der his breath as he watched the few beasts.

Li Hao said that the closer to the tree, the more powerful the demonic beasts that roamed about.

The three chose to go home after not finding a solution to get closer to the tree.
On the way home, Fang Mu and Xiao Fan started discussing while making plans.

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“Uncle Liu who used to accompany Li Hao was clearly a cultivator.
He deliberately placed the key to escape from this place amidst the demonic beasts because he wanted Li Hao to leave Peach Blossom Mountain after having enough strength to protect himself…” Xiao Fan argued.
In other words, Li Hao could only leave Peach Blossom Mountain if he could face the demonic beasts.

Fang Mu agreed with Xiao Fan.
“Hao’er, you should train harder from now on.
The two of us will teach you everything we are good at.” He stroked Li Hao’s head.

“You have officially become a cultivator.
Even though you are still at Forging Qi level one, we will teach you in turns.” Xiao Fan stroked his chin.

Fang Mu and Xiao Fan began to further discuss Li Hao’s training.
Because Li Hao was still a level one Forging Qi cultivator, his qi was still too little, but his physical strength was much stronger than a cultivator of his level.

Fang Mu and Xiao Fan finally agreed, for the first time, that apart from teaching general knowledge about the world, Fang Mu would teach Li Hao swordsmanship while Xiao Fan taught hand-to-hand combat and body strengthening.

Li Hao’s practice of becoming a cultivator finally began.


“Teacher Fang, what are you doing?” Li Hao scratched his head when he saw Fang Mu stuffing various plants into a large furnace and heating them with fire.

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Previously, Fang Mu asked Li Hao to fetch water from the lake to fill the furnace to the brim.
Li Hao thought Fang Mu wanted to use it to bathe or at least boil meat.

“This mountain has a kind of magic formation that makes pills and spirit stones unable to give us qi, but I think using Magic Plants and Spirit Herbs can help you even a little.
This water will be needed later after you finish training.”

Fang Mu said it would still take about ten more hours for the furnace to be ready and told Li Hao to attend his training with Xiao Fan.
Li Hao nodded before heading towards where Xiao Fan was.

That day, Xiao Fan intended to teach Li Hao how to fight properly, using martial arts.

“Hao’er, so far you have been able to hunt with ease relying on your physical strength, but it all worked out because your prey is much weaker than your strength.
But to face an equal or stronger opponent, you must be able to master fighting techniques…”

Xiao Fan took a stance and asked Li Hao to pay attention.
“Your body strength is too weak to learn my strongest physical move, so we can start from the basics.
I will demonstrate one of the most basic moves in martial arts.”

Xiao Fan started to make some agile movements and unleashed a few punches that made loud noises, his fist turning slightly reddish.

“The name of this move is Red Stone Fist.
Did you memorize the moves I showed you?”

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