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“Divine Beasts?”

“We’ll explain later.
Let’s get this egg out of here.” Xiao Fan grabbed the egg carefully after confirming it was still alive.


Li Hao and his two teachers left the cave with the egg they found, an egg that had a black shell and dragon-like scales on them.
When the three were quite far from the cave, Li Hao again asked about the Divine Beasts.

“In the world of cultivators, there are beasts that can absorb qi in the body.
They are divided into three main types, namely Spirit Beasts, Demonic Beasts, and Dao Beasts…” Xiao Fan began to explain.

Demonic Beasts were creatures that gathered qi from nature or prey on creatures that have qi.
In a Demonic Beast’s body, there was a crystal known as the Demonic Core.

Demonic Beasts had abilities equivalent to Forging Qi cultivators.
Stronger Demonic Beasts were called Demonic Lord Beasts that had abilities ranging from Foundation Realm to Core Formation, while Demonic Beasts capable of reaching the equivalent of Nascent Soul were called Demonic King Beasts.

In the last few hundred years, beast cultivators managed to tame and train demonic beasts, but instinctively, they still hated and wanted to kill humans.

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“The creatures that we eat every day are Demonic Beasts, but not all Demonic Beasts can reach the level of a Demonic Lord Beast or a Demonic King Beast.
Depending on the type, their potential is also limited.
The bears or wild boars you hunt, for example, won’t have more power than level 9 Forging Qi…”

Unlike Demonic Beasts, Spirit Beasts were creatures born with Spirit Roots, living in groups with their own kind.
Because they had a Spirit Root, they were more skilled at absorbing qi and could use Daoist Magic, which is generally used by human cultivators.

“Depending on the breed, when it reaches a certain level of practice, Spirit Beasts can form Spirit Cores.
Spirit Beasts possessing Spirit Cores can transform into humans…”

If Spirit Beasts turned into humans, then they didn’t look any different from normal humans.
Demonic Beasts could actually transform into humans as well when their practice reaches the peak of Nascent Soul, but Demonic Beasts that took on the human form would still have a small part that was their true form.

Spirit Beasts were more commonly kept as pets by Beast Cultivators, but the number of Spirit Beasts continued to decline, which forced Beast Cultivators to start taming Demonic Beasts.

“Dao Beasts are Spirit Beasts that live in the Pocket Realm.
Their existence is more complicated to explain, so I will tell you about it another time.
Now is the time to answer your question about Divine Beasts…”

Between Spirit Beasts and Demonic Beasts, there were some rare types of creatures that were believed to be able to evolve to a power that surpassed Nascent Souls.
Spirit Beasts or Demonic Beasts that possessed this kind of potential were known as Divine Beasts.

“Divine Beasts are Spirit Beasts or Demonic Beasts that have surpassed Nascent Soul.
Currently in the Eastern Star Continent, there are around a hundred Spirit Beasts and Demonic Beasts that have the potential to become Divine Beasts…” Fang Mu then pointed at the egg in Xiao Fan’s hand.“If this egg is a dragon egg, then it will be one of the future Divine Beast candidates.”


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