Chapter 21.2: His Heart

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It was bruised red and slightly purple.
Cen Ning suspected that most people wouldn’t even be able to lift their hands when they injure their backs like this.
But he was acting as if nothing had happened.
He didn’t even frown.

“It’s so serious? Don’t you need to see a doctor?” Cen Ning didn’t care about being shy and her voice became stern.

“It’s not that serious.
It just looks a little scary.”


“It’s alright.
Apply the medicine.”


His tone was calm as if he was saying something casual like: “It’s raining, bring an umbrella.”

Cen Ning had to shut her mouth, and she poured the ointment on her hands.
Then she clasped her hands together to warm her palms, and carefully pressed them on his back.

The warm palm of her hand was rubbing his back, and her delicate skin slid across his bruise through the negligibly thin ointment.
The slight pressure made his shoulders sore and pained, but compared to that, the strange comfort from her was even more prominent.

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“Elzz, vbld R’zz es kv zktbvzu.”



It was already light enough.
Yan Xingzhi questioned whether he could feel her existence if it were any more light.
However, he had no intention of saying this, and quietly let her apply the medicine to his back.

A few minutes later, Cen Ning closed the lid and said with satisfaction, “Done.”


“How did you get hurt?”

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Yan Xingzhi got up.
“I was training in the camp today, and I accidentally bumped into something.”

“Oh, eh—” Cen Ning suddenly grabbed his shirt.

Yan Xingzhi originally wanted to go to the closet to get a T-shirt and put it on.
However, right now his half-wearing shirt was being pulled in her hand, and he couldn’t move for a while.

He turned his head and looked at Cen Ning with a questioning gaze.

Cen Ning: “…”

This posture was a little strange, as if she was ripping off his clothes.

Cen Ning was shy for a moment but still couldn’t resist her curiosity.

“That scar on your side is…”


When he got up just now, his clothes were swaying, and Cen Ning just saw a scar on the other half of his left abdomen.
This scar… looked like a gash that was healing.

“Where are you aiming your eyes at? Your eyes are so sharp?” Yan Xingzhi suddenly smiled.
It was short-lived, but it was enough to make Cen Ning so awkward that she wanted to dig a hole in the ground.

“No… I accidentally saw it.”

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He said nothing, and just when Cen Ning thought he would not answer, he started slowly, “Gunshot wound.”

Cen Ning raised her eyes suddenly.

“Don’t tell them.” Yan Xingzhi was both serious and casual.

“Mhm… but how do you have a gunshot wound?”

Yan Xingzhi seemed to be amused by her again: “Would it be normal for a soldier not to have a wound?”

Cen Ning: “…”


Afterwards, Cen Ning went downstairs.
During dinner, the whole family ate together.
Yan Xingyao kept bothering Yan Xingzhi and asking about things in the barracks, while Yan Xingzhi replied inconsistently.

Normally, Yan Guofeng would reprimand Yan Xingyao with remarks such as “do not speak during the eating or resting time.” However, he said nothing, probably because he also wanted to know about the small bits of his uncontrollable eldest grandson’s life.


After the weekend, Cen Ning returned to school.

That night, Cen Ning went to the photography club to take part in weekly activities, as usual.
After the event, the members discussed in the classroom where to go for team building that month.

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Cen Ning had always followed the crowd.
She would not be so out of place that she would not be active with everyone, but she also wouldn’t rush to suggest ideas about where to go.

“Cen Ning.” Xia Yi sat next to her.
“Where do you want to go? Is there anything you want to eat?”

Cen Ning shook her head.
“Let everyone decide.”

Xia Yi: “It doesn’t matter, you can raise any opinions.
You say what you want to eat, and I will vote for you.”

“Hey, senior brother, you are too biased.
I want to eat a seafood buffet.
Why don’t you vote for me?” A member on the side used an ambiguous pair of eyes to look between the two.

Xia Yi glanced at him and taunted, “F*ck you.”

“You’re over!”

Cen Ning smiled to hide her discomfort.
“Xiao Feng, I vote for you.”

The member named Xiao Feng clapped the table.
“See, senior brother? This is a good member!”

Xia Yi laughed, turned his head, and whispered, “Are you sure you want to eat a seafood buffet?”


Cen Ning: “It’s good.”

“That’s fine.” Xia Yi got up and joined the discussion, “Hey, I vote for seafood buffet.
I know a delicious restaurant.
Shall we go there?”

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