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Last or first night?

” I want to dance with him . Now , if youll excuse me. ” Gwen squeezed through the wall of men around her. She approached Mr. Grey. He was still seated . ” May I ? ” Gwen put forth her hand. Richard stared at it coldly. He didn look interested.

” Im sorry , maam , but I don feel dancing . ” He looked in to her eyes. His eyes were void of any emotion.

Gwen stood her ground . She didn come all this way to be turned down and besides shed just ignored all those rich guys lining up for her. She couldn bear the shame of rejection. ” Im sorry , but I won take no for an answer. ” She grabbed his hand and dragged him to the ballroom.

Richard just watched as she did what she wanted. He was curious to see what shed do next . Few people approached him . His few friends said its because he was devoid of feeling and that had God given him a choice hed be made of stone. Hence they called him stone . They got on the dance floor and Gwen put her hand out for him to hold again. Richard didn move.Gwen sighed.

” Do I have to do everything on my own? ” She placed one of his hands on her waist and she held the other. She gently put her other hand on his shoulder and waited for him to move. ” And now? ” she widened her eyes. As though responding Richard began to move and they both swayed to the music.

Gwen eyed the man before her. His features were striking . He certainly looked better in real life compared to the pictures shed seen . The did him no justice. His eyes were faded green and he reminded her of a cat shed once saved when she was little. Her gaze moved to his nose.He had a high nose bridge and raised cheekbones. His skin was sun-kissed and his hair…his hair was ink black. She wanted to ask whether he dyed it or not.

Richard noticed her hazel eyes scan his face. ” Whats wrong ? Never seen a handsome guy before? ”

” Ohh, and here I thought you didn have a sense of humour. ” Gwen teased. She was never one to keep her thoughts to herself so she told him. ” Do you dye your hair? I mean, its so dark and silky. Nice quality . And , you
e better looking in person compared to the pictures. ”

Richard was taken back by her openness ” Well…First off, I don dye my hair and I guess…well… thank you for the compliment. ”

Alec was watching at a distance. How he wished his eyes could shoot daggers.He was on alert . If Richard got too cosy , hed take Gwen away . A blonde made her way to where he was seated . She was slim and tall but her breasts were bulky. Must be implants Alec thought to himself. She put on her best smile and opened her lips to speak but he stopped her.

” Not interested lady. ” He waved her away and she left disappointed. She was one of the many hed turned away that night.

Just then he saw the Japanese investors. This was his chance . He took one more glance at Gwen and Richard before leaving to talk to them.

” I saw you come here with Mr. Reinster . ” Richard saw Alec and the Japanese investors seated and talking. ” Is your purpose to keep me busy as he seals the deal with the investors? ”

” Yes . ” Gwen was blunt. ” But if you don enjoy my company, you
e free to leave. ” She turned and saw Alec talking to some Japanese men. She assumed her job was done. ” Looks like its too late for you Mr.Grey. ” She feigned concern.

” It doesn matter. Better opportunities will present themselves. ” He brought her closer. ” I might not get to dance with such a beauty again . ” He spun Gwen round and lowered her . He brought her back up and his nose was touching hers . She held her breath. His hand navigated her back and they moved lower till touched her thigh . His hand was cold and his touch sent chills through her body. His eyes had a look she couldn explain . She was starting to get uncomfortable.

” It will be our utmost pleasure to work with your bank , Mr. Reinster. ” Alec wasn listening. Something else had his attention. Why was Richard getting …. friendly….too friendly ? His face was getting dark.When Richards hand touched Gwens thigh, Alec quickly rose .

” My secretary will send you the details of the deal. Thank you . ” He blurted as he rushed off.

Gwen was tensed. This guy had suddenly transformed from well whatever he was then to whatever he was now. His grip tightened on her waist and she winced.But she felt someone hold her hand and yank her out of Richards embrace. She landed on a tough broad surface . She lifted her gaze and she was met by ocean blue eyes. They looked angry. Alec held her so close she felt like she was being smudged into his chest.

” I think you were getting too conversant with my property, Mr. Grey . ” Alec said with difficulty. ” And one things for certain, I don like to share. ”

Richard didn flinch . His expression remained constant. He smirked . ” It was lovely meeting you Ms. Barkley.I hope to see you again. ” He walked away.

Gwen could barely see since Alec held her so close . She was literally in his coat. She just mumbled a goodbye .When she felt him relax a bit,she freed herself.

”What is your problem exactly ?! ” She said in between breaths .

” What were you doing ? Did I ask you to get all Lovey Dubey with him . ” Alec was almost yelling.

” Well … what part of seduce did you not understand ? ” Gwen retorted. ” And besides we were just Dancing. ”

Alec was boiling. He wanted skin Richard alive.Gwen noticed his clenched fists.Why was he so angry? Did he get the deal or not? She should ask him.

”Did you… ” She stopped. Gosh!It was 11:38 pm. Her face went pale . The diamonds ! ” Where is the briefcase? ” she held Alecs hand.

Alec noticed her agitated face. ” Whats the – ”

” Just give it to me. I don have much time ! ” Gwen was heaving.

” Its in my car. ” Before he could say anymore, she ran . He followed her . She saw the briefcase in the back seat . Alec soon arrived.He unlocked the car and Gwen rushed to open the case. She saw a tiny purse. When she examined its contents , she found diamonds. She felt relief wash over her. But she still had to deliver them on time.She turned to Alec.

” Can you drop me somewhere…fast? ”

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