Five years after the bandit incident, we were already 15 years old. It was time to leave home and enter the academy located in the royal capital.

Father was so ambitious, he enrolled us in an academy that was exclusively for nobles. Commoners like myself and Amara would have been practically impossible to get into if we weren talented. Well, thats why theres this thing called selection.

”Hey, my sister… maybe I won be able to pass!? ”

”What are you saying, Rie? Youll pass with me and well beat those nobles together! ”

Amara caught her fathers eye, she became just as ambitious.

”For once, be serious, I won forgive you if Im the only one who passes, ” Amara said threateningly. Her gaze was as sharp as a sword. ”I-Ill be so lonely, you know! ”

I pretended not to hear her last sentence. It was just spontaneity.

Amara grew into a beautiful girl. Her long, shimmering silver hair and ruby-red eyes always caught everyones attention. Her skin was smooth and her body was so ideal. The embodiment of the perfect beautiful girl.

I bet Amara wouldn be inferior to the nobles or even a princess.

As for me… I don know. I have a hard time judging my appearance. I look almost the same as Amara, with silver hair and red eyes.

”Rie, you
e going to try your hardest at the selection, right? ”

”Huh, yes, yes. But, I can promise, ” I said, sighing.

”Take it easy. Ill help you pass. ”

Help like what?

There were only two types of selection to enter Meredhias royal academy. The written exam and the measurement of magic energy.

Although I got a perfect score on the written exam, it didn mean anything.

The real test is the measurement of magic energy. Even if I got a zero point on the written exam, as long as my magic energy was on par with the nobles… I would pass.

Silence came. This usually happens when each person in the conversation has run out of topics. We were both silent, enjoying the train ride through the forest.

Well, I haven had a chance to say it yet. Isekai is not all about medieval times. My world is now in the 18-19th century timeline, the time of the industrial revolution. So, this world is not very ancient.

Hmm… I felt a strange flow of magic energy. I suddenly looked out the window and smiled bitterly. A commotion was about to break out. This was the perfect time to become an extra, a role that could only run away or not get killed for the first time.

”Rie, stay away from me? ”

”Hmm? ”


The train was shaking from the explosion coming from behind as if it was about to topple over. It was so bad, everyone panicked. However, my sister remained calm, she loudly stood up to draw her sword.

”Everyone go to the other carriages! ” She shouted, commanding us. Yes, you
e very heroic, my sister!

Everyone automatically followed Amaras direction, they moved to the front carriage.

”Rie, you too? Ill hold them back! ”

I obeyed my sisters words, she was the main character.

”You have to promise to catch up, little sister! ” I said, patting her shoulder.

”Heh, of course. Im much stronger now than I used to be, it won be like what happened five years ago. Im going to take out those bad guys! ” Amara chuckled.

What ambition! But, never mind… she was the main character type. And it also seemed like there was no one with a warrior spirit other than my sister.

I moved to the front carriage, leaving Amara alone. Running away to another carriage wasn a solution.

The roof of the train rattled like someone was walking on it. Wow, this was indeed an emergency.


There was an explosion in the middle of the carriage. All passengers who wanted to evacuate to the front carriage were blocked.

Ah, maybe this is the right stage!?

I was the only armed person in this carriage, carrying a sword. Among the passengers, I also saw someone who seemed to be intending to enter the academy, he didn seem to be carrying a sword. Perhaps he doesn intend to enter the Spellsword faculty.

I then went to the front, all eyes on me. Well, hope on me! But, too bad, huh!?

”Wow, theres someone who wants to be a hero. ”

”Heh… our request is simple. Hand over all your money, and well just be passing through. Oh, sorry about the hole in the train. ”

Meaningless babble. Giving money won be enough, theyll want more. Like kidnapping us into slavery and selling us. Well, not all… maybe selectively. Most of the passengers here are old people. Young people like me are more valuable, especially women.

”Hey, young man, don fight back if you don want to get hurt. ” The robbers grinned, pulling out their swords.

”I-I won let you guys do whatever you want! ” I said, both nervous and scared.

Good, I look like a young man with a strong sense of justice.

”Hey, kid. What nonsense is that? Look at your sword, don shake like that! ” The robbers laughed.

”D-don laugh! In the future, Ill be the knight of this work. And I will eradicate people like you! ” I said out loud.

Eh? Do I look like a Shounen main character? It shouldn be like that, right? But, well… it is. Side characters sometimes have the same dreams as the main characters.

I lunged at one of the robbers. I swung the sword.



My attack missed and I took a blow to the face that sent me crashing into a chair.

Well, I ruined the expectations of everyone who had hoped for me. Ugh, too bad… Im sorry everyone.

I fainted instantly. Well, it was just an act, anyway.


The door on the back carriage split diagonally. Yes, its Amara. I could feel her smell and magic energy.

”How dare you! Ill kill you all! ” The aura of anger from Amara was so great.

Ugh… the surge of magic energy was a little big.

”Everyone get down! ”


The carriage split horizontally into two. All the robbers died horribly with two separate body parts.

”Thats the result if you dare to touch my brother with your dirty hands! ”

Wow, cool. Your action was very heroic, little sister. You
e the complete opposite of your unconscious brother.

Amara approached me. ”Although he sometimes pretends to be indifferent to his surroundings, hes a very kind person. ”

Well, I do sound like a very good brother figure, anyway. Whatever it is… don vent at a time like this, little sister!

I came to my senses five minutes from now. Amara had healed my wounds with her magic. The train was temporarily stopped after some fatal damage was found. We temporarily got off the train. Hmm… maybe well be transferred to another locomotive.

”Argh… W-what happened? ”

”Its just a bunch of insects that broke into the train. Don worry, I chased them away. ” Amara handed me a bottle of drink.

”Hmm, well, thank you. You
e very good, my sister! ”

”No! You
e the weak one! ” Amara scolded.

”You should be self-aware! Whats a weak person to do… hide and run. ” Amara looked away from me. ”You
e weak! Not worthy of being a big brother! ”

”I can help it. I suck. ” I stood up, patting my butt to get rid of the dust. ”I need to pee. ”

”Heh, so scared that you peed your pants! ” Amara quipped.

”This is just how your sister is, Amara. ”

I went far away from the railroad siding area.

”I can see traces of your magic energy, you robbers! ”

Indeed, the train attack happened at several points in the carriage. After Amara split it, they fled into the forest. Well, not Amara… maybe someone had shrunk their guts.

Ill now take my turn at robbing them. I need the money!

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