Alexander took a bath and headed straight to the guest room to rest after traveling such a long distance he wanted nothing more than to sleep for at least 5 hours to wash everything off.

When he got into the room Alexander threw himself onto the large snow-white blanket-covered bed. The bed was soft and fluffy like a cloud and the blanket gave just the right amount of heat so he doesn feel cold or too hot.

Just like that 5 hours passed in the blink of an eye and when Alexander awoke from his peaceful slumber it was already evening so he slowly crawled his way out of bed fighting the edge to sleep for eternity and headed downstairs. Along the way, Alexander passed Claras study and saw a large number of documents on her table that had piled into small hills and saw Clara typing nonstop on her keyboard causing tapping sounds to fill the entire study.

Although Alexander knew next to nothing about business he could still tell that there must be something hectic going on in her familys company and he could think of only one asshole who could be the cause of this crisis and that is Thomas. Even though Alexander wished he could help Clara overcome this crisis but he knew that wishing is all he could do since he had nothing significant and everything he eats and shit is paid for by Clara so the only thing he could do for her was to commit to his role as her husband and protect her as much as he could by baring everyones hate because deep down even though he won say it he really did genuinely cared for Claras well-being.

Alexander went into the empty kitchen and made Clara a hot cup of black coffee and delivered it to her with a smile. Clara was surprised initially as she didn notice that Alexander had awoken even though his footsteps echoed across the mansion with every step since she was so busy and she also didn expect that he would make her a cup of hot black coffee which was both her favorite and also what she needed the most at the moment.

Clara rubbed her tired eyelids to keep herself awake and drank the black coffee without any doubt of whether it was poisoned or not. Alexander smiled genially when he saw Clara enjoying the cup of coffee so he thought of another thing that he could do for her. ” Drink up to refresh your mind and dinner will be ready in a jiffy ”

”Wait, Alexander! I can have dinner tonight because I have to get all this paperwork sorted out by tomorrow so you can eat by yourself. ”

”Nonsense! How can you work efficiently without taking a break or eating? Do you want to collapse midway? Now Im going to prepare dinner and as my wife youll come to join me least you want me to come to fetch you myself. ”

Clara was trying to be considerate by telling Alexander to not include her for dinner but unfortunately for her, Alexander just wasn having any of it and the sad part of it all is that all of Alexanders reasoning was solid and irrefutable so she had no choice but to consider with a defeated expression on her face. ” Fine, you do raise a good point and to be honest, Im sick of all this paperwork so please count me in for dinner as well. ”

”Hehe, no problem, itd be my pleasure to cook you a delicious meal that is both nutritious as is delicious ”

Alexander immediately went to the kitchen and started cooking up a storm. Ever since Alexander came to Claras mansion he paid close attention to Claras tendencies, likes, dislikes, moods, etc. and it is because of this information that he knew what her favorite cup of coffee is and that she would keep everything else of hold when shes tied up in paper word and worked until she passed out which is than his cue to step in and carry her up to her room but this time Alexander thought of changing up their little routine by insisting that she took a break and get something to eat.

Alexanders cooking skills were at the level of a master chef since hes had to cook for his sister ever since their parents passed away when they were at a fairly young age and no relative was willing to take them in so they had to fend for themselves in this cold world. Alexander loved and cherished his sister Teresa a lot to the point that he put his entire life on hold just so he could provide her with a normal life.

When Alexander first got to this mansion he was surprised to not see a single maid or butler at all and when he asked Clara about it she simply smiled at him and said, ” Thats because I like to do things myself ” Alexander felt it was strange for someone of her caliber to voluntarily do menial house chores but the longer they got to live together the stronger Alexanders hunch became since to put it simply Clara was incapable of doing anything other than cooking, whenever she grabbed a mop it would end up in a disaster but for some bizarre reason her cooking was extremely good.

Day after day Alexander watched Clara cook dinner at night and during the day after he had finished his chores he would watch expert chefs cooking videos and read their cookbooks at the end of the month he surprised Clara by cooking her a 5-star restaurant cuisine and from then on he had practically unknowingly become Claras personal butler instead of her husband which gave her friends and peers the chance to mock him for something else other than being dirt poor.

Alexander spent 5 minutes deciding what to cook for Clara but his Japanese blood kicked in and he ended up preparing Sushi. After preparing dinner Alexander set the dining table for two and placed the sushi that he prepared in the middle of the two plates on opposite sides of the table along with some condiments and sauces.

After preparing dinner Alexander called for Clara who arrived at the dining table three minutes later but when she saw what he had prepared her face didn have the expression that Alexander had hoped for instead it had an expression that seem to say ”I knew it ” Clara sat down on one of the chairs that Alexander prepared, picked up her chopsticks and dug in after putting in her sauce and condiment of choice.

The two ate and chatted for thirty minutes before Alexander cleared out the table and during their talk, Clara told Alexander that he needed to go and claim her life insurance and settle other issues and shed take care of the cost for the casket, burial hole, tombstone, etc. and they both agreed that the funeral would be held on Saturday. After talking about the funeral arrangements Alexander briefed Clara about what hed experienced during the past few days and of his plans for uprooting the entire crimson skull gang and Claras first thoughts when she heard that the suicidal plan was Hes coating death Clara tried to dissuade Alexander but he was too stubborn and she saw that words were not working on him so she just wished him luck before standing up and returning to her paperwork.

Alexander washed the dish manually even though there was a dishwashing machine and dried them then placed them in the cupboard. After doing the dishes and tidying up Alexander went back to the guest room and meditated.

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