Chapter 21: Daoist Magic

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“Daoist Magic?”

It was the first time Li Hao had heard the term from either Fang Mu’s or Xiao Fan’s mouths.

One of the strongest reasons someone wants to become a cultivator apart from longevity is Daoist Magic.
A cultivator can learn it when he reaches Forging Qi level 2.”

Fang Mu explained that cultivators were very different from ordinary humans.
Basically, cultivators had the power to summon wind and rain or create various other miracles.

“It is true that when someone studies the Dao that is not related too much to magic such as my Sword Dao or Xiao Fan’s Poison Dao, one no longer goes deep into Daoist Magic upon reaching Core Formation.
But Daoist Magic is very useful for those who are still in Forging Qi and Foundation Realm…”

Fang Mu and Xiao Fan explained that there are several types of Daoist Magic, the most common being Element Magic.

“In order to use Element Magic, one must possess a Spirit Root with a certain element.
For example, if one wants to use Fire Magic…” Fang Mu conjured a small fireball in his palm.
“To do this, your Spirit Root must have the element of fire.”

“Then, the more elements someone’s Spirit Root has, the more Element Magic they can use?”

“That’s right, but as we often say, it’s better to spend your time working on just one field.”

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Apart from Element Magic, there was also Beast Magic, magic that cultivators learn when contracting with Beasts.

“Snake Magic: Snake Hand!” Xiao Fan demonstrated Beast Magic to Li Hao.
His right hand momentarily turned into a snake-like shape and bit the rock that was near them, the bite managing to break the hard rock.

“Besides Element Magic and Beast Magic, there is also Demonic Magic.
This magic is generally used by Demonic Beasts, but sometimes there are cultivators who learn it with the help of Demonic Cores.
They are known as Demon Cultivators.”

Li Hao had heard of these Demon Cultivators from Xiao Fan.
They were humans who chose to lose their humanity in order to gain strength quickly.
Demon Cultivators could get great power easily, but in exchange, their form would change and become something that no longer resembles human.

Next was the magic that was generally used by Ghost Cultivators and Undead Cultivators–Soul Magic, magic that affects, controls, or injures the soul.

“Soul Magic includes being able to create illusions or control and read minds.
There are few who master Soul Magic to a high level, but those who master it will be a troublesome opponent.”

Xiao Fan added that the current strongest Soul Magic user in the Eastern Star Continent was Ghost King, one of the Seven Kings and Patriarch of one of the ten-star sects of the evil faction, Ghost Haunt Sect.

The Ghost King mastered Soul Magic to control an army of ghosts and undead.
If he mastered the Soul Magic used to attack souls, then there was a possibility that he would occupy Xiao Fan’s position as the strongest master of the evil faction.

In reality, the Ghost King was the weakest among the Seven Kings.

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“Last is Bloodline Magic.
You could say this is the most unique and powerful Daoist Magic.
Bloodline Magic can only be used by certain clans; they are hereditary magic.”

Fang Mu had a hard time explaining Bloodline Magic because its users were very rare.

“Hao’er, do you remember the Blood Cloud Clan I told you about? One of the reasons why they are the strongest power in evil factions is also because they have Bloodline Magic.
Although not all clan descendants can use it, the Bloodline Magic they have is very troublesome to deal with,” Xiao Fan added.

Fang Mu and Xiao Fan then started to teach Li Hao the most common magic, Element Magic.


“This is not for you, so don’t come near.
Go graze there.”

Fang Mu was making a concoction for Li Hao to soak in.
It was made from Spirit Herbs and Magic Plants which had the effect of strengthening muscles and bones.
While he was stirring the concoction in the furnace, Little Dragon sniffed the potion and intended to drink it.

Fang Mu naturally didn’t let the donkey drink it and pushed Little Dragon with the concoction stirrer.

“Oak!” Little Dragon snorted in annoyance before turning around, leaving Fang Mu behind.

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Not long after, Li Hao returned from hunting, coming with several pieces of Demonic Beast meat with him.

“You’re using swordsmanship again? Didn’t we tell you to train your Daoist Magic?” Fang Mu could see the sword wounds on the meat.

Li Hao scratched his head with an awkward smile.
“Teacher Fang, my qi is too low.
I can only use Daoist Magic few times.
It’s not enough to kill my prey…”

He pulled out the wooden sword that was on his back.
“Using this is much easier.
One swing or two, all done.”

Fang Mu put on a sour face.
“You learned the sword from me, but your attitude towards it is more like Xiao Fan.”

Li Hao coughed softly, already knowing what was going on.
Fang Mu started to grumble about the attitude Li Hao was showing.

“Hao, do you understand where you went wrong?”

“Ehm… Could it be as Teacher Xiao said? I’m a power-blinded person?”

Fang Mu sighed before stroking Li Hao’s head.
“Hao’er, for many people, the sword is a source of strength, but you must understand that no matter how sharp a sword is, it has no power if the wielder doesn’t have courage.”

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Li Hao understood that what Fang Mu had said was something inspiring.
He would also have pondered deeply if only his attention had not been split to see Little Dragon stealing one of Fang Mu’s blue carrots.

“Hmm? What are you…” Fang Mu turned his head and found Little Dragon munching on a blue carrot without any guilt.
His expression immediately changed.
“What are you doing?! Vomit it, Little Dragon!”

In a panic, Fang Mu dashed towards Little Dragon.
The donkey chose to run away in shock, thinking he had angered Fang Mu.

“Ok! Oaks!”

Little Dragon shrieked as it turned to Li Hao, hoping that the young man would help him avoid punishment.

“Do not run! I said spit it out Little Dragon!” Fang Mu ran faster and faster, his distance with Little Dragon shrinking.

Little Dragon realized he would be overtaken by Fang Mu, so he chose to run towards Li Hao and take cover behind the young man.

“Teacher Fang, isn’t that just a carrot? You don’t have to react like this.” Li Hao was trying to protect Little Dragon.

“You don’t understand, Hao’er! If Little Dragon doesn’t spit it out, then he could die!”

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