I was found

Will I see you again?


Gwen was silent for a long while. Her silence was like torture to him. They were still in each others arms. Alecs heart nearly stopped beating. Was he too rash ? What if she thought he just wanted a night with her ? What if she got the wrong impression ? He loosened his grip in her waist .

” Just ignore what I – ” Gwen kissed him. She drew back and looked into his eyes. Her hazel eyes…Alec didn know whether he was hallucinating or not but he could see desire in those eyes! She placed his hands back on her waist and cupped his face with her tiny hands.

” Just shut up and kiss me . ” Gwen had no idea why she was saying what she was saying . She was almost certain that shed been possessed by some demon or something. But shed had a taste of him and she wanted more…she needed more. Her heart was pounding and her mind was telling her to stop what she was doing but she long stopped reasoning. She kissed him. This time she did it with a passion…after all , she had nothing to lose. He kissed her back more fiercely than before . His tongue devoured her madly. She had to hold on to him for support. He occasionally stopped to let her take in air but he was soon kissing her again. His hands scoured her body hungrily. Alec didn break the kiss as hid hands searched for the freaking zipper to her gown. He had to get her out of it. A soft moan escaped Gwens lips …Alecs mind froze. He was filled with lust . He couldn wait any longer , he ripped the gown open. Gwen gasped. He kissed her neck and his lips pressed harder till he left a mark. He landed on her tiny mountains. They were so beautiful. His mouth found her nipple and he sucked on it. Gwen bit her lip till she could taste blood . She thought she could explode from this torture. She held his hair. His other arm caressed her other mountain. He squeezed it. Gwen let out a moan . Alec was happy he was stirring up such reactions.

” Don keep it in. Im just getting started. ” He kissed her deeply. His hands fumbled to get rid of the lower part of the gown. Gwen Stopped him . Her face was flushed and she was panting.

” Not here. ” she looked around. ” We
e on the floor… lying next to a vending machine. ”

Alec didn mind where he had her. They could be on the road for all he cared ! but he had to respect her . He gathered her in his arms and he kicked open a door . It seemed to be an office of some sort. He quickly placed her on a desk . His gaze was deadly. Gwen couldn stop herself from looking elsewhere. He lifted her chin

” Don look away. Look at me. ” His eyes were compelling . He slowly stripped revealing his perfectly toned chest. Gwen swallowed. His hand moved to his pants . He was quick to free himself from them and once he was completed free, he stood before her. Gwens eyes fell to his manhood. He was extremely hard and it was Unbelievably enormous. Gwen felt her cheeks burn. Would she be able to take in all THAT?!

Alec freed her from the shreds of the remaining gown. He kissed her on the mouth before he parted her legs. Gwen stiffened.

” Dont worry … open up for me. ” his voice was hoarse. ” I want to taste you . ”

His lips kissed her already wet flower. Gwen held her breath. Once he started sucking and licking, she reached heights of pleasure shed never seen. Her moans filled the room but she was too lost to hear herself. Alec moved back to her mountains then to her lips. This was sweet hell for her . Why didn he just enter her? What was the point in making her go crazy ? ” Alec…Just …do it …already ” She breathed .

He wasn listening. His fingers found their way to her entrance. He pushed one finger in and she arched against him . Just the look of pleasure on her face made him throb with pleasure .He slowly moved in and out. Then he put in a second finger and and she whimpered . She came.He couldn wait anymore she was so wet for him already. Without warning he slid in to her. He didn move for a while. He want to feel her. Gwen clutched the desk for support. He slowly started to move pushing himself deeper and deeper. Gwen felt like she was being stretched beyond her capacity. She wondered how he was able to fit . Soon he quickened his pace and their moans filled the room . He closed his eyes and let the monter within take control. He felt blood rush through his body and he groaned as he pushed faster. When they both reached their climax , they came at the same time.

Gwen felt numb. She was heaving and it took her time to come back to earth. Alec carried her and placed her on a sofa that was in the corner the room. He covered her with his coat and waited for her breathing to stabilize. Her lips were swollen and her hair was moist and it stuck to her face. The way she looked made him want to do everything they just did over and over again. He was already hard again. He just kept his desires to himself , he didn want to push her. He turned to pick up his pants when she held his hand.

” Would you like to do it again ? ” Gwens question almost gave him a heart attack.

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