Ice God and The Lady Chapter 1

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“Isn’t, isn’t that bastard crazy?”


Cahill was standing in front of the men with his excited manhood dangling.

Holly's face flushed because it was obvious why he was mad all the way to the top of his head at the assassins.


“That Ice God.”


Holly meets the Ice God Cahill while trying to avoid debtors.

Cahill, who has just opened his eyes up to sex, stretches out a hand of seduction to the vigilant Holly…….


Accompanying the man who was suspicious from head to toe.

Is it really okay as it is?



Flutter, flutter.


The eyelashes that cast long shadows trembled at the sound of the melting snow.
Holly lifted her heavy eyelids and closed and opened her eyes again several times until she could see the objects around her.
However, the darkened eyes did not change.
When she couldn't see anything, another sense was awakened.




Holly rubbed her cold arms under the thin cloth with both her hands.
A cold chill began to creep in, perhaps it was a mistake to bring it up.
Her whole body was trembling and her teeth were bumping hard.

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Then, something glistened in the dark.
And then she felt a cold sensation on the inside of her thigh.




The chilling energy that started from her thighs passed down her back and pierced her head.
However, Holly’s shoulders just trembled and didn't take it off.
The touch that reached the thin yet toned thighs was clever and bold.
As she expected, her body began to warm up.
The finger that had entered her most secret place crawled inside.
Instead of rebelling, Holly responded by sitting still, spreading her legs wider.


“It’s wet.”


There was no need to blush in shame at the voice cracked with the heat.
Because as much as she got wet, his thing would have swelled up.


Holly leaned over to him with her eyes down and let out only a groan.
Instead, her insides gently squeezed the fingers.
His fingers, which were so cold, quickly mixed with the inside and became hot.


“Hahh!…… Aaa!”


One became two, and her bottom was opened.
Each time he stabbed deeply, her coquettish voice grew.
By the time even cold sweat began to form on her round forehead, her back trembled and her body stiffened.
Holly took a hot breath and the fingers that had been churning inside her all the time escaped.
The greedy woman groaned as if disappointed, even though she felt the climax.
But fortunately, this was not the end.


Soon the large hands grabbed her hips and parted between them.
A big, hard thing filled the gap where his fingers had gone out.
As she took a deep breath, Cahill paused his movements.
Meanwhile, Holly held her breath.
Everything was eroded in the darkness, and she could feel the blood vessels fluttering under her thin stomach.


The peace didn't last long.
The impatient beast grabbed her butt and began to move his waist.
Holly shook uncontrollably every time their lower bodies clashed with each other.
She gasped and grabbed the shoulder opposite her to support her body as she kept sliding.



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Her moans were mixed with regret.
Unlike usual, which drove her to the limit, the pillar only pierced the shallows and teased her.
Holly's eyes frowned at the insatiable pleasure.
She tried to go a little deeper, but her legs wouldn't spread.
Cahill didn't like the situation either.
He kept hearing a dull sound as his back hit the ceiling.
In addition, Holly's hand, which was placed on his shoulder, was repeatedly rubbed against the rough stone wall.
The place was too narrow to enjoy the act.




But the guy didn't stop moving his back to make sure she wasn't in pain.
Still hating that he couldn't go deep, he folded her legs and pushed her knees.
Thanks to that, her knees were swept away against the wall.


“Ah! Stop…….”


As the pleasure faded, the pain multiplied.
Holly was annoyed and was about to tell him to stop.


“Find it quickly!”


“The footprints were cut off nearby.”

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