Chapter 26: Bai Lianhua

The Heaven Mountain Sect was one of the oldest sects in the Eastern Star Continent, making them one of the twelve groups to earn the title of a ten-star sect.

From its founding to this day, the sect was located on the largest mountain in the entire Eastern Star Continent, the Heaven Mountain.

Heaven Mountain was surrounded by seven smaller mountains, all of which were also part of the Heaven Mountain Sect.
If Heaven Mountain was used as the home for most sect members, the other seven small mountains had their respective functions.

Pill River Mountain, for example, was the mountain used for Heaven Mountain Sect members to study Alchemy, and also responsible for making pills for the sect’s needs, while Lake Moon Mountain was a place for storing treasures and managing the sect’s finances.

Each of these small mountains was led by a Peak Lord, so there were only seven Peak Lords in the Heaven Mountain Sect, their position only below the Patriarch and Grand Elder.

Hundred Snow Mountain was one of the seven mountains and the location of the Heaven Mountain Sect’s largest Sword Dao and Daoist Magic training hall.
More than half of the Heaven Mountain Sect members were indeed Sword Cultivators.

Every day, the main training hall was always crowded with visitors, whether for sparring or watching other people’s training, but sometimes, like today, many students from other mountains filled the practice hall to the point of being overcrowded.

Their purpose in coming was to witness someone filling up one of the practice fields.
They cheered, calling her name over and over, hoping that the person in question would look at them even if only for a moment.

“Sister Bai, as usual you are really popular.” A beautiful girl who looked to be in her twenties wearing a yellow dress and a golden shawl that had embroidery in the shape of a wing looked around while chuckling in admiration.

The girl understood that these spectators had come not to see her but her fellow disciple who was her sparring partner.

In front of the girl with the golden shawl was a girl who looked to be in her teens.
She was the center of attention of this crowd.

The girl had the body shape that every woman desired, slim but with a seductive charm.
Her flawless white skin made her body even more perfect, but what stood out the most about her was her silver hair that extended to her waist and bright purple eyes.

“Sister Fei, don’t joke with me.
They came to see your beauty,” the silver-haired girl replied with a smile.

When her peach blossom lips turned up, a row of milky white teeth appeared, a smile that could mesmerize not only men but women as well.

“Ugh, why does my heart always beat faster every time I see you smile…” The girl in the gold shawl touched her chest, trying to calm her heartbeat.
“Sister Bai, when was the last time you cleaned your ears? They’re obviously calling your name.”

“Bai Jie Jie!”

“Bai meimei!”

“Lianhua, I love you!”

The silver haired girl coughed softly with a slight blush on her cheeks.
Her name was indeed Bai Lianhua, just as the audience shouted.

“Big Sister Fei is actually prettier than me, they just can’t see it.”

“You mean like inner beauty? Bullshit.
Even if I have the most beautiful and purest inner beauty, these men’s eyes won’t be able to see it.” The girl snorted in annoyance while Bai Lianhua almost choked on her own breath upon hearing that statement.

This golden shawl girl was Bai Lianhua’s elder sister, known as Fairy Fei.
Fei actually had a beauty like a fairy or a goddess.
That was why she was known as Fairy Fei, but she had a rough and explosive character, making men reluctant to be close to her.

“Even though they haven’t been able to see it, your acknowledgment is more valuable to me, considering that you are the prettiest of the Four Fairies.” Fairy Fei laughed loudly.

Bai Lianhua smiled awkwardly when Fairy Fei offended the Four Fairies, a term that one of the ten-star sects, Nine Treasure Tower, issued roughly a year ago.

Nine Treasure Tower was a neutral faction engaged in trade.
They had shops all over the Eastern Star Continent and sold everything cultivator-related, including information.

Four Fairies was the nickname that the Nine Treasure Tower had given the four most beautiful girls in the entire Eastern Star Continent in the current generation, and Bai Lianhua was ranked first.

“Sister Fei, you haven’t forgotten our main purpose here, have you?” Bai Lianhua drew his sword.

Fairy Fei woke up from her daydream then smiled shyly.
She did invite Bai Lianhua to practice sparring, because she would soon enter a closed-door training in order to reach a higher level of practice.

“Sister Bai, I probably won’t be seeing you for a few years after this, so I hope it will be a memorable exercise for you.” Fairy Fei drew her sword, then her body was enveloped in a bluish light.

Bai Lianhua took a deep breath, and the instant her body was enveloped in a silvery light, she and Fairy Fei moved at almost the same time, their swords immediately clashing.

Fairy Fei could see the swallow engraving on Bai Lianhua’s sword.
The sword could absorb Bai Lianhua’s qi very well.
“Master really loves you for her to gift you the Snow Sparrow Sword.”

Bai Lianhua and Fairy Fei’s swordplay became faster than before, but in the eyes of those who witnessed the two, it was as if they were dancing together because of such beautiful swordplay.

“Your Snow Eagle Dance has improved a lot, Little Sister Bai.
One day, you will definitely surpass me.” Fairy Fei chuckled.
“But I still feel that giving a low-tier Earth Spirit Tool to a Forging Qi cultivator like you is too much, even though Master loves you so much.”

“Big Sister Fei can convey that protest to Master later.” Bai Lianhua joined in with a chuckle.

“Sister Bai, I still want to live.
Forget what I just said.” Fairy Fei just realized she was inviting big trouble for herself.

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