Chapter 2.5: Crimson Skull Gang Part Two

The hospitals fourth floors ward 6 door slowly slid open revealing Alexanders depressing figure behind it. Clara waited outside the entire time and didn enter the ward at all as she waited for Alexander to come out after saying his goodbyes.

”Are you done saying your goodbyes? ”

”…Yes ”

”Good, in that case, let us go and see the doctor since hes been waiting for us in the waiting room ”

”…I see ”

Alexander followed behind Clara as they headed to the waiting room together and when they arrived there they saw the light brown-haired doctor from earlier sitting on one of the chairs with a peaceful expression on his face.

When the light brown-haired doctor saw Alexander and Clara approaching him he immediately stood up and approached them while fixing his glasses.

”Good to see you again, Im Doctor Shepard and Im sorry about what happened to Teresa I promise that we did everything in our power to help her but she was already in a critical situation by the time that she got here ”

Alexander raised his green eyes from the floor and stared straight into the eyes of Doctor Shepard and asked him only one question, ” Doctor what was the cause of my sisters death ”

”Uhm, well you see we found a large number of drugs in her bloodstream so we concluded that she died from a drug overdose ”


Alexanders sudden shout caught Clara by surprise as she immediately grabbed onto his arm in an attempt to calm him down, ” clam down alexander ”

”Sorry about that…its just that my sister doesn do drugs, heck she hates the stuff so I don understand how she could die from a drug overdose ”

”unfortunately Mr. Augustin I don possess the answers to that question since what Im telling you is whats written on the medical report that I was handed ”

”…I see, but where did you find her to begin with ”

”well the reports state that she was found in a rundown building on the south side of the city where all the bad crowd and dangerous people can be found, if I remember correctly the property where she was found belonged to Yu Chen the local gang boss of the area but be careful if you go there since Yu Chen is a very dangerous man and I don want to anyone to get injured ”

”Thank you, Doctor Shepard, youve been more help than I couldve imagined, ” Alexander lowered his head in respect for the helpful doctor before him as a murderous light shone in his eyes but he quickly repressed it before anyone noticed.

Doctor Shepard had no idea what alexander was up to all he hoped for was that alexander doesn do anything reckless in anger and put his life in jeopardy but since he knew that everyone had their way of grieving he knew that there was nothing he could say to him that would change his mind so he only said those small words of warning after all the Crimson Skull gang that Yu Chen belonged to was far scarier than what words could describe, they
e so powerful and influential that even the police needs to be careful when dealing with them.

Clara saw that Doctor Shepard was concerned about them so she tightened her grid on alexanders arm and flashed Doctor Shepard a bright smile and reassured him that she would keep a close eye on alexander so he doesn do anything stupid before they left the hospital together and got on the pitch-black Ferrari but this time it was Clara who was on the driver seat since she deemed that alexander was not stable enough to drive so she did it herself but then on the way back to the large white mansion alexander suddenly made an unexpected request.

”Please drop me off here… ”

The sudden request shocked Clara into stopping the car as she didn want to accidentally crash from losing focus. After the car had completely stopped Clara finally turned her head to the side facing alexanders direction with wide eyes.

e not planning to go there are you? ”

”Shes my sister so I have to find out what happened to her, its the least that I can do after not being there when she needed me the most ”

e going to get yourself killed then what am I supposed to do about Thomas and his familys malicious intents for both me and my familys company ”

”Don worry Im not going to get myself killed Im just going to find some answers and Ill be back in 3 weeks before the Stark Co-operation host their party ”

After reassuring, Clara Alexander opened the pitch-black Ferrari passenger seat door and got out of the car with an expression that was overflowing with unyielding resolve.

”In that case then I hope you find what you are searching for, just don get yourself killed and not turn up at the party, or ill hate you for eternity. ”

”Hehe, don worry about me Ill be just fine ”

After saying their parting words Clara drove off in her pitch-black Ferrari leaving Alexander all alone by the side of the road as the setting sun illuminated the busy city roads. Alexander watched the pitch-black Ferrari until it completely disappeared from view with a complicated expression before finally moving from his spot and disappearing into the crowd.

Somewhere On the South Side of Beijing City

”Ill like two packets of cigarettes and one lighter please ”

”Thatd be ¥100 please ”

”Here you go ”

”Thank you and please come again ”

Alexander walked out of a small shop carrying two packets of cigarettes and a lighter, he placed one of the packets in his hoodys pocket and unseal the other before pulling out a single cigarette and putting it in his mouth then using the lighter he bought to lit it up and took a single puff.

It was currently night time and it was getting chilly so alexander decided to look for a place to stay for a while for the time that he was in the area and luckily for him, he had more than enough funds to afford to stay at an inn for the entirety of his time here.

Alexander walked down the dangerous and cold streets with his hoody unzipped without any fear. The streets were filthy as piles of garbage were littered everywhere, the walls were filled with graffiti as well as hundreds of homeless people and drug addicts crowed every nook and cranny, constant screaming and cries for help vibrated frequently across the neighborhood making people feel as if their lives were in danger just by being in this place.

Alexander paid no heed to other peoples business as coldly passed several women who were being molested as well as plenty of other possible crime scenes as if he were a blind man on a stroll after all he was a firm believer in the saying that there is always two sides of a story plus the only reason that he was in the filthy place, to begin with, was for his sister so why should he concern himself with other things especially because he was on a time limit.

After walking for about 40 minutes he finally found a crappy rundown inn to stay in, so he entered inside and paid for 3 weeks stay upfront then the owner of the inn gave him his room eye that opens the door to room 13 on the 3rd floor.

Alexander walked up the stairs since the inn had no elevators and after a few minutes of climbing stairs and searching, he finally found his room so he used the room key to unlock the door and got inside. After getting in the room the first thing that he did was lock the door before taking a shower then finally went to bed ending the last peaceful day he will have in a while.

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