Chapter 1: Li Hao

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Since the beginning of time, the eastern star continent has been ruled by nine creatures that possess extraordinary power, each of these creatures can split the sea and destroy mountains with ease, they are known as divine beasts.

Human races that were born in the eastern star continent, their physique and strength are not comparable to divine beasts and their followers.
This resulted in humans end up being nothing more than slaves, toys and even food to the divine beasts and their followers.
Every day, humans wished they could put up a fight, and finally one day the opportunity arrived.

Two humans with extraordinary powers of unknown origin suddenly appeared and faced the divine beast and its followers.
One by one the divine beasts were defeated and sealed, bringing peace to mankind..

On the ninth day of the divine beasts being sealed, the human race asked the two godlike humans why they didn’t kill the nine divine beasts.

One of them replied with a prophecy, “One day there will be a human who will unite all the divine beasts and their followers in the eastern star continent under his leadership.

The two godlike humans then passed down knowledge to the human race, the knowledge contains methods that allow humans to absorb the world’s energy called Qi, humans who are able to absorb Qi are called cultivators and they can enter the path of immortality.

After many humans became cultivators, these two godlike humans disappeared, and the remaining Divine Beast followers reappeared after previously hiding out of fear of the two.

Then, began the era where humans and the followers of Divine Beasts known as Demonic Beasts continued to fight for hundreds of years until humans finally emerged victorious and became the new rulers of the Eastern Star Continent.

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Thousands of years have passed since that day, the history and prophecies that godlike humans say have begun to be forgotten by mankind, the world enters the age of fellow humans and cultivators kill each other for resources.


“Why is it so dark? Where am I?”

Little Li Hao opened his eyes wide but couldn’t see anything, the last thing he remembered was when he was swimming to catch fish.
Li Hao tried to feel his surroundings, he then touched a lump of slimy flesh and his foot also stepped on something springy.

“Hm… Looks like something ate me again…” Li Hao concluded, this wasn’t the first time he had experienced this.

Li Hao started stomping his feet violently, as well as hitting the nearby flesh wall with all his might.
It didn’t take long for the surrounding flesh to start shaking violently and finally Li Hao’s body started to be pushed.

Moments later Li Hao saw a light, he had been vomited by the creature that swallowed him, a creature in the shape of a crocodile.

The crocodile looked both angry and in pain, he regretted not chewing Li Hao before swallowing it.
The crocodile didn’t think the little boy in front of him have so much power.

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“You naughty fish, how dare you eat me.” Li Hao snorted in annoyance before running and beating the crocodile.

Within minutes, the crocodile fell to the ground, no longer moving.

Li Hao picked up the crocodile’s tail and dragged it towards his house.
Li Hao is a five year old boy, he has lived in the Peach Blossom Mountain all his life with a man he calls Uncle Liu.

All his life or as far as he could remember.
Li Hao had always stayed in Peach Blossom Mountain without ever leaving it.
Li Hao never knew the world outside the mountain

Peach Blossom Mountain itself had everything Li Hao needed, there were fruit trees, a lake where the fish never ran out and beasts that had delicious meat.
Yes, as far as Li Hao was concerned, life was about enjoying food every day.

It had been a year since Li Hao was ordered by Uncle Liu to hunt for his own food, at first Li Hao could only pick fruit, then he started hunting small animals and his favorite food was fish in the lake.

There were different kinds of fish, but Li Hao never differentiated them, even the crocodile he was dragging was considered a fish.

“Uncle Liu! I’m home! I brought a big fish for us to eat today.” Li Hao exclaimed cheerfully, “Uncle Liu? Why don’t you answer me? Are you napping again?”

Li Hao turned his head up.
the sun was still directly above his head.
He then opened the door of his house, a simple building that had to be repaired every heavy rain because of its fragility.

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Li Hao’s house was not big, as it was only used for sleeping, so apart from the bed, there was hardly any other furniture.
Usually, Uncle Liu would lie in bed while waiting for Li Hao to bring him food but this time the house was empty.

Li Hao scratched his head, slightly confused that Uncle Liu was nowhere to be seen.
Li Hao checked under the bed but couldn’t find it either.
It was a while later that Li Hao realized there was a piece of paper on the bed.

Li Hao grabbed the paper containing the notes left by Uncle Liu.
Li Hao scratched his head even harder than before, his expression also turning to one of astonishment, “Did Uncle Liu forget that I still can’t read yet?”


Five years had passed since Li Hao found the paper on the bed and since that day Uncle Liu was never seen again, making Li Hao often wonder what was written on the paper.

Ten years old, Li Hao’s body had grown taller and stronger.
Even though he sometimes misses Uncle Liu, at least Li Hao is still passionate about living his days for the past few years.


A loud roar woke Li Hao from his slumber, he relaxed his muscles, “Ah, it’s morning already?”

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After doing a light warm-up, Li Hao left his house to take a morning shower and look for breakfast but only taking a step out of the house, Li Hao was surprised to see that the sky was still dark.

“Hmm? Did the rooster wake up too early? Why does he crow when it’s still dark?”

Li Hao muttered as he looked up at the sky.

Right after Li Hao said so, a thunderbolt flashed loudly.
Li Hao jumped backwards in surprise, he just realized the sky was dark above him because it was cloudy, but Li Hao had never seen clouds this dark and covered the entire sky in his entire life.

“Is Heaven angry?” Li Ho swallowed his saliva.

Rain started to pour down heavily, so Li Hao could only sit and wait inside his house.
At the same time, a loud sound that was slightly different from thunder started to fill the air.
The sound kept repeating itself and became more and more frequent.

“Why is today’s thunder so different?”

When Li Hao turned his head upwards, he found that something was hurtling down from the sky.

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