I was found

Hell no!!!

Gwen is your everyday 25 year old.Well except for the fact that shes been working in a community gang for the last seven years.Her family has no clue.

Every morning,she has the same schedule.She gets up at 6.30 am , sleep walks to old Mr.Mcranes shop, gets a bottle of milk,lies down on a bench till 8 ,then drags herself back home.She always thinks her day starts at 8.30 am .

She kisses her mom goodbye and drops her younger brother to school . ”Louis, love you. ”

She wonders why he never replies .He just gives a weird his is an awkward situation smile and waves.

Then her day begins.Her hidden life.

”Ey….Gwenie! Its good you came early. ”Bain motioned for her to take a seat next to him . She obeyed . ”Ive got a deal. Its hot .You just have to deliver the goods to Siron hotel…The one next to the cinema. ” He put his huge hand on her shoulder and pulled her closer. He leaned in and his lips were touching her ear.She stiffened .This was uncomfortable.

”The bag you
e delivering has goods worth 2.5 **ing million. Don screw this up. ” He pulled away and threw a black briefcase to her. She could barely hold it . She was shaking. 2.5 million!She couldn get that much even if she sold herself five times over!Hell..she could not get that even when she sold her entire family!

Later that day,Gwen walked into hotel Siron.It was vast and expensive. ”Hmmm…must be where all the rich guys snob around. ”she thought to herself.She was in a red dress that caressed her body and brought out her curves .She was in stiletto heels and had a gorgeous diamond necklace around her neck.She always had to look presentable during such deals hence Bain would always put the effort in getting her decked up.For once she was grateful .Atleast she was fitting in. ”Might as well play the role. ”she mumbled under her breath .She held her chin up and strutted to the cafeteria.She ordered a latté and waited … patiently.One hour later the client wasn present.She called up Bain .

”Yo…Gwenie…Mr.Frinee says that….. ” she couldn get what he was saying clearly.She turned to the table behind her . A group of men were laughing uncontrollably. Shed always been known for her hot temper.She hang up on Bain and stood up to face these pimps.She slammed the black briefcase on their table causing some of their drinks to spill .

”What the fu….. ”Alec looked at his drenched pants. ”Shit!!… lady…do you know how much this suit costs? ”He lifted his glance and his lips were left hanging.This woman before him was just breath taking.Her eyes were hazel and her lashes were thick bushes.Then his eyes fell in her lips . They were full and rosy.Her lips were moving but he couldn understand what was coming out of them.He always thought that red was an over rated colour but on her…it looked ravishing. Her…Bang!!!!!!!!

His face suddenly felt hot and he could taste blood in his mouth.Then he realized that hed been slapped. ”Wait …did you just… ”he was cut off .She grabbed his chin with her petite hands and made him face her.

”What were you doing..???..were you checking me out…?? ”Her voice was like music to his ears. And she came off as cute when she was angry.He couldn help but smile .Her eyes widened in shock ”Pervert….How dare you smile? Look at you… ”She tilted his face and her eyes glided along his features. He was good looking. ” You look…decent…yet you
e everyday scum. ”

Alec kept his calm and slowly freed himself from her grasp.He threw a quick glance at the Japanese investors seated next to him.They just sat there quietly enjoying the scene. Damn, hed never been so humiliated so much before. ”Miss beautiful, how have I offended you. ”He shot her a cold glare.The coldest he could manage. ”Please,do tell. ”

Gwen moved back a few steps.She had to be sophisticated after all and shed already created such a scene. ”mmmh…well ..I..I ..was on a phone call and …your laughter was too loud . ”She paused as if waiting for her point to to sink in. ”Then I got pissed_ ”

”Im sorry for the disturbance. ”He simply stated.He had sincerity in his Ocean blue eyes.She was taken a back at first because….well .she expected a fight.She wasn used to people giving in so easily.

”Well …ok….thanks. ”She smiled and reached for the briefcase but it slipped and fell.She bent to pick it the same time as Alec.They bumped their heads. ”Ouch!!!Son of a b…. ”She stopped herself ”I mean…sorry. ”She smiled and turned to leave. ”Asshole. ”

She called Bain and he told her the client decided to meet In a room.She approached room 996 and knocked. She put her business face on as soon as the door knob turned.

”Ah…Ive been expecting you.Sorry for the abrupt change of location. ” Mr.Frinee was a middle aged round man.His checks were so flabby that they touched his chest.He almost looked adorable. ”Come in. ”

The door shut .He offered her a seat but she declined politely.Business was business.She offered him the briefcase.He opened it and his face turned sour. ” Where are my goods? ”

He turned the briefcase . It was filled with papers.He grabbed her arm. ”Where are my goods!!!?? ”

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