h trying new things, especially since there was no necessity for him to perform dangerous techniques that risked his life. 

After Li Hao conveyed his decision and promised to train hard, Fang Mu handed over the Nine Heavens Manual to him. 

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Li Hao started turning page after page of the Nine Heavens Manual, asking Fang Mu and Xiao Fan when he found something he didn’t understand. 

“The essence of being a cultivator is absorbing qi that is around us into the body.
There are those who said it was world energy or the universe energy, but we called it qi.” Fang Mu raised his hand and channeled his qi to his hand, his fist instantly emitting purple light.

Li Hao’s eyes widened.
“Is this what is called qi?”

“That’s right.
In general, the qi that goes into one’s body will emit bluish light, but when a cultivator learns a certain technique or manual specifically, the color of his qi will change.
Mine became purple because I practiced Alchemy …” Fang Mu glanced at Xiao Fan. 

Xiao Fan raised his hand and showed a reddish qi.
He explained, “Righteous cultivators mostly have blue qi and evil cultivators are commonly found to have blood-red qi or black qi because of the manual they use to practice…” 

The breathing technique was the most basic way to absorb qi into the body.
Li Hao practiced for a few hours according to the instructions in the Nine Heavens Manual, but had no signs of qi entering his body. 

“The amount of qi present in this place is too thin.
I don’t know how many days he will take before he manages to absorb qi…” Fang Mu shook his head as he looked at Li Hao, who sat and closed his eyes for a few hours. 

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Peach Blossom Mountain had conditions that were strange; apart from a meager amount of qi, someone couldn’t recover qi using spirit stones and pills.
This also applied to someone trying to increase qi in his body. 

“Everything takes time.
We ourselves need a few days before finally absorbing the qi to the body, right?” Xiao Fan patted Fang Mu’s shoulder. 

Right after Xiao Fan spoke, Li Hao’s body experienced a change.
Li Hao opened his eyes and checked his body.
“I feel something in my body… Uncle, is this what is called qi?” Li Hao turned to Fang Mu and Xiao Fan. 

Fang Mu then checked Li Hao’s body and found qi in the form of a thin, golden thread.
“This is… Qi that’s very pure…” Fang Mu had never encountered golden-colored qi before. 

Xiao Fan checked Li Hao after Fang Mu, and his face showed the same shock.
“Fang Mu, does Li Hao really have a five elemental Spirit Root? Isn’t his talent too high?” Xiao Fan whispered. 

In general, people with five elemental Spirit Root required seven to ten days of breathing practice before they can absorb some of the qi in their bodies. 

Fang Mu was actually astonished too but did not think too much about it because it’s a good sign.
Li Hao proved to be a good match for Nine Heaven Manual.
“Hao’er, if the inner qi thread in your body grows and becomes ten times more thicker than now, then you can be said to have reached Forging Qi level one and officially become a cultivator…” 

As Fang Mu gave some input regarding the breathing technique, he looked enthusiastic because Li Hao’s development exceeded his expectations.
On the other hand, Xiao Fan was actually immersed in his mind as he looked at Li Hao.
Many things crossed his mind.

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