Episode 23.
The Brutal Dinner (2)


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Episode 23.
The Brutal Dinner(2)


The beginning wasn’t bad.


Nate kindly guided the duchess to the dining hall and to her seat.


However, they weren’t able to eat anything when the prepared food arrived in front of them.


It was because the last person who was supposed to attend this event did not appear.


As time passed by helplessly, Nate’s relaxed face began to become nervous and irritated.


At that time, a servant rushed over to him.


Nate tried his best to keep his smile when he heard the news about the person who had yet to arrive.


“I’m sorry.
Daniel is a little late because he’s not feeling well.”


Unlike the smile on the face, the old man’s wrinkled forehead was full of anger.


He seemed very dissatisfied that his son was suddenly late to an event that he was hosting.


“He’s going to be late, so let’s eat first.”


Leonhardt, who had been sitting with his mouth shut like a plaster statue, suddenly smirked.


“I see that he is still rude.
He still uses his weakness as an excuse every time.”


Apparently, Leonhardt didn’t like Nate’s son as much as he did Nate, who was sitting in front of him.


“Boy, you’re being too tough on him.
You know better than anyone that Daniel has weak health, right?”


Nate threw a comment at the Duke and turned his head toward Dooha.


“I’m sorry about this.
If Daniel comes down, I’ll make him apologize.”


“I’m fine, so don’t worry about it.”


When Dooha replied with a sweet smile, Nate naturally changed the subject as if he knew she would.


“By the way, my niece-in-law is much more beautiful than what I’ve heard from the rumors.”


“Thank you for the compliment, Sir Nate.”


“There must have been a reason for the Fourth Prince’s stomachache, hahaha.”


‘Why is he suddenly bringing up the story of the Fourth Prince?’


Putting aside her upset mood, Dooha put the vegetables into her mouth with a nonchalant look.


“But you know what? I heard that all Bashalins know how to do strange tricks, is that right?”


‘Bashalin’s strange talent’ was not insignificant enough to be called a ‘mere talent’. 


“Are you talking about the power of nature?”


“That’s right, that’s right.
That’s what they call it.”


Nate rolled his eyes and nodded his head in a fuss.


“I went to a slave market a while ago and a slave did his trick—making fire out of thin air.
I asked the merchant and he said he was from Bashal.” 


For the first time since arriving at the dinner, Dooha’s forehead furrowed at the word ‘slave’.


Why did he bring up the story of a slave from Bashal in front of the Princess of Bashal?


His intention had been so clear since earlier that she felt disgusted.


“So, I’m curious about something.
I wonder if my niece-in-law could also perform magic tricks like that slave? If possible, could I take a look?” 


Dooha’s grip on the knife in her hand became tighter.


It’s absurd to slander the power of nature, which was sacred to all Bashalins, by calling it a ‘trick’.
What else?


Dooha sat in front of him and stared at the old man smiling slyly.


If she said that she couldn’t do tricks, he’d see her more useless than a slave, and if she did do tricks, she’d be treated the same as a slave. 


On the other hand, it was at that moment that Leonhardt frowned and opened his mouth, seeing how more force had entered her hand that was holding the knife.


“My uncle is being very rude.”


It was a voice that resembled a clear iron sound.


“If she has such a talent, then you should ask her to show us.”


A small butterfly flew over the back of Dooha’s hand.


With a slight warmth, the scarlet butterfly had wings swaying like fireworks.


“Doesn’t it look pretty good?”


Dooha slowly turned her head to the side.


A man, who suddenly appeared looking at her, was looking down at her with his most tender eyes.


He was truly a man of neat beauty, resembling a lily.


He had white-blonde hair that reached down to his shoulders, dark green eyes that seemed to be lush with greenery, and bright facial features that had a charm that attracted attention.


The man, who made eye contact with Dooha, looked at her who was cutely folded up like a cat.


“Nice to meet you, Madam.”


The man grabbed her hand with a graceful gesture and kissed it.


“I’m Daniel von Esbaden.”


On the right ear of the man with a smile brighter than sunlight, a bright red ruby earring dangled, reflected light.




“She is the new Duchess, and is a beautiful woman, so the Duke must be very pleased.


Daniel von Esbaden.


He was eloquent in a different way than his cousin.


In other words, it seemed to be due to his light and pleasant attitude.


“If you’re here, sit.
Don’t talk.”


“Oh no.
I’m seeing you for the first time in three years, but you don’t seem to be happy to see me? I’m very happy to see the Duke again.” 


This time, Leonhart only stared at him instead of answering.


Then Daniel shrugged and sat down.


“I’m so sorry I’m late.
Last night, an important thing-”


“‘I had a seizure all of a sudden, so I couldn’t help it.’ All of my efforts have become useless because of you.
Now hurry up and sit down to eat.”  


Before Daniel could even finish speaking, Nate cut him off with a stiff face.


“What do you mean useless? I’m trying to have a good and beneficial time.
Unlike you, I don’t have anyone by my side…”  


“Daniel, this father didn’t raise his son to chatter at the dinner table.


“Yes, then I’ll just quietly eat as you please.”


“You did not need to have lengthened your answer like that.”  


“That is true.
There are so many things not to do, so I think this is a temple, not a ho-”




“Yes, I will be quiet.
I’m afraid of my father, so what else can I do?”


With every word he said, Daniel did not lose to his father.


Dooha, who was watching the scene, smiled quietly alone.


This was because he, who had been fierce a while ago, now looked like an ordinary father who couldn’t control his child.


“By the way, the Duchess seems to be having fun.”


Dooha looked at Daniel who had suddenly spoken to her.


He couldn’t help but grin his eyes at Dooha as he gracefully cut the meat.


“If it were me, I would have thought of leaving the room after having a quick meal.
I’m so glad you can afford to laugh like that.”


Why, was it because it felt as though those words had thorns in them?


‘That’s not how I feel.’


Dooha hardened her face as she looked at Daniel, who was still looking at her with a smile on his face.


“Well, if you have such a strong mentality, you will be able to survive in the duke’s castle in the future.”


A wind full of hostility was blowing from the man, who was sitting in the seat opposite her.


The reason was unknown, but Daniel didn’t seem to welcome Dooha very much.


She thought he had liked her because he saved her from his father, but he was also an enemy.


He was a rich man who couldn’t let go of the tension.




At that moment, a firm and low voice rang out.


It was Leonhart’s.


“This the first time I’ve seen a host who is determined to offend an invited guest.”


At the core of his voice was silent anger.


“Oh my.
You seem to be very offended, Leon.”


Nate apologized with a face that was not apologetic at all.


“I apologize for Daniel…”


“I don’t need an apology.
Stop making me go back.”


At that time, Nate leaned against the back of the chair, dumbfounded.


“I want you to stop talking about my marriage like that, like that guy who touched my wife and still got angry.
As expected, blood can’t always be trusted?” 


Nate frowned openly at him.
It was as if the Duke was forcing him to listen.


“If I knew this would happen, I would have forced you to marry earlier.
If that had been the case, I wouldn’t have such lowly blood mixed into the Esbaden family…”


“It’s ridiculous to hear you say that.”


Dooha looked at Leonhart, who cut off his uncle’s words, with surprised eyes.


Unlike a while ago, he was smiling with his teeth revealed.


“Isn’t there another meaning for ‘lowly blood’? Those who have blood on their hands for the sake of power are the ones born with lowly blood.” 


Nate’s relaxed face turned cold at the Duke’s words.


“I know you’re offended, but don’t lose your cool.
Have you forgotten that I’m your uncle, Leon?”


“I have not forgotten yet.
If I had forgotten that, then we wouldn’t have been able to eat face to face like this.”


With his anger that could be physically felt, Dooha quietly swallowed her breath without realizing it.


“You should be grateful for the fact that you and I share the same blood.
Otherwise, on the day that I had become the duke, you wouldn’t have been able to enter with a single foot in this castle.”




He should’ve been fed up with his spirit of living with his entire body, but Nate smiled leisurely as if he were watching his little nephew’s tricks.


“Leon, you seem to have a tendency to overestimate yourself too much.”


He put down his spoon and patted his mouth with a napkin.


“Didn’t your father teach you that moderation and humility are the virtues of aristocrats?”


“Well, thanks to someone, I’ve never learned anything like that.”


Leonhart stared at Daniel for a while and pulled up the corners of his lips.


“So you didn’t have to go through a hard time preparing this disgusting event to insult me.”


He got up from his seat after wiping his mouth roughly with his fingertips.


It was not something a duke who valued ​​his reputation would normally do.


“Let’s go, Madam.”


Leonhart held out his hand to Dooha without taking his cold gaze off of his uncle.


“It seems that my uncle is not in the mood to welcome guests today.”


Dooha looked at the rough hand that was extended to her.


On the back of his hand, which she could see at first glance, veins were bulging out as if they were about to burst.


She quietly took his hand and stood up.


“It was nice to meet you, Sir Nate, Daniel.”


Dooha turned her body after the Duke did with a perfect imperial greeting.


“Are you doing this because you don’t know which side will lose if you continue to act cheeky like this, Leon?”


“You’re talking like I’ve never lost before.
It’s unnecessary.”


A brutal voice followed behind their backs, but a smile was still present on the Duke’s face.


“It would be better not to be frivolous, Sir.
That is if you don’t want to see your only son get expelled from the territory again.”


Daniel shrugged his shoulders as if it was funny, but his father didn’t see the humor in it all.


Dooha finally escaped from his private residence after seeing Nate’s face, which had previously been calm, poorly distorted.


That was how the brutal dinner came to an end.

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