Being an ordinary student was fun, I didn have to deal with things related to the main character. During this month, I haven experienced clichés like being bullied by an arrogant nobleman and challenged to a duel.

Let alone being approached by a royal princess and becoming her boyfriend. Really… Im here to be an ordinary student who will never be taken into account by anyone.


”Hey, Rie. Come here, theres an empty seat for you. You don hang out with those lame students! Join our group! ”

Well, many people approached me because they wanted to target Amara. My sister is as cold as ice when it comes to other guys, there have been six guys who have confessed their love for her. And all they got was a scathing scowl.

”What can you do? If you want to be my lover… beat me in a duel! You trash! ”

She had just rejected the son of a Duke.

What the **? That haughty attitude of hers should have made her friendless. Her friends are far more numerous than mine.

”Sorry, I can . Maybe another time? ” I walked away and then looked for an empty table for me and my two friends.

”Must be hard, huh, having such a pretty sister! ”

I lost the game with Amara. So, at the academy, I would play the younger brother and Amara the older sister. The scenario was favorable because Amaras body was slightly taller than mine.

The man who just spoke was Vai, the third son of Baron Randall. He was tall, and blond. His weakness is that he can be stylish, so his appearance is stiff. And he likes to gamble.

”That said, she always brings her problems to me. ”

We found an empty table.

”Amara is great too, doesn she have any weaknesses? ”

This one, Ren. The youngest son of the owner of the Megato food company. Hes actually rich, but for some reason, his lunch menu is the same as mine. However, I heard rumors that he once almost bankrupted his fathers company. I don know what the bankruptcy was for. Maybe this is the reason the money he has is not much different from mine.

”Don you dare challenge that girl! I bet youll lose in the first three seconds. ” I started eating the cheapest lunch package that suited a commoner like me.

”Rie, just tell me your sisters weakness. Ren will challenge her to fight for that great love, ” Vai scoffed and Ren seemed very interested in Amaras weakness.

”Weakness? I thought there weren any? ” I replied casually.

”How could there be? There must be, right? ” Ren asked urgently.

”Well, actually, there is. However, I refuse to say it because it would be 100% successful. I don want to have a brother like you! ”

”Well, we
e best friends, right? Aren you going to do me a favor? ”

”What do you have? ”

I do something if its profitable for me. Well, money is everything!

”Umm… well, lets put it this way. Ive been challenged by my family to achieve something at this academy! They
e going to raise my allowance…. ”

”Alright, you have to give me 70% of your allowance! Objecting means the deal is off! ” I smiled widely while shaking Rens hand.

”But, but …. is it 100%? Despite knowing her weaknesses, Amara is still one of the strongest students in our batch. ” Vai expressed his opinion. ”And again… is dating a girl an accomplishment for your family? ”

”Of course, ” Ren answered proudly.

”Yeah, you
e pretty pathetic, huh?! Rie, lets bet… Ren can win or not against Amara?! ”

”Too bad Vai, Ren doesn even have to duel Amara! ” I grinned wickedly.

”Huh? Wait, how? ”

I explained how the plan was to my two Mob friends.





After returning from the academy, on the roof of the academy building.

”Hey, Rie. If this fails. Ill die! ” Ren became nervous at the last moment of his plan.

”Thats your risk! Do you want to cancel this plan? ”

Ren instantly shook his head. ”Weve already done this! Weve gone too far. ” He gulped down his saliva.

Yes, a normal response. That Amara was scary!

Vai then came to the roof with some news.

”Amara will be here soon. Hurry up and get ready! ” he warned.

The three of us played our respective roles.

I created a scenario as if Ren had made me a prisoner so that Amara would obey his orders.

Yes, she really loves me, anyway. This plan should work.

Amara Jumped onto the roof, her appearance was striking, and Vai and Ren became very frightened. But they hid it well. I pretended to faint and was held hostage by Vai.

”You guys?! What have you done to Rie? ” An angry Amara pulled a sword from its sheath at her waist.

I could feel dense magical energy flowing into the blade.

”Oh, not so fast, Amara. If you move another step forward or try to attack us… this little brother you love will die! ” Ren laughed out loud, he was really into his role. Im shocked, Vai probably is too.

Ren put a knife to my neck. ”Well, do you know what your position is now?! ”

Amara then put down the sword she was carrying. ”What do you want? Let go of my brother! ”

”Oh, my wish is simple… ” Ren sat on his knees in front of Amara, ”be my girlfriend! ”


Amaras slashing wind passed right by Rens side. The man flinched, he had no idea what had just happened. You know, a few strands of his hair were shaved off. Yes, I know that was just Amaras reflex.

”You think we
e bluffing? Throw away your sword if this knife isn going to pierce your beloved brothers neck! ”

Amara threw away her sword and raised both hands above her head. Her face clearly showed an expression of restrained anger.

”You rotten bastard! If I had the chance… Id kill you both! ”

So, with this… Amara is dating Ren. I also get 70% of his pocket money. Well, thats not too bad. Selling my sister… hmm, did I go too far?

Well, I guess not. They
e just dating, not engaged or married. I guess thats okay. Love at our age is sometimes just monkey love.

A week after Amara started dating. Ren was absent this morning for no apparent reason. I was now alone with Vai in the cafeteria. The money I got from Ren I used to order the most expensive lunch package, which is equivalent to the royal family.

”Woah, money can buy everything including happiness! ” I indulged my taste buds with various luxurious foods.

e absolutely right! But, wheres Ren anyway? Is he scared because hes being hunted by some of the academy boys? ”

”Who cares, thats the risk! ”

A few days after that, Ren was still absent. And shocking news reached my ears.

”Ren Megato was found dead in his dorm! ”

Well, it was indeed a shock. I hope Amara wasn the mastermind behind the case. Huh, Ive lost my source of money.

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