The ground shook so much that the ceiling of the classroom had collapsed a few hours ago, even so, I still couldn calm down. I couldn move my body, legs, or arms, everything was probably buried.

Eyes are the same… theres only endless black. As for the pain? Well, I no longer feel it. However, out of all that, I could still feel something.

It was the faint sound of a voice that kept calling my name out loud. ”Alfarie! Alfarie! ”

So ….

Whether Im imagining things or not, I don know. How could there still be someone in the middle of this chaos? Hmm, but maybe. Everyones luck is different. Maybe shes luckier.

Well, but whatever it is…I won be able to respond to her call. My body is dead, all thats left is this rambling consciousness.

Why won this life leave the body? Ive been waiting for hours. Thats a long wait, you know! I kept muttering to myself, mentally exhausted.

I should be panicking, scared, or something, right? Why am I this calm?

Well, its because there are no precious things in this world. I don have any, which is why I have no regrets.

Ahh, God of Death or Angel of Death… lets get on with the job! You must be professional, don procrastinate! I want to leave this mortal world immediately, the destination is the eternal afterlife. I was fed up with all the things in the world.

Moments later, a speck of white light appeared in my field of vision. As time went on, it grew larger and shone brighter and brighter. Eventually, the mysterious light devoured all the darkness.





”Congratulations, Mrs. Foula, Mr. Samra. You are now parents. Look, isn he a cute baby boy? ”

I opened my eyes, three people were surrounding me, two women and one man. They looked at me with confused looks mixed with happiness.

It took me a while to understand the situation I was in. Well, I was reborn as a baby. And strangely I still carry the memories of my previous life.

Is this good luck? I suffered the same fate as the protagonists in the Light Novel.

No! This isn luck at all. Quite the opposite, its bad luck! Being the main protagonist of a story sucks. An extra character who just goes with the flow is much better. A character that the main characters don care about and can die at any time, even by a small thing.

However, I don intend to be an extra who, when he dies, won get any attention because his existence isn important. I want to break that extra role.

And for the first step, lets bring out the instincts of a baby. Even though Ive been holding it in half, the reaction to poop is unbearable.

This is a normal baby. Please, think so, my parents.





I think Ive lived for 10 years in this fantasy world. Magic, something amazing and beyond reason, clearly existed. I could see through my eyes that everything in this world was enveloped by magic energy.

I had been trained by my father, Samra Kamamara. An outcast noble, yes I am a noble. To be clear… low-class nobility, a Baron family in a small village. However, that was back then… our noble title was revoked and we moved to the forest, living in isolation.

So, don ask if I have any friends, thats impossible! The only person whos the same age as me is Amara, shes my sister. We
e only a year apart, but even so, Amara grew a little taller than me, making her haughty. Its not uncommon for me to be regarded as the youngest.

”Amara, you
e too strong! You
e the heir to the Kamamara family! ”

e the older one, my brother. Fight on, you
e Kamamara

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