“If only a kiss…”

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Cahill smiled brightly and covered her cheek with his hand.
Then, he immediately bowed his head and licked Holly’s lips with his tongue like her beast.

Holly bit his tongue that tickled her heart.


Without realizing it, she exhaled heavily and he hurriedly pressed their lips together.
The two tongues clumped and intertwined together fervently.
He pressed her body halfway, thrusting his tongue deeper.

As the surrounding air became humid, Cahill clasped her slender neck with one hand and pressed their lips together to keep them from falling apart.

“Ha-uhp, uhk…!”

He breathed wildly and licked her wet mouth like a thirsty beast.
Her body trembled as the tip of his tongue grazed against the soft roof of her mouth.


Cahill turned his head and opened his mouth to swallow and spit out Holly’s lips, then swallowed it again, biting and sucking.

The saliva made her lips swell more and more deliciously.


He mumbled ardently.

Heat rose all over his body, which was usually like a lump of ice.
Cahill lowered his hand, which had been rubbing her soft breasts before he gently stroked his hardened flesh over the cloth.
His half-standing penis hardened as if it was going to break through his pants.

“Hey, I want to put it.”

Pulling his tongue out, he quickly undid his pants with his hands while biting the nape of her neck, whose eyes were only dizzy.
Holly opened her laid down yes.

“You said, hhngg, you won’t…”

She could feel the touch of his palm groping her chest and twisting the peaks.
His touch borders between a push and pull.
The next moment, Cahill pressed his hand to her chest and sucked on her earlobe.

Holly’s head tilted behind.
A fresh, hot breath escaped from her lips, which opened naturally.

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“It’s hot.”

When he spoke as an excuse, he pulled the trousers around his ankles and he rubbed his half-standing flesh between her legs.

“Ahng, don—”

Holly wrapped her legs around his waist and let out a tickling moan.
The heat rising from between her legs scorched her eyes as the energy beyond the fabric was so hot and hard.
She could feel something moist dripping from her hole and soaking up to her buttocks.

“Aht! If you rub… Hngg, don…”


He held her inner thigh and around her soft flesh tightly, pulling her towards him and rubbing between her assiduously.

Heat flared up from where they touched.

Cahill’s breath became increasingly heavy and unbearably hot.
Her damp underwear clung to his hard flesh and then fell off over and over again.
Every time it happened, he was kind of annoyed.
Holly let out a weeping moan.

“Haa, Holly… I want to suck your tongue.”

He sighed and kissed her lips.

“Umm… Ah, my breath…”

She poked her tongue out of her mouth while making a painful sound.
With her chin on her neck, Cahill sucked her tongue and licked her chin as he pushed her lips.
His lips slipped down, and he bit the nape of her neck painlessly.

“You, you want to do it with me too.”

He uttered softly and raised her back.

Startled by the sudden attack, Holly let out a screaming moan.
Even though she immediately rolled her eyes, her waist was swaying subtly with pleasure.

She opened and closed her eyes, clouded by the heat.
Tonight, the rich leaves that were to be their roof shook violently as the night sky embroidered with stars appeared and disappeared repeatedly between the scattered leaves.

“But, still… Outside, no.”

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Just because a bonfire was lit didn’t mean they couldn’t completely stop a beast’s attack.
There may be monsters like dwarves.
Holly didn’t know where in the woods this was, though a lost hunter may appear.

She barely grasped her broken string of reason.
At her resolute words, Cahill stared at her with tears in his eyes.

“You’re wet…”

Holly swallowed a gulp as he watched him spit out the unfairness.
His thick fingers slipped through the hole and dug inside.
Every time his fingers moved in and out, a wet sound filled her ears.
As their staring eyes met, her cheeks were red and she couldn’t say anything.

‘Uhk, a little more…’

She bit her lip as his fingers scratched her inner walls.
Although her head said no, her body wanted to let go of everything and clung to the pleasures he gave.

“Really no?”

The corners of Cahill’s lips rose upward as if reading her thoughts.
He widened her opening by spreading his fingers in the hole.

Cold air brushed against the heated walls.

“If you do it with me, you wouldn’t even think of doing it with a wild boar, would you?”

His low-pitched voice scratched her chest.
He licked her lips with his tongue as if seducing.
The redness of his supple tongue lodged clearly in her eyes.
Holly felt her throat burn and swallowed the saliva in her mouth.

“…If I’m not with you, I’m not interested in that.”

Her chest went up and down wildly because of the excitement.
Then, she slowly spread her legs as he lost his attention to her fluttering flesh.

‘This is the limit.’

Her insides were pounding because she wanted to swallow something hard.
Cahill, who saw her exposed entrance, grinned and pushed his ferocious penis in.

“Ha-uht, slow… slowly, hi-ick!”

He didn’t even pretend to listen to her as he shoved himself down to her roots in one blow and swallowed her puffy n*pples.
It was wet enough, and the hole he painstakingly widened melted and readily accepted him.

“You’re sucking me in as if you were waiting.”

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Cahill grunted as if it was a waste of time and licked the areolas with his tongue.
Holly’s back shook, and she squeezed him inside.
Bitting the nipple jokingly, he then released it while she gazed at his head that was moving from her chest with half-closed eyes.

“Haa… No matter how hard — uhk — you do that… It won’t come out.”

Cahill was hanging from her chest and sucking until it made a squealing noise.
Holly, however, grabbed his head and pulled his hair back as if asking for more.

“As expected, you’re… naughty.”

He growled and pulled his waist.
Her body trembled inside as if she missed the p*nis that filled her inside.

Cahill’s eyes lit up at the moment he hadn’t thought of.

“I didn’t even think about that… Ha, it’s unfortunate.”

Frowning, he let out a sad sigh.
The p*nis, which had penetrated deep against, pressed heavily against her inner wall.

“I think it will be very sweet.”

He then grabbed Holly’s hand, pulled it back, and thrust his waist hard.
There was a sound like stepping on a puddle of water.

“Because the water from here is also very sweet.”

“Uh-hut, ha… too, strong… Hiick!”

Holly closed her eyes and shook her head.
The hard flesh was pounding on the sensitive inside, her mind couldn’t focus.

“But, you sound better when I do it hard.”

Just as he said, a groan of excitement erupted from Holly’s mouth endlessly.
The hard p*nis riddled the inner wall at different angles.

A flash of light flashed in her hazy mind.

“Ahng! There…!


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Cahill’s eyes twinkled, and he grabbed the inside of her thigh and pressed it down quickly.
Her insides tightened as if complimenting him for a job well done.
His breathing became even more rough as the pleasure was so strong that his eyes turned red.

“Gasp, you’re… hot.”

“Ah, yes…! Huht, hu-hur…ry—Ang…!”

As he thrusted his back so quickly that he couldn’t open his eyes, Holly had a hard time following his beat.
She floated beneath him like a ship among the waves.

Possessed by the dizzying feeling of being plunged into the depths of the water like this, she waved her arms in the air to catch anything that her hand could touch.
Cahill then took her wandering arm and put it around his neck.

“Heup, Cahi-Cahill… Ah-uhk!”

Holly hung around his neck eagerly as if holding on to a lifeline.

Cahill’s eyes darkened at her voice.
The gentle smile that hung from his lips the whole time was gone.
He clenched his teeth, digging deeper into her.

“Good—uhk, ung!”

She hastily searched for his lips.
While she stroked his mouth with her tongue to soothe her burning throat, her lower mouth was also constantly rubbing and urging his flesh.

“Haa… I think I’m cumming.”

Cahill muttered, rubbing his hot lips against her cheek.

As he said, the swollen p*nis filled the narrow walls.
It was so ample that she felt like her stomach was going to burst because she couldn’t contain it inside.
Holly swept her stomach with her hands unknowingly.

The flesh that filled the inside was stimulated.

Cahill grabbed Holly’s buttocks and pressed them against his lower body.
Moving his waist, he stimulated the part she felt slowly and for a long time.
At the ambiguous climax that seemed to rise and fall, she panted and sobbed.

“Hu-uht… Gar, harder—!”

At her command, the thrusting that pierced her lower body became more intense.

Holly’s body shuddered to the depths of the rushing pleasure.
Her nails were stabbed in Cahill’s shoulder.
He frowned at the pleasure, which was thicker than the pain, and poured himself inside her.

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