Chapter 3: Thirsty Tracker Part One

Sunflower inn, 6 am, Tuesday, Day One, 20 days left.

Alexander woke up early and went for a jog to freshen his mind and as he thought of multiple plans of gathering information and if worst came to worst he also briefly considered making an infiltration plan but alas he couldn come up with anything solid since he hasn even seen the Crimson Skull gangs hideout.

After a quick jog around the crummy and filthy neighborhood he finally returned to the Sunflower inn and used his room key to open his rented room then went to take a quick shower but unfortunately, the inn had no hot water so he had to bathe in the morning with cold water which was highly unpleasant.

After finishing his ice-cold shower alexander put on the same clothes that he wore yesterday since he left abruptly and didn bring anything with him except for the clothes on his back and his wallet so he had to go for a bit of a detour to the clothing store and get something new so he could put these dirty clothes in a washing machine.

The trip to the store and back only took an hour since it was close by because the area that Alexander was in was only located on the outermost of the south side of Beijing city so although it was still dirty and dangerous it was heaven when compared to the core of this where all the gangs were located and also where most of the gang wars took place so it was still possible to run a business here.

Alexander bought the same clothes like the ones that he had on since he was most used to this clothing style put black clothes and a black hoody were perfect for disguises in the thick of the night. After collecting all the things that he needed and placing his original clothes on the laundry mat he took a bus heading to the heart of the south side of Beijing City then got off at one of the bus stations and since he was unfamiliar with the area he decided to take this opportunity while the sun is up to familiarize himself with the environment since he knew that nothing happens until night time when all the ordinary people barricade themselves in their homes and the wolves roam the street searching for their prey as well as when the dealers and their minions finally show their heads.

Alexander spent the entire day wandering around the area taking in the disgusting landscape as well as the revolting stench of rooting garbage that scattered everywhere as large crowds of people marched the dirty streets protesting about who knows what. Alexander had pretty much got himself accustomed to the pills of garbage and constant shouting as well as rioting but the one thing that he couldn get used to no matter how hard he tried was the annoyingly long stairs that were all over the place.

The day slowly turned to night as residents quickly fled the streets the moment the sun set and this time was the perfect time for alexander to put his plan into action but before that he needed to find out exactly which building it was that his sister Teresa was found in since the doctor only gave a general location and never went into detail so he had to do the heavy lifting himself.

Alexander thought about things clearly during the day so he instigated the first phase of his plan as he went into one of the shady dark alleyways along this wide dark alley were all types of people some were just chilling with cigarettes in their mouths and various tattoos on their bodies while some were surrounding a bunch of flaming barrels in search of warmth.

When alexander was passing through one of the scary-looking alleyway gang members that were seated in a group of six smoking some kind of substance they suddenly called out to him since he looked too clean to be a hobo so according to them he seemed suspicious especially because of the way that he carried himself since he wasn showing a sheared of fear that they were used to seeing from the residents when they were walking past them which made the gang members very unhappy.

Alexander blatantly ignored the scary fat gang members call out and continued to walk deeper into the alleyway causing the gang members to feel like the strange before them wasn giving them any face which deeply angered them so all six of them rose from to their feet and followed behind alexander causing all the hobos in the alleyway to clear up a way for them in fear as they felt pity towards the stranger in black clothing but alexander only smiled internally as he walked a bit faster.

Seeing that their target was increasing his pace made the six alleyway gang members feel very happy since they felt as though they had intimidated alexander to the point that he was trying to run away but of course how could they let him go after he had made them so angry so they also increased their walking speed.

The six gang members followed behind alexander until there was no one left in the alleyway then all of a sudden alexander stopped walking but he didn turn around and only faced his back to the six gang members behind him.

The six gang members saw that alexander had stopped walking so they also slowed their pace and slowly but arrogantly crept towards alexander in an attempt to scare him even more by giving him the feeling of danger slowly approaching behind him. The fat gang member with a red bleeding skull tattoo on his neck mooched alexander while slowly approaching him in front of his gang members.

”Hey stranger I thought that you were some kind of tough guy when you didn respond to my call back there so let me give you a little lesson on showing respect to others ”

”Hehe, Big Brother Zhang what do you want to do to him ”

”Hehe! Right, what should we do with him ”

”I say that we should just beat him up and take all of his valuables ”

”Yeah, its not like theres a lot that we can do with a guy after all, alas its such a shame I wouldve been far happier if it were a female after all I haven **ed any bitch in such a long time that my balls are starting to sag ”

”Yeah I understand what you mean Brother Yan but how about we just pleasure ourselves with him since hes already here? ”

”Brother Chen you have the weirdest fetishes out of all of us ”

”Well suit yourselves if you don want to but Im giving this punk a taste of my rod ”

Alexander stood there silently waiting for the six gang members to get within his attack range but he was taken aback when they started chatting leisurely instead of attacking him and when he thought that things couldn get any worse one of the gang members started having disgusting desires for his body which was the most humiliating thing that anyone had ever said to him in his entire life so he decided to switch tactics and instead of waiting for the gang members to come to him he decided to take the fight to them as he tightly clenched his fists.

The six gang members approached alexander while chatting unaware that they had let their guard down then suddenly out of nowhere a high-speed kick appeared out of nowhere and headed toward the eldest gang member of the six gang members.


The high-speed kick landed perfectly on gang member Zhangs chin sending him feeling through the air onto a wall like a flying meat mountain. The impact with the wall fractured gang member Zhangs skull knocking him out cold leaving grotesque blood stains where ever his head went causing the other remaining five gang members to feel enraged as they pulled out bloody rusted butcher knives from their backs and charged at alexander all at once.

The second eldest gang member who was nearer to alexander thrust his knife towards alexanders throat with all his might but alexander was already waiting for him to make his move as he quickly turned his neck to the side barely dodging the second eldest gang members knife then a mocking smirk appeared on his face as he instantly turned his body around, grabbed the second eldest gang members arm, flexed his muscles and pulled down the second eldest gang members arm on his shoulder with an intense force that it directly broke his hinge joint causing his arm to bend in the opposite direction.

”AHHHHH!!!! ”

The second eldest gang member yelled the loudest he had ever had in his entire life causing his pitiful out-cry to reverberate throughout the alleyway. After breaking the second eldest gang members arm Alexander turned his waist and twisted around with astonishing force then elbowed the second eldest gang members jaw knocking out two of his teeth as well as giving him a slight concussion.

The rest of the gang members closed in on alexander to avenge their brothers as well as their damaged pride but then a large high-speed object suddenly hurled itself towards three of the gang members that were the closest causing them to fall on their backs with the large object and upon taking a closer look the large object was identified as the second eldest gang members unconscious body which sent shivers to the remaining gang members spine.

The remaining gang member halted his charge and looked back and forth contemplating whether to flee or charge forward but of course, alexander wouldn let him escape as he sprinted from his position with his injured leg and roundhouse kicked the frightened remaining gang member sending him into a wall fracturing his skull like the eldest gang member.

All the six gang members were down but the brawl was not over yet as the three knocked-down gang members were already getting back up on their feet after pushing the second eldest gang members unconscious body away from themselves.

Alexander was starting to receive some backlash from his crippled leg so he wasn prepared to let this battle drag on any longer so he directly dashed towards one of the three remaining gang members who was still shaking off the damage taken from knocking his head onto the concrete then knocked him back onto the ground with an extremely fast 10 hit combo technique called [SERPENT STRIKE]

When the body fell to the ground it had numerous fractured ribs and limbs as well as a couple of knocked-out teeth. Alexander had accumulated a vast number of techniques from his past carrier as a martial artist and although he was far from his peak now he was still confident in taking care of a group of inexperienced low-lives like the ones before him even with a crippled leg.

The two remaining gang members looked at one another before nodding simultaneously then they both charged toward alexander at once from two opposite sides hoping to overwhelm him with a variety of attack combos.

The gang member on the right went high with a horizontal kick to the lower jaw while the other gang member on the left went low with a swift and perfectly timed leg sweep. The two attacks approached Alexander at once from both sides but thanks to his years of combat experience he wasn frightened in the least by these two vicious attacks as he timely rose his left foot up as well as his right arm causing the horizontal kick to land on his right arm instead of his lower jaw and the leg sweep to miss his left leg preventing him from falling.

Seeing that their attack failed the two gang members immediately retreated to their original position opening a 4meter gap between them and alexander. After the first volley ended the two gang members attacked once more after taking a split-second breather but this time they didn go for a high and low combo like before instead they both leaped a few feet into the air and rained down two circular kicks on alexander who quickly responded by raising his two arms and blocking the two circular kicks with a smirk on his face then flecked his muscles and repealed the two legs on his arms away sending the two gang members flying out of control into a pile of garbage bags not so far away.

After repealing the two high-flying gang members alexander decided to end things quickly since he didn have the liberty to be playing around with low lives so he dashed towards the pile of garbage bags where the two gang members landed and then grabbed the leg of one of the two gang members that were lying on the garbage bags with mild concussions and hurled him over his shoulder face-planting him firmly on the ground knocking out all of his front teeth as well as breaking his nose and coincidently the gang member that got face planted and lost all his front teeth was the same gang member who was lusting after alexanders ass.

Alexander dusted his hands and clothes as he marveled at the beautiful bloody scenes that were spread all over with a look of satisfaction in his gorgeous green eye. After dusting himself off he noticed something weird on the neck of the unconscious gang member before his feet and upon closer inspection, he was surprised to see a tattoo of a crimson red skull on the gang members neck which prompted him to search the necks of all the unconscious bloody gang members and just as he expected he found a crimson red skull on the bodies of all the gang members.

Although alexander had never seen the insignia of the crimson skull gang before he was still not dumb enough to not assume that the unconscious gang members before him belonged to the crimson skull gang that he was searching for.

Alexander was elated after making such a marvelous discovery since things would be so much easier if he could extract information from one of these gang members but just as he was over the moon he was slammed back down to earth as he remembered that he mightve gone too far when taking care of the crimson skull gang members since he left two of them with fractured skulls and knocked out the teeth of the rest of the members.

After reflecting upon his actions alexander squatted on the ground thinking of where to go from there then as if a light bulb above his head lit up he suddenly remembered that there was still a crimson skull gang member who was still in relatively good condition within the pile of garbage but just the mere thought of reaching into a pile of garbage was enough to make him throw up in his mouth just a little.

Although he didn want to do it for the sake of time and information alexander was left with no choice but to suck it up and reach into the pile of garbage. The crimson skull gang member that alexander was searching for was lying face down in a pile of ripped garbage bags that covered him in some kind of mysterious moist substance which was even more revolting than alexander had bargained for.

After 2 minutes of dodging, shivering, complaining, and self-questioning alexander finally pulled the crimson skull gang member out of the garbage, and just as alexander had thought the gang member was currently unconscious with a mild concussion so alexander had no choice but to wake him up the hard way and since the gang members face was also covered in the mysterious moisture that reeked up close far more than what alexander had ever imagined.

Alexander covered his mouth with his left hand and used his right hand to slam the crimson skull gang members head hard on the concrete alleyway before kicking him straight across the face with his right leg causing the unconscious gang member to wake up and cough up a mouthful of blood but just as the foggy gang members vision was about to clear up his head was suddenly nailed to the cold filthy concrete ground by a mysterious strangers foot. The shame of being squashed under foot by a stranger was almost too much to bear for the crimson skull gang member but when he remembered what happened to both him and his fellow brothers he immediately threw away all of his and instead prioritized survival above all else since at the end of the day staying alive was all that mattered.

”P-Please forgive me…it…it was all just a misunderstanding I promise it was all just a misunderstanding and I promise to never repeat this misunderstanding in my life ”

”So please spare my dogs life ”

”SHUT UP!! I don want to hear your cries of mercy ”

For some reason alexander found this crimson skull gang members cries of mercy to be rather annoying as if every single word that came out of the gang members mouth was like a sharp needle that pierced his eardrum so he pressed the gang members head harder against the cold concrete ground as well as twisted his ankle multiple times grinding the gang members head against concrete causing him extreme pain but the gang member only bit his lower lip daring not to let out a single peep.

After torturing the gang member for a while alexander was finally satisfied so he decided to cut to the chase. As he pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and tapped on the screen for a bit until a beautiful picture of Teresa wearing a big straw hat and judging by how tightly she was holding onto that straw hat on her head one could tell that it must have been a windy day. When alexander stared at the picture for a bit he suddenly clenched his phone even tighter causing bulges to appear on his hand.

”from now on ill be the one asking questions and all that you need to do is answer and if you dare lie to me or omit some details Ill make sure that youll only be able to eat food out of a straw from now on, do you understand me ”

”YES! YES! I understand ”

”Good, first question, are you part of the crimson skull gang? ”

”YES! YES! I AM, as well as all of my brothers ”

”I see so its as I expected the crimson red skull stands for the crimson skull gang ”

”Ok second question, do you know or have you seen this girl, ” alexander squatted down until his knee touched the ground with his foot still on the crimson skull gang members head then showed the picture of Teresa on his phone to the gang member.

The gang member took a second to recognize the face then answered with a fanatic expression on his face like a student who just remembered the answer to a difficult exam question.

”YES! YES! I do seem to recall seeing her around the [DARK ZONE] ”

”REALLY!?, quickly tell me whats this dark [DARK ZONE] ”

”The [DARK ZONE] is one of the numerous clubs owned by the Crimson Skull gang across the entire southern part of Beijing and all of these clubs are owned by Boss Yu ”

”I see, so tell me where is this [DARK ZONE] ”

”the [DARK ZONE] is just three blocks west from here, you can miss it and when you get there ask for Mr. Yuan he may be able to help you since he runs and manages that place for Boss Yu ”

”Thank you for being so cooperative ”

After saying his thanks alexander raised his foot and then brought it back down with a lot of force knocking out the crimson skull gang member once more. After gaining the information that he craved so much as well as a lead alexander dusted off his clothes once more before finally leaving the dark filthy alleyway that was now tainted with a hint of crimson blood.

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