Chapter 22: The Greatness of the Little Dragon

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Li Hao was naturally surprised at Fang Mu’s words.
He turned his head and caught Little Dragon from running away again.
“Little Dragon, did you hear what Teacher Fang said? You could be killed.”

Fang Mu stood beside Li Hao and Little Dragon, sighing at the now flustered mischievous donkey.

“Teacher Fang, Little Dragon seems fine.
Are the carrots really poisonous?” Li Hao examined Little Dragon, but the donkey showed no strange symptoms.

Fang Mu also looked at Little Dragon in astonishment.
“Little Dragon ate a winter carrot, a spirit herb that contains high qi.
It should not be consumed by those below Forging Qi level 5.”

Fang Mu explained that among the various kinds of resources in this world, the most commonly used by cultivators were spirit herbs and magic plants.
Oftentimes, both were used to make pills or poisons and sometimes consumed directly.

Spirit herbs and magic plants could indeed be used to improve a cultivator’s practice, but that didn’t mean they can be consumed carelessly.

Depending on the qi contained within, one had to reach a certain level or stage of cultivation to consume it.
Otherwise, one’s body would be overloaded with qi and could explode.

Before Fang Mu finished explaining, Little Dragon suddenly showed a strong reaction.

“Ok! Oaks!”

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The originally calm Little Dragon was now rolling on the ground.
His two front paws touched his belly, which started to expand suddenly.

Li Hao panicked after seeing the donkey’s situation.
“Little Dragon, don’t you scare me! What’s happening to you?”

He really can’t contain the qi in the Winter Carrot…” Fang Mu became worried too.

“Teacher Fang, what should we do? You must help him.”

Fang Mu scratched his head.
He could do something if it were a human, but he didn’t know how to drain the excess qi in animals.
He squatted down beside Little Dragon and examined his belly, looking for a way to help the donkey.

Unexpectedly, after he stroked Little Dragon’s belly for a while, a loud sound rang.


Li Hao and Fang Mu jumped backwards to get away after Little Dragon released a large amount of gas.

“Oak…” Little Dragon put on a very happy face, relieved to have his guts emptied out.

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Fang Mu, who usually held himself back, cursed because he was so furious.
Li Hao was also at a loss for words.

Little Dragon put on a big, guiltless smile before walking away as he himself couldn’t stand the stench of the gas he released.

“Damn donkey! I will eat you if you dare fart in front of me one more time!” Fang Mu pointed at Little Dragon who was walking away.

“Teacher Fang, isn’t there something different about Little Dragon?”

“What’s different? He’s getting more and more unruly, that’s for…” Fang Mu’s words trailed off.
He realized what Li Hao meant.

Little Dragon was emitting energy from his body, indicating that the donkey was already at Forging Qi level 1.

“How could that be?” Fang Mu rubbed his eyes, finding it hard to believe what was in front of him.

“Teacher Fang, could this be one of the advantages of Little Dragon as a Divine Beast?”

“Ah, I forgot that this rotten donkey was born from a Divine Beast egg…”

Fang Mu analyzed the situation after he calmed down.
He concluded that the Pure Spirit Root that the Little Dragon had was wood in nature, so there was a possibility that he could perfectly absorb the qi in spirit herbs and magic plants regardless of his cultivation level.

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“When there is excess qi in spirit herbs or magic plants that is too much for his body, he will dispose of it in the same way.” Fang Mu expressed his opinion.

“That means that even if Little Dragon doesn’t train, as long as there are enough resources, he can become a Divine Beast?” 

“Yeah, it seems so… There hasn’t been a creature like this before.
At least, not that I’ve heard of…” Fang Mu scratched his head.

That day, they both realized that this lazy donkey, whose work was to eat, sleep, and fart, had the smoothest path to immortality compared to all other creatures.


The incident involving Little Dragon made Li Hao become interested in studying spirit herbs and magic plants further, which could be considered the foundation of Alchemy.

“I did intend to teach you Alchemy, but becoming an alchemist requires a lot of qi, so you have to be at least Forging Qi level 9 to really get started.”

Despite saying that, Fang Mu still gave Li Hao basic knowledge of Alchemy.
He also added that alchemists had always been respected in the cultivator world because a cultivator’s main needs were pills that alchemists produce.

With Li Hao’s memorization ability, it was not difficult for him to remember all the spirit herbs and magic plants and their use in Alchemy.
Not to mention that he was actively asking about things he didn’t understand.

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Even Fang Mu, who was one of the best alchemists in the Eastern Star Continent, would sometimes find Li Hao’s questions difficult to answer.

“Hao’er, your best talent might not be in swords, but in Alchemy.” Fang Mu had a strong feeling after teaching Li Hao for the past few days.

Li Hao’s development of knowledge and understanding of Alchemy was horrifying.
In a few days, he learned materials that others would take years to understand.

“I hope that one day, you will be able to perfect the Violet Furnace Formula…”

“Violet Furnace Formula?” Li Hao looked confused.

Most alchemists make pills in a furnace like the one I used to make your body-strengthening liquid, but with the Violet Furnace Formula, you won’t need a furnace to make pills.”

Fang Mu recounted, several hundred years ago, when he was just starting to explore Alchemy.
He accidentally helped someone who turned out to be none other than the figure known as the Pill Immortal.

Fang Mu did not explain in detail the story between himself and the Pill Immortal, but on the same day, he saw the Pill Immortal making pills without using a furnace.

That incident prompted Fang Mu to study Alchemy until he succeeded in creating the Violet Furnace Formula.
Even though it had been cultivated for over a hundred years, Fang Mu felt that his knowledge was far from perfect.

“If I had the chance to meet Senior Pill Immortal and exchange ideas with him, perhaps the situation would be different.
But he is very difficult to find, even though his residence is not a secret.” Fang Mu then patted Li Hao on the shoulder.
“I have high hopes for you, Hao’er.
I hope you can finish what I didn’t manage to finish.”

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