Chapter 5: The Beginning of the End Part One

Alexander walk through the crowded club until he reached a lone black door on the opposite side of the bar where the handsome bar attender served his customers with the grace and elegance of a refined gentleman.

Alexander stood before the door for a few seconds to catch his breath and calm his nerves to keep his heartbeat steady. After taking some time to cool off for the first time in what seemed like a long time alexander felt that his head was lighter as all his erratic thoughts were cast to the curve restoring his sense of Zen.

When alexanders thoughts and worries dissipated into the back of his mind, he felt that the world seemed much clearer as the weight on his shoulders got lighter just by a small margin but that small margin meant a big difference when it came to his mental health. Relaxing now and then was good for the body and as a retired martial artist he knew that better than most people but he found that the more he was alone with his thoughts the quicker the grief that he kept locked deep down in his stomach would surface so he just shut everything down and opened the black door before him.

Inside the black door was a quiet room that seemed to have sound isolation and inside that quiet room was a Chinese man with short silky black hair that reached down to his neck and a scar on his cheek that was the shape of a star. The black-haired man was inhaling cocaine on his medium-sized wooden desk before alexander opened the black door.

When the black-haired man inside the quiet room noticed alexander entering the room after opening the black door he stopped inhaling his cocaine and turned his attention to the person who just walked into his quiet sanctuary. Alexander and the black-haired man locked eyes with each other for a few seconds before the black-haired man instructed him to seat on the chair opposite to his.

Alexander complied with the black-haired mans wishes and took his seat without any problems. After getting comfortable the black-haired man looked at alexander with a serious gaze that seemed to say get to the chase or can you see that Im busy at the moment although alexander didn like the look in the black-haired mans eyes he also acknowledged that he should wrap things up quickly since he didn like being anywhere near this black-haired man because for some reason he makes him feel uneasy and not in the normal sense which was not the normal feeling one should get from a stranger he just met.

”Hi, Im Arthur Arshavin, and nice to meet you ”

Alexander thought to get to cut to the chase immediately but he contained himself and decide to introduce himself first for the sake of basic etiquette.

The black-haired man also decided and follow basic etiquette and introduce himself, ” Im Yuan but most people call me Mr. Yuan ”

Alexander was shocked to see that the black-haired man before him wanted him to call him mister which made things uncomfortable for him since the black-haired man before him didn look a day older than 28 which was still within his age group which met that they were peers and who would feel comfortable calling their peer Mr.

”excuse me for my rudeness but seeing as we are in the same age group do you mind if we dropped the formalities and conversed with each other calmly, ” alexander unhesitant voiced his opinion on the matter and waited for the black-haired mans response.

”Fine we can drop the formalities so you can refer to me as Yuan and Ill refer to you as Arthur, does that sound good to you ”

”Yes, that feels much better ”

”Ok then now that weve gotten through that lets talk about what I help you with Arthur as you can see I was in the middle of something ”

After putting formalities aside Alexander didn waste any more time and reached into his pocket pulling out his cellphone after unlocking it a well-taken picture of Teresa appeared on the screen, this picture was the same one that hed been showing to people the entire night since it was so well taken that even someone who just happened to catch a glimpse at her would feel a strange feeling of having seen her somewhere before.

When the picture appeared on his phone alexander twisted his wrist showing the picture on the cellphone to Yuan who instantly felt a lit bulb go off in his head the moment he laid his eyes on a woman on alexanders phone.

”Have you seen this woman here by chance since everyone I ask tells me to come to see you seeing as you might know more than they do? ”

”Oh they did huh, well I got good news for you as I indeed have seen her more times than I care to remember ”

”You have! Where was the last place you saw her? ”

”wait for a second cowboy, let me lay down some stuff for you. You see that club outside thats where people go to have some fun and this room here is where they come to borrow some money so if someone says that I might have seen someone then that most likely means that someone was in a lot of trouble and that girl you
e looking for was one of the people who got themselves in a lot of trouble. ”

”wait, are you telling me that Teresa owed you money? ”

”if youd let me finish youll understand. You see that girl came to me with her so-called boyfriend and asked me to loan them ¥50,000 to start a small business together and being the kind man that I am I loaned them the money that they asked for with a 20% interest but when the deadline came they kept giving me excuses time and time again until I got sick of it and got my men to go and bring them both to me. When they were brought back here I had the intention to just harvest one liver from the both of them and then sell it on the black market but then the girls boyfriend offered her to us as his payment to repay their debt and seeing as the girl wasn refuting the proposal we took as it was a conceptual agreement and let the boy off the hook. To get my money back I thought of selling her off as a prostitute instead of harvesting her organs since she was good looking and because of her looks and great figure, she became an instant favorite with our clients which allowed us to get our money back and then some more as a late fee before we got the news that she died in one of our crimson skull gangs abandoned buildings so we called the nearest hospital to pick her up and do the annoying job of locating her relatives for me and seeing that you
e here just one day after her passing and asking questions Im guessing that you
e her relative. Ah, it must hurt huh, well the poor thing did leave this world too early huh but do you think that she thought about you at the very end? Well, who knows. ”

Yuan took out a pen and paper from one of his desks drawers and wrote down some kind of address on it as he talked and when he was finished with his story he slid the paper over to alexander with a warm smile on his face.

”here you go, its that girls boyfriends address. Take it as a gift for all your efforts and if you ask me that guy is an asshole I mean who sells out his girlfriend then comes back here the neck day with another girl without any worries as if he were a guy who just got out of prison ”

Alexander stared at the man viciously for a second then took the piece of paper laying on the desk and put it safely in his pocket then lifted his hoody for the first time since he got to this place displaying his long silky black hair that was tied into a neat bun as well as his cold green eyes that were breaming with hatred and resentment towards the man seating before him.

Alexander slowly opened his mouth and made a statement, ” Im Teresas brother and Im going to kill you right here, right now then Im going to kill that bastard who messed with my sister and if I feel like it, I will go to haunt down every single mother**er who put their disgusting cock into my sister but of course, you
e no longer going to be around to see that happen since this place is where you take your last breath ”

Yuan was stunned by alexanders arrogant declaration but he didn take it to heart since he thought that it was just nothing but empty treats little did he know that only one thought was roaring in alexanders mind and it only got louder and louder as Yuan kept telling his story until it consumed alexanders thought process completely.

atakea! Tatakea! TATAKEA!! TATAKE!!!

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