Chapter 5.3: The Beginning of the End Part Three

After introducing himself and stating his purpose only then did Alexander take a closer look at the figure standing by the door with a shocked and frightened expression on their face.

The first feature of the mysterious individual that stuck Alexander when he first laid eyes on them was that the figure was Japanese just like him which was weird considering that they were in Beijing which was located in China and not Japan so he must have their reason for being in a foreign country just like him especially because there are a lot of people in china who still resent the Japanese because of historical reasons so this country was not that kind to Japanese people.

The next thing that alexander noticed was that the mysterious Japanese man had hazy black eyes and brown hair with a rough-looking face and if alexander had to rate his looks he would give him a 2 out of 5 but since he had spent the last 7 months living with Clara and being exposed to handsome rich people his beauty standards had been drastically altered compared to that of normal people.

The Japanese man was young and didn look a day past 23 so alexander chose to stop referring to him as a man and chose to refer to him as a young man instead which fitted his age perfectly.

The young Japanese man had large bags under his eyes as well as messy unkempt hair giving him the look of a stray dog, it was as clear as day that this brown-haired young man hadn been able to catch a glimpse of sleep in a long time as if something was eating him up on the inside and when alexander mentioned Teresas name to the brown-haired young man his reaction was that of a man drowning in guilt.

Alexander could almost see the remorse and depression that this brown-haired young man was dealing with and the more he stared at him the more he felt like he could see the guilt oozing out of the brown-haired young man much clearer. The brown-haired young mans mental health was quickly deteriorating at a rapid rate to the point that anyone who laid eyes on him would feel unprecedented pity towards the poor brown-haired young man.

Although the brown-haired young mans condition would shake others wills that didn apply to alexander since it was because of this bastard before him that he lost his precious little sister whom he treasured so much and was also his last remaining family member and now that she was gone he felt all alone in this cruel and bloody world.

The brown-haired young man kept switching glances between alexander and the ground with his shaky black eyes trying his best to not make eye contact with the black and white-clothed man before him. ”I-I don k-know…who you
e talking about… I know nothing so please leave me alone! ”

After denying everything the man quick slammed his door and lock it but before the door could even close alexander reacted fast and placed his foot on the doors way just before it slammed against the door frame and used his right hand to grab the door to stop it from closing since the brown-haired young man behind the door was using all of his strength to try and forcefully close the door but unfortunately his entire bodys pathetic strength was no match for alexanders right arm causing the apartment door to open instead of closing.

The brown-haired young man tried with all his might to push back the sheer difference in physical strength between him and alexander was far too drastic causing the apartment door to not close by even an inch as he kept losing ground at a fast pace.

Alexander applied a little bit of force and the apartment door practically flew open along with the brown-haired young man sending him stumbling back a few steps before finally regaining his balance. Alexander entered the apartment room calmly and coldly as he stared directly at the brown-haired young man while advancing towards him at a constant speed.

The closer alexander got to the brown-haired young man the more the brown-haired young man freaked out and in a panic, he grabbed a beer bottle from a substantial pill next to him and threw it directly at alexanders head. The action of throwing beer bottles felt so natural to the brown-haired young man that one might ask themselves how many times had he done it in the past.

The beer bottle flew through the air at a fast speed and in a short period, it was already before alexanders face. The brown-haired young man rejoiced internally at the thought that his panic attack was a direct hit to the face but just before he could rejoice even further alexander suddenly tilted his head slightly to the left at the last second causing the beer bottle to miss his head by just a hairs breadth.

The brown-haired young man was devastated by that one last-second dodge which shattered his spirit completely since never in his life had he ever seen someone with such overwhelming control over their body.

Out of desperation the brown-haired young man threw beer bottle after beer bottle at alexander desperately hoping that one would be a direct hit and buying him time to escape since the ridiculous fantasy of retaliating was already off the table so he had no choice but to flee if he wasn going to fight but unfortunately for him, alexander kept effortlessly dodging every single beer bottle thrown at him at the last second using minimal movement.

Dodging the beer bottles was so easy for alexander that he started to resemble someone who was out for a leisurely stroll in a park on a sunny day as he gradually closed the distance at a slow pace to mentally torture the brown-haired young man who was literally sweating buckets as his heartbeat skyrocketed like a sports car.

The brown-haired young man tried to reach for another beer bottle only to find out that they were all finished and the only thing that remained were the ones behind alexander that were turned into fragments the moment they collided with the thick concrete wall. Seeing this sudden turn of events, the brown-haired young mans heartbeat surpassed that of even a rabbit in heat as he thought of ways to escape but before he could even run alexanders cold manly left hand appeared out of nowhere and caught him in a choke hold using the martial arts technique [SERPANT GRIP].

The brown-haired young man squirmed like a pig to the slaughter as he tried to gasp for air and used both his hands to try and break free from alexanders lethal grip that could choke the life out of him, at this moment his life was literally in alexanders hand.

The brown-haired young man tried to beg for mercy as his watery red eyes pooped out of his skull causing his mind to be filled with an unprecedented amount of regret. The brown-haired young man thought that he was going to die at alexanders hand at that moment since he was running out of oxygen causing his face to turn pale but alexander had still not loosed his extremely strong grip by even a millimeter instead he strengthens his already strong grip even more and lifted the brown-haired young mans body three feet off of the ground.

Veins bulged on the brown-haired young mans body as his vision gradually got blurrier but before he lost consciousness sweet relief came as alexander released his [SERPANT GRIP] technique and grabbed the brown-haired young mans hair while he was rapidly inhaling oxygen into his lungs and lowered his head so low that his forehead knocked into the brown-haired young mans forehead as his whole head went where ever alexanders arm went since his hair was being painfully pulled by him.

Alexander placed his face so close to the brown-haired young mans face that they were only an inch apart from each other. ” YOURE NOT GETTING AN EASY DEATH! ”

The number of emphases that alexander used in that threat caused the brown-haired young man to shiver and piss himself in fear since he felt that alexander meant every single word that he said to him and what worried him, even more, was that even if he died this crummy place no one would care to even investigate his murder extensively because of the large number of murders that occur on a daily basis because of the numerous gangs all over the place and hed be nothing more than one more dead body to clean up.

Endless tears and apologies followed out of the brown-haired young mans mouth like a perennial river but unfortunately for him, alexander didn care for apologies and the only thing that he wanted was his life instead of his worthless babbling. The brown-haired young man grabbed alexanders black hoody getting it all wet with his tears and snort but then when he looked up at alexander he saw a swift karate chop slash through the air and land on the back of his neck before he could scream or even make a sound. The brown-haired young mans vision faded shortly after as he lost consciousness.


A sound of a crisp slap echoed throughout the hallway sending chills to whoever heard and making them want to gently rub their cheeks just to make sure that the painful slap didn land on them.

The sound came out of the brown-haired young mans apartment room and inside the room, there were two men inside. The two men in the apartment room were vastly different from one another, one of the men was standing beside the dining table fully cloth and the other was tied on top of the dining table completely naked. The man standing was alexander while the one tied on top of the dining table was the brown-haired young man who just regained his consciousness after taking alexanders crisp slap across the face.

The brown-haired young man slowly opened his eyes confused about what was going on but when his mind cleared up and his sense returned he immediately started panicking again as he tried to get off the dining table but to his surprise, he found out that he couldn since his limbs were bound by a thick rope.

The brown-haired young man panicked even more to the point that his heart was at the risk of suffering a heart attack. The brown-haired young man kept trying to break out of the ropes tight bind while darting his head around like a mad man before he finally laid eyes on the grim reaper standing beside him.

The sight of Alexander holding a large kitchen knife drove the brown-haired young man insane. Alexander lightly placed his glove-covered finger on the brown-haired young mans chest slowly lowering it to his nether regions and gently caressing his rode with his long muscular fingers.

”So this is what took my sisters precious virginity, it leaves a lot to be desired in the size department ”

Alexander held the brown hair young mans rod up with one hand and used the other to place the sharp kitchen knifes blade on one side of the brown-haired young mans cylindrical rod. The brown-haired young man panicked when he felt that large kitchen knifes cold blade near his manhood. ” Wait! Wait! Wait! Please don kill me! Im not the one that killed your sister I mean think about it who is really to blame. The one who sold the drug or the one who placed it in her hand!? ”

”You ask me to think about it, well I say that both the one who sold the drug and the one who placed it in her hand deserve to die ”

Alexander played around with the large kitchen knifes cold blade before finally placing it back to its initial position and began slicing the brown-haired young mans manhood off.


Blood gurgling screams echoed throughout the entire apartment building scaring the other residents into locking their doors tightly and hurdling together like a pack of sheep waiting for the big bad wolf to burst down their door and devour them completely.

After a minute of slowly slicing through raw meat alexanders arms became a bloody mess as a fountain of blood flowed out of where the brown-haired mans rod used to be but Alexander wasn done yet as he reached his hand to the brown-haired young mans anus and pulled out a beer bottle that was penetrated deep into his anus and threw it aside. After pulling out the beer bottle alexander shoved the piece of meat in his hand that used to be the brown-haired young mans penis into his gaping asshole then took off the bloody gloves and threw them on the flower and pulled out a cigarette and smoked it after lighting it with the lighter that he always carries around him while slowly making his way out of the apartment building.

Go ** yourself asshole ”

Just as alexander got out of the crummy apartment building his phone in his pocket suddenly rang so he picked it up and turns out that it was Clara who was calling him.

”Hey whats the status of your discovery? ”

”Ive just killed some asshole who sold out my sister and the day before I killed the jackass who sentenced her to death ”

”Oh, you
e quite good why didn you tell me before ”

”Well you never asked ”

”Hehe, indeed I never did ask but aside from that I called to inform you that the funeral has been scheduled to take place in three days so get back here by tomorrow ”

”Sure, see you in a bit ”

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