‘I wasn’t going to do this.’

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Startled, Holly pushed the man’s tongue swiftly with hers.
Then, his soft tongue curled up as though waiting.
As if having fun, the man’s eyes were also curved.

“Doing whatever you want…!”

The people who came in saw what was going on in the room, kept their mouths shut.
The four legs exposed under the blanket were tangled, and the blanket shook non-stop.

Outside the blanket, the desperate fight was seen only as a passionate act of a lover.

“It’s been hot since midday.”

Holly seemed to be amazed by the whistling sound right next to her.
What made it even more crazy was that she didn’t hate the first kiss at all… Rather, it was so good that the back of her neck tingled.


Holly relaxed her body and accepted his tongue.
Realizing that she was no longer rebelling, the man loosened his grip on her wrist.

“There is no way Holly will be lying around in broad daylight, even during working hours…”

“Yes, because that is true.
I sent Holly on an errand to go to the next town.”

‘This is work negligence… I’m sorry, boss.’

Holly, who has lived with sincerity as her motto, shed tears as she listened to the conversation between Henri and the boss.
The sound of the door closing was heard in the midst of the haziness.
It was clear that the boss had taken them out.

‘Now, I have to push him away…’

The tip of his tongue touched the roof of her mouth.
Her head was clouded like a mist, and her back trembled.
Holly wrapped her arms around the man’s neck and pulled him closer.

His tongue went deeper.


The man, who opened his eyes and gazed at her face, grabbed her ankle and lifted it.
The duvet slipped to the floor because of her raised legs, her skirt also ran down to the inside of her thighs.

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As Henri said, the inside of the blanket was too hot.

The inside of her clothes was already damp with sweat, and she wanted to throw it away in displeasure.

As the snake-cold hand grazed her leg, her body trembled at the sharp temperature difference.
The hand glided across the inside of her thigh and raised its finger and pressed the crack in the middle of Holly’s underwear.


Her toes curled up in a sensation she had never felt before.

“May I?”

Asked the man in a hoarse voice.
There was also a hint of impatience somewhere.

She gazed at the man with trembling eyes.
Holly examined the man who had taken his place.
Although she had seen many travelers, this was the first time she had seen a man as pale-skinned as him.

Did the porcelain dolls made in the desert country of Haman look like this…?

Even though his eyes looked a bit wild and lively, that made him feel more precious.
He looked unbelievable as a human if he didn’t blink.

“I’m good at it.”

Such a man was seducing Holly.
The man’s eyes were so serious that she flinched.
Could she give her body to a man she met for the first time like this…?

He wasn’t the first to seduce her among the numerous travelers to and from Centria.
There were quite young, handsome, decent guys, but not as much as this guy.
However, she had never given up her body to those who flirted with her.

Holly didn’t pull him with her arms as before, though she didn’t push him away either.
The face of the man who had been staring at her hesitantly with only his lips clattering disappeared.

“If you don’t like it, kick me.”

Confused, Holly sighed at the heat felt between her legs.
The man was encouraging her decision with actions instead of words.

One of the man’s hands was still holding her thighs while the other hand was holding her slender waist.
The man shoved his nose into Holly’s mound before swallowing her with her underwear whole into his mouth.


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Hot breaths wet her sensitive secret place.

The moist tongue licked the crevice over the thin cloth.
A strange man was sucking on a secret place that she couldn’t even reach… That fact alone made her eyes dizzy and her heart was pounding.

“Should I not?”

Raising his head, the man questioned, fiddling with her underwear laces.

Holly bit her lip at the cruel question.
Her secret place was already damp inside and out.
Despite the numerous temptations, the reason that she had not opened her body was because she had never done it.
This made her stomach itch so much that she had no reason to be patient.

Instead of answering, Holly lowered her hand and pulled the laces of her underwear.

The thin piece of cloth hung loose.
Below, the man gazed contentedly at the lush bush and rummaged through it with his hand.
His eyes twinkled as he stared at the cl*toris with its head raised shyly and tapped it with his fingertips.


Holly twisted her waist in a pleasure resembling an itch.
The lower part of her body was tingling.

The man climbed up again and found her lips.
He then licked her lips with a squeaky sound, and his tongue slid inside.

As he touched the depths, her moan continued to flow.
The man’s hand wandered near Holly’s belly.
Even though it was embarrassing that both her thighs were pressed and her bottom was exposed, it was quickly forgotten by the persistent kiss.


The man who had been sucking with a force to swallow up all the saliva in her mouth moved his lips to the nape of her neck.
He chewed on the tender flesh, then swallowed it in his mouth.

Holly hugged the man’s back.
Under her palm, she felt a firm texture different from herself.
He was so pale, so she thought he’d be soft, but surprisingly, he had tight muscles.
Holly instinctively traced the man’s body with her hand.

Meanwhile, the man reached upwards and was fiddling with her breasts.
As he unbuttoned it, the top came down under the man’s touch.

“It’s big…”

The man muttered in a surprised voice when her voluptuous breasts were exposed.
She was embarrassed because of his wide-opened eyes.
She had heard a lot of rude comments from guests, and now she was sick of it.
Yet, strangely, her face was hot.

“I want to see more.”

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Holly blushed shyly and covered her chest with her arm, but the man’s hand pulled it off.
He gently stroked her round chest with his palm.

“…I feel like it’s going to burst.”

The man, who had been muttering in a frightened voice, crushed the swaying flesh with his hand as if he was trying to make sure it would happen.
When he made sure it didn’t burst, he kneaded the stuff in his hand.

“Ah…! A bit, gentler…”


Contrary to his gentle appearance, the man’s hand movements were rough.
When Holly made a cry, the man was startled and pulled the power from his hand.

“…Shall I suck it?”

The man gazed into her eyes and asked.

Holly was worried.
Her heart, which was still tormented by the man, was thrilled.
Though it hurt, she couldn’t stand the strange feeling.

‘…Because his kiss was good.’

Her mouth was watering with vague anticipation.
Holly shrugged it off and spoke.

“If it doesn’t hurt…”

Before she could finish speaking, the man ducked his head.
The apex was sucked into his mouth.
When he scratched her n*pples with the tip of his tongue, a flash of light flashed in front of her eyes.


“You feel good.”

The man who glanced at Holly’s face as if observing uttered with satisfaction.
A blush rose on her cheek.
He smiled brightly as though he had regained his confidence and became more fearless in his act.

“It’s very wet.”

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He rubbed the cracks between her legs with his thick fingers before spreading the love juice from the fountain up to the clitoris.

The raised cl*toris was hot.

“You just came didn’t you?”

“Haa, it’s, so… hot…”

He asked questioningly, stroking between her wet legs.
However, it seemed that Holly’s ears, which were drowning in pleasure, did not hear it properly.
He then shrugged his shoulders with a questioning face.

“Wait a moment.
I’ll make you cry right away.”

The man spoke in an excited voice and raised his lower body.
A hot, hard thing rubbed against her sensitive opening.
It was tickling inside, which she couldn’t pinpoint exactly where.
She couldn’t help but clench her toes.

“Hur, hurry…”

Only the person in front of her could quench this strange thirst.
When Holly clung to his arm and begged, the man, with his back raised, grabbed his genitals with an urgent hand.
The thick p*nis attracted attention with its vicious appearance and bulging blood vessels.

Holly was astonished to see the reality of it.

‘Why is there such a thing on someone’s body?’

Even though she had no experience with men, she knew what a man’s body looked like.
However, there was something between the man’s legs that should not be attached to a human body.

‘It will be ruined.’

She slipped her buttocks back with a white face.
She didn’t know if the man noticed her desire to run away or if it was instinctive, but the man grabbed her rear and pulled her closer to him.

“Oh, but what’s your name?”

Rubbing his shiny tip into the hole, he suddenly stopped.
It was then that Holly realized that she had almost slept with a man she knew neither name nor face.


“I am Cahill.”

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