Chapter 28.1: His Heart

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For the next few days, Cen Ning did not have to do any more miscellaneous errands.
Xue Bing took her by his side, gave her some serious jobs, and his attitude was friendly.

Others didn’t notice it, but Liu Xin could feel it deeply.
She and Cen Ning came here together, but what they did was completely different.

“Hey, Liu Xin, go get some coffee.” A colleague patted her shoulder.
“Why are you alone? Where’s Cen Ning?”

Liu Xin sneered.
“How can she be unlucky? She is deeply loved by her superiors.
Does she need to do these errands?”

“Ah… Cen Ning is so powerful.”


“Powerful indeed,” Liu Xin gritted her teeth bitterly, “I just don’t know if she is powerful in terms of photography or if it’s something else.”

The person who came to her was also extremely slick.
Hearing Liu Xin saying this, she turned gossipy.
“Eh? What do you mean, is there an inside story?”

“Hey, I don’t dare to talk nonsense.” She coaxed Mr Xue to the point where he listened to her.
“What if she becomes unhappy and tattle-tales on me? ”

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“Cen Ning, come here.” Xue Bing stood beside Meng Peiyan.
“Bring the shooting plan and tell Peiyan about it.”


Meng Peiyan looked at her phone as usual with a normal facial expression.
But when she heard Xue Bing say Cen Ning, she instantly raised her eyes to look in the mirror.
Sure enough, the girl who came over with the folder in her arms was the Cen Ning she knew.

Cen Ning also saw her, and the two looked at each other in the mirror and paused for a moment.

“Don’t just stand there.
Come here quickly.” Xue Bing pulled her forward.
“We have to make use of time.”

Cen Ning stood beside Meng Peiyan.
She looked at Meng Peiyan’s delicate face and nodded slightly.
“Hello, Ms Meng.”

Meng Peiyan raised her brows slightly.
“You actually work here.”

Cen Ning gave an “mhm”.
“Part-time job.”

Meng Peiyan: “Does he know?”

Cen Ning paused for a moment.
After realizing who she was talking about, she said softly, “He shouldn’t know.”

Meng Peiyan smiled and did not continue.

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Xue Bing, who was on the side, saw that the two of them talked back and forth as if they knew each other, and he became even more surprised.
Where was this little girl from? First, it was President Yang telling him to take care of her, and now she was acquainted with the big star Meng Peiyan?

Of course, she was not that simple…

After the shooting started, Cen Ning didn’t talk about any personal things with Meng Peiyan again.
The two of them were focused on the work and seemed to be completely unfamiliar.


So after it was over, Xue Bing couldn’t help pulling her aside and asked, “Are you familiar with Meng Peiyan or not?”

Cen Ning: “…Unfamiliar.”

“Really? I think you two know each other.”

“Lived close by when I was younger.”

“Oh, so that’s the case.
You’re quite lucky!”

Cen Ning didn’t respond.
Lucky? She didn’t think so.

“Okay, then let’s go to lunch first, Cen Ning.
You will watch the processing and editing of the photos in the afternoon.
You will be responsible for this group.”

Cen Ning nodded.
“Okay, Mr Xue.”

“Be careful, this magazine cover is in a hurry.
Don’t make a mistake.”


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This set of pictures was done in a hurry.
All afternoon, Cen Ning was processing and editing the pictures with the editor.
It wasn’t until five o’clock in the evening that the two of them had a little free time to go out for dinner.

But Cen Ning, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, did not expect a huge disaster to wait for her after dinner.



“What?! What’s going on? How come the photos are gone?” When Xue Bing heard the news in the office, his scalp almost exploded.

He was just about to get off work, but this disaster happened!


The staff member who came to report broke down in a cold sweat.
“Uhm, the photos are suddenly gone.
Both the ones in the computer and the camera… are gone.”

Xue Bing could not gather a breath.
“Where’s Cen Ning? Where’s the editor!”

“Just a while ago they went out to eat something, and when they came back…”

Xue Bing couldn’t listen anymore, so he stood up and rushed out.


In the photo studio…

“Cen Ning!”

Cen Ning turned her head and saw Xue Bing, who was angry.
At this moment, she was also in a panic.
She had only left for half an hour, but all the photos disappeared, and she couldn’t even recover them.
Logically speaking, this was unlikely to happen.

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“Mr Xue, I⁠—“

“Didn’t I tell you to pay attention to them? What happened to you being careful?” Xue Bing was so furious that he was about to go crazy.
“The photos are gone? Don’t you know we’ll release the finished product tomorrow?”

A girl on the side whispered.
“Mr Xue, it’s not Cen Ning’s fault.
She just went out to eat.
These photos… It’s not that she made it disappear.”

“Yes, yes, the photos were well saved, the equipment was not broken, and they wouldn’t disappear so suddenly.
Did someone delete them on purpose?”

“Who is so immoral?”

Xue Bing: “Where’s the surveillance!”

“Mr Xue… The surveillance here was broken two days ago, and it hasn’t been repaired yet…”

Xue Bing: “What do you do for your job all day!”

Liu Xin answered coolly, “Anyway, the photos are the most important right now.
We’ve all been busy all day because of this.
Now, because of some people’s negligence, all of us have lost our efforts.”

Xue Bing scratched his head irritably.
“It’s impossible to do it again, Meng Peiyan only gave us three hours, how could she come again at night…”

“Why don’t we try to get in contact with her? Maybe Peiyan has time.”

“What kind of person do you think she is? We did something wrong and she will wipe our a*s for us?” (TLN: This means to solve the problem)

What kind of person are you? Our people do something wrong and she will wipe our a*s?”

The scene was very anxious for a while.
Xue Bing suddenly said, “Cen Ning, this is your responsibility.
Now I want you to try to contact Meng Peiyan.
You don’t have any objections, do you?”

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