Its red lips and gleaming white teeth opened and closed with each crunch, a rhythmic crunching munching noise as the teeth grind and crush the food into smaller pieces becoming piercingly clear within the cafeteria.

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch.

The distinct sound of bones and meat grinding and slurping together echoed in their ears as if they were listening to hypnotic ASMR, but with a touch of horror.

The students, including Shen Jia, were paralyzed with shock as they gazed upon the haunting scene before them.

Vice Chairman Little Zhou's voice broke through their daze, declaring, “Three infractions will earn you a Death Notice from the broadcasting station.
Those who commit serious offenses will face execution at the hands of the teachers.”

Suddenly, the ominous “dong dong dong dong” of the university's music echoed throughout the halls, followed by a radio broadcast that filled the students with dread.
The broadcast announced, “Attention all students! This is a notice of criticism from the university.
On August 12th, 2322, a student council officer misused his power for personal gain, showed disrespect towards his superiors, and spoke out of turn, violating the school's rules and discipline.
He has now been sentenced to death by our teacher, Ms.
Let this serve as a warning to all students to strive for harmony and beauty at Dark Virtue University.”

The voice concluded, “August 12, 2322, Dark Virtue University Radio Station.”

After the broadcast concluded, Ms Sophora savored the final bite of the ghost's skull with satisfaction.
The remains of the headless body melted into the cafeteria floor, leaving nothing but a bloodstained puddle.

Little Zhou gazed at the red-tinged floor with a furrowed brow, staying silent.

Teacher Sophora then turned toSilence with a smile, revealing its sharp teeth still stained with flesh and blood.
“student Silence, I know you're a good student, and it must be hard to see Dark Virtue University like this.”

Its eyes rolled as it spoke, “This oversight of not arranging a dormitory for you in advance was also my mistake.
Let's not dwell on it.
Instead, I want you to make a recruitment video showcasing the good campus style of Dark Virtue University.
If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to the student council.
And student Silence, don't disappoint me or our esteemed headmaster.”

Patting Silence's shoulder kindly, Teacher Sophora's neck retracted back to its normal position.
After enjoying its dinner snack, it was ready to depart with Little Zhou.

Silence suddenly interjected, “Teacher Sophora, may I have a moment of your time?”

“What is it, dear student?”

Silence eyes scanned the crowd before settling on the cafeteria manager, who was attempting to slink away unnoticed.

The cafeteria manager's back stiffened as a shiver ran down his scalp.
Hoodie's smile grew wider: 'I couldn't help but notice that you were observing the situation with great interest.
Why not join in the fun and let me watch for a change?' They playfully wagged their slender index finger at him.
“I must admit, I came to the canteen before running into my Student Council classmates,” Silence confided in Teacher Sophora with a mischievous wink to Shen Jia, who quickly caught on to their friend's intentions.

Hoodie classic let out a groan of frustration.
“Not only did they cause this mess in the canteen, but they tried to get rid of us when Shen Jia and I tried to give our feedback!”

Shen Jia weakly clung to Peng Jia Long, coughing softly as Silence stepped aside.

The cafeteria manager recoiled in fear, stammering, “I swear, I didn't do anything!”

Ah Ma and Qian Qin looked on with stoic expressions as Shen Jia and Hoodie performed a dramatic duet.

Silence's sneer was the only sound in the room.
“You may not have physically acted, but your inaction is even more detestable.” their voice ringing with disappointment.
“Your words and actions have deeply hurt the hearts of our Freshmen!”

The cafeteria manager was left speechless, his gaze darting desperately towards the kitchen in search of allies.
However, his colleagues, who had already suffered numerous blows from Hoodie, took a step back in unison, declining to come to his aid.

[Your companions have declined your request to team up.]

“And have you made any efforts to rectify the canteen's shortcomings as requested?” Silence asked, their tone stern.

The cafeteria manager, whose death's motto was: “don't give a fuck”, had not made many changes.
In fact, it might have gotten even worse.

Hoodie took centre stage once again, their voice ringing with frustration.
“Do you not value the feedback of your students? Do you have a vendetta against Dark Virtue University?” they asked, their tone accusatory.

The cafeteria manager hastened to deny any ill intentions.
“No, no, not at all!” he exclaimed.

Teacher Sophora, who had been on the verge of leaving, spoke up hesitantly.
“Student, the state of our school canteen has always been like this.
Perhaps it's not as severe as you're making it out to be…”

Hoodie was taken aback by the announcement.
“Teacher Sophora, has the quality of the canteen at Dark Virtue University really sunk this low?” they asked, their voice trembling with disbelief and disappointment.

Ms Sophora replied, “I…”

Silence interjected, “You must understand that the canteen is not just a place for students to eat.
It represents the essence of a good university.
Only when the canteen is up to standard can teachers and students eat, work, and study with contentment.
This will lead to higher expectations for discipline and overall improve the quality of teachers and students.
The future pillars of our country will be nurtured and flourish, benefiting the people.”

Ms Sophora tried to calm them, “Please ease up, student.
Let us all take a moment to reflect.”

Silence was eager, “Ms Sophora, don't forget that the admissions video for Dark Virtue University will be shot in the cafeteria! The renovation of the canteen is of utmost importance.”

Ghostface reversed its earlier hesitation and now spoke with conviction, “For the future of our country and its future leaders, the renovation of the Dark Virtue University canteen is a pressing issue.”


The canteen manager was astounded.
“Ms Sophora,” he stammered, “you're…”

“Wang, little Wang,” Ms Sophora interjected, “for the benefit of Dark Virtue University and for the headmaster, it's important that we, as veteran staff members, stay up-to-date with the times.”

Manager Wang struggled to find the right words.
“All right, all right, let's do it,” he finally said.

Ms Sophora had been eager to make its escape, but the student who had arrived to report a few hours earlier was proving to be quite the handful.
Now that things were finally settled, Ms Sophora shook its head, breathed a sigh of relief, and prepared to make its exit.

“Ms Sophora, please wait just a little longer!”

Ms Sophora turned around with a bemused expression.
“student Silence, have I done anything to offend you?”

Hoodie blinked innocently.
“How could you say that, Ms Sophora? I just have a small question for you.
After all, you're known for your vast knowledge.”

Ghostface smiled through gritted teeth.
“Well, go ahead, ask away!”

“You see, as a junior student, I'll soon be entering the workforce after I graduate in my senior year.
So I thought it would be wise to gain some practical experience in the social arena before then.” Silence offered a slight, shy smile as her gaze landed on the canteen manager.
Under the hooded figure's watchful eye, the manager began to sweat profusely.
“I've heard that our school canteen is up for outsourcing, and the students are eager to create a façade in the canteen to serve hygienically-safe food,” Silence stated with an emphasized tone on “hygienic standards.” This caused the canteen manager's burly body to quiver.
“This way, they can balance their studies and work and gain valuable social experience.”

The teacher pondered for a moment before responding with a hint of hesitation, “student Silence.
I'd love to help, but I'm not in charge of the canteen.
You'll need to speak with Manager Wang, who handles all purchases and sales of ingredients.”

The hoodie figure's piercing eyes nailed the manager.

Manager: Ms Sophora, you have brought me nothing but trouble one me!

Manager Wang forced a rigid smile as he struggled to swallow his saliva.
“Uh, well…,” he stammered.

Suddenly, he had an idea.
“student Silence, I can supply the necessary ingredients and front, but you see, this requires the approval of Mr Principal,” he explained, his eyes rolling and hands spread in a gesture of helplessness.
“Without his instructions, I cannot provide a space for you.
I apologize, but it can't be helped.”


Xu Jin Yi knew well what “Mr Principal's instructions” entailed.

His seal!

The red, [Exclusive seal of Dark Virtue University] stamped atop the [Leave of absence] document was the property of the headmaster and resided within the headmaster's office.
To enter the office, one needed an electronic password, which Xu Jin Yi was familiar with from her time as a multi-weekend gamer.
However, she needed a legitimate reason to enter the office during the day and could only wait until nightfall.


Silence replied, “That's fine.”

Just then, Little Zhou, the Student Council Vice President, interjected, “Allow me to take you to see the headmaster.” The tone was serious and unwavering.
“It is the responsibility of the student council to serve the students.”

Silence was momentarily stunned before breaking out into enthusiastic applause.
“Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! You truly live up to your title as Vice President of the Student Council!”

Little Zhou's smile seemed to grow even shyer as the corners of her mouth lifted higher.
She turned to the scarlet-faced teacher and said, “Then, Teacher Sophora, let's go.”

“I won't be joining you,” Teacher Sophora declared promptly, intimidated by Hoodie.
With a stern look, the teacher's long hand grabbed hold of the two ghost leaders lackis by the neck, who were as still as doves.
“I'll take these two officers where they need to go, Little Zhou.
On your way and pay a visit to the dormitory department too.
Don't worry about the teacher.
Just escort the student Silences and go .”

Little Zhou: “……”

At the canteen, there were only five living students, the canteen manager Mr Wang, and Little Zhou.

“Senior Silence,” Little Zhou began, “It's getting close to the headmaster's work days end, so if you're eager to see him today, we'll have to move quickly.”

Silence nodded in agreement and then, with natural ease, directed their attention towards the canteen manager.
“Mr Wang, I have a few new students with me who are unfamiliar with checking the points on their Student IDs.
Would you be so kind as to assist them? And, if I may add, the new students were excited about the canteen when they first arrived.
If possible, I would appreciate it if you could make some improvements.
I'm confident that by doing so, the students' overall happiness will increase, and the school will thrive.”

Mr Wang, with a stoic expression, asked in a wooden voice, “Student Silence, what exactly are you trying to say?”

Silence blinked, taken aback by the manager's demeanour.
“I simply want to ensure that my students are given a healthy, nutritious, and hygienic meal for dinner,” they responded.

'I'll cut you up and have them eat you!' Manager Wang simmered with anger as he observed Hoodie.
However, his expression quickly changed as he noticed Silence opening the campus live broadcast on their mobile phone.

“By the way,” Silence continued with a bright smile, “we'll bring some excitement to the canteen.
I believe that after this, the students' confidence in the canteen will skyrocket!”

The devilish grin on Hoodie's face only seemed to amplify their mischievous intentions.


As Hoodie trailed behind the student council vice president, Little Zhou, the remaining four students were left to wait for their meal in the canteen.

After a lengthy silence, Peng Jia Long couldn't help but break the stillness by asking, “Why did Senior Silent decide to sell food from the canteen window?”

The question puzzled Peng Jia Long, as every action taken by Senior Silent since entering the canteen had been unexpected.

However, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually helpful.

Shen Jia, who had been quiet, shook his head to indicate that he, too, was at a loss.

Ah Ma leaned against the cafeteria table, remaining silent.

Qian Qin, growing curious, nudged Ah Ma's arm and leaned in to whisper, “What's wrong with you?”

Ah Ma responded with difficulty, “Don't you remember that we're still hungry?”

The thought of hunger was a constant battle for Qian Qin, but she couldn't resist the gnawing sensation any longer.
If she continued to go without food, she would be reduced to nothing more than a skinny frame.

She wasn't sure what the canteen manager would serve for dinner, but she was prepared to eat whatever it was, even if it wasn't the most appetizing.

But just as she was beginning to feel hopeful, someone else approached them before the food could arrive.

“Shen Jia—!!!”

——— Translator's Notes ———


王: king or monarch / best or strongest of its type / grand / great / to rule / to reign over

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