When she put her toe into the lake, Cahill, who had been in first, approached her through the water.
The lake was deeper than she thought.

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“Hold on.”

Holly didn’t turn down the favor.
She casually wrapped her legs around his waist and hung from his neck.
Her body, which had been trembling slightly due to the cold water temperature, warmed up little by little as she touched his back.

Cahill ran his wet hand through Holly’s hair.

A drop of water from his hand moved to Holly’s eyelashes.
Her eyelashes trembled pathically as if they were trying not to let the dangling drops of the waterfall.

He couldn’t take his eyes off it.

His hands ran down her hair and wrapped around her cheeks.
At that, her cheeks pressed against his thumb were soft and supple.

A dark shadow fell on Cahill’s eyes.
Holly looked at his approaching face and closed her eyes.
He did not immediately invade but licked her lips with his tongue as he would to a young beast and the weak upper lip was bit.

Taking the exposed gap, he scanned his teeth as if brushing her teeth with the tip of his tongue.

As she opened her mouth wide, he swallowed her whole and bit her lips.
His tongue frantically tangled in her narrow, damp mouth.
They constantly sucked each other’s lips and rubbed their tongues.


As her lips parted, Holly let out a sweet sigh.
The hand that had been stroking her butt the entire time he kissed her disappeared.
And soon, his pillar filled her inside.


Cahill grabbed Holly’s waist and moved her up and down.
The hard pole pierced deep into the depths.
Holly let out a heavy sigh following the beat.


Water splattered and hit Holly’s body with a strong movement.

Without a moment to feel the pain, the pleasure overtook her.
Over her loose gaze, Cahill and hers met.
He swallowed her lips as if to eat her again.

“Umm, uht!”

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Holly couldn’t let out a groan as her lips were now blocked by him.
His tongue slid along the nape of her neck.
Pausing in a hollow under her neck, he licked it for a long time before biting it with her lips.
It was salty and mixed with sweat.

“It’s delicious, you.”

Her mind was dizzy.
Cahill twisted his waist at Holly’s sensitive places.
Deeply stimulated, she sighed, not knowing what to do.

“Do you like it? It’s good?”

Cahill asked, looking at Holly with twinkling eyes.
If it wasn’t good, he was going to push her until it got better.

“Heuk, go…good, aahh—Slowly… Eek!”

It was so good that her head turned white, and she couldn’t even think properly.
Naturally, her legs gained strength and tightened Cahill’s waist.

“Ah—heung… Ahk, uhng! More, Cahill…”

His warm hands rested beneath her chest.
He lifted the whole piece of flesh to level it, then swallowed the upright peaks into his mouth.

“Ahheupp, good! Uh!”

Following his strong hips, her body was laid down little by little.
The water dripped right behind my ear.
The fear that she might fall into the water hardened her body for an instant.

“Cahill, Cahill…!”

She called out frantically and hung around his neck.
It felt like her stomach was about to explode because of the water rushing inside due to the thrusting.

“My stomach…stomach, it will explode… No—Huhk.”

Holly cried out in fright.
But the man who treated her insides like his own home didn’t seem to move.

“I’ll fill you in more, okay?”

“No, no… Good… Aahh, ahng!”

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Shaking her head, she then nodded and was out of her mind.
The only thing he could trust right now was the inner wall squeezing his pillar.

“Don’t tighten it too much, I’ll feed you soon.”

Saying so, he gnawed at the nape of her neck and growled unbearably.
His eyes flickered at the feeling of his climax rushing into him.

Cahill hugged her tightly and pounded his waist.
Soon, hot seeds pounded against the inner wall.
After he washed the drooping Holly in one arm, he exited the lake.
The water that had been clinging to her body fell to the floor with a splashing sound.

He didn’t put her down and moved on with his steps.
It was the direction of the hut she saw on the way.
His passing gaze saw the clothes and bags lying on the ground.

Holly, who had been staring blankly into the air as if her soul had escaped, only then came to her senses.


The pain scratching her neck gave her a painful cough.
The neck, which had been overworked one after another, cracked.
Cahill didn’t smile.

An ominous aura overtook Holly.


Despite her firm words, his hand caressing the nape of her neck became subtle.
Holly opened her mouth as she felt a hand descending to his chest.

“Please, stop today.”

She even pushed him with her helpless arm.
Moving in the water, she was probably more tired than usual.

Seeing the droopy Holly, Cahill hurried his steps as if he couldn’t help it and grabbed the bag.

As soon as he opened the door, a musty smell greeted them.
He glanced around the only room from the doorway.
In the middle, there was a space for making tea or making a fire for cooking.
And, there were six single beds made of woven, sturdy wooden posts, divided into three on either side of the wall.

As he began to walk, Holly buried her face in his chest at the stench that stung her nose.
The rotten wooden floor creaked and screamed with every step he took.

Cahill laid her down on one of the creaking beds.

“What are you doing?”

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Holly asked, opening her eyes to the sensation of his cold palms wrapped around the nape of her neck.
There were sunken eyes in front of her nose.

“Just a kiss.
I’ll do it for a little bit.”

Were all men this ferocious?

Instead of arguing, she shut her eyes.
Then, she could feel a warm breath on her lips.
His tongue slipped through the gap.

After scanning the soft flesh several times, Cahill fell over as if covering her body.
Holly, who was about to struggle with his weight, stopped moving at the warmth that came from the part that was in contact with him.

He stared her in the eye and slyly slipped himself under her skirt.

“Please… Get some sleep, you bastard.”

Holly grabbed Cahill’s hair between her legs and pulled him as he was about to bury his face.
He frowned at the pain and looked at her with eyes full of resentment.

“You are wet, too.”

“It will dry.
Leave it alone.”

She didn’t even have the energy to respond anymore.
Holly just closed her eyes.



* * *



What woke Holly from her sleep was the bone-chilling cold.

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In her sleep, instead of a blanket, there was Cahill’s body, which covered half of her body.
Then, he climbed completely onto her body.
She was getting warmer as she had originally thought, but it bothered her.

His lips squirmed incessantly, it draped over her face and the nape of her neck.

“Uhhng, don’t do it.”

Still asleep, Holly narrowed her brow and shook her head.
However, he relentlessly followed and sucked his lips.
She felt the hard thing pressing down on her stomach.

“Will you ever get tired of it?”

As Holly eventually opened her eyes and scolded him, Cahill glanced at her, widening his eyes as if saying how could it possibly be.

“But, is it still morning? Why is it so cold?”

Holly struggled to ignore him and turned her head to the window.
It was still bright outside though something strange stood out.

When she got up slowly and walked over to the window, something that looked like a lump of light and like a pure white flower seed was falling.
The whole world she saw out the window was pure white.
Holly’s eyes widened.

“What is that?”

She, half-excited, stretched out her arms.
Nonetheless, it was blocked by the window and could not be reached.
Her fingertips were numb.
Holly wrapped her arms around her trembling body.
It was still cold, but not enough to grit her teeth.

“…It’s so quiet.”

She could hear the chirping of a little bird, but the world was strangely quiet.
That pure white thing seems to have covered everything up to the sound.
She was astonished and terrified at the sight she saw for the first time in her life.

As she continued to look, she seemed to have gone blind.

“It’s snow.”

Cahill, approaching from behind her back, broke the stiff air with his insignificant voice.
She looked back at him, startled.

Rather, he looked at her strangely, who did not know about snow.


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