The sounds of the birds chirping beautiful melodies as you walked down the pathway with your best friend.

”Hey, do you think we should have our lunch at school or …. ? ” You looked at her with your face written with look Im bloody hungry so just say yes

Being the picky eater she is, she rolled her eyes at you,

”You know, Im sick and tired of schools food … its just so .. ugh, I don even know how to describe it anymore! ”

”How about Korean cuisine? ”

”No. ”

”Macdonalds? ”

”Ew. ”

”Bitch. Im starving! ”

”You go ahead and have your lunch, Im going home. ”

You pouted at her reply and you both parted ways from there.

Why do I always have to eat alone?! You sulked at the thought of the loneliness.

”1 plate of chicken rice please . ” You ordered.

You walked to the corner of the schools canteen and sat there using your phone.

”Hey . ” A familiar voice spoke, you looked up and to your surprise, its that guy.

”Wh-what are you doing here ? ” you avoided eye contact with him because you just CANT.

To emphasize that better, it gives you butterflies in your tummy just looking at him, even his voice is so damn mesmerizing.

”I have practice later on and I have no one to have lunch with, so I just thought that maybe I can have a sit here with you? ”

Is that a date? You mentally squeal at that thought of you going on a date with him.

”S-Sure, have an s-seat.. ” you stuttered. You mentally punched yourself for stuttering. come on… seriously??? Do I have to stutter and show him how shy I am ???? you thought yourself.

”Hey, Jessie… I was wondering… You see I have a ticket … Actually, never mind.. ” He brushed it off and continued eating his meal.

HELLO??? What do you mean never mind?! Yes, I want those tickets, YES I want to go wherever and whatever it is WITH YOU. you died inside at the fact that he said
ever mind.

”Alex, are you free this Saturday? Would you like to study together? Since the exams are nearing… ”

PLEASE SAY YES. You prayed.

”Sure, why not? How does noon sound? Is it too early for you?

”12 pm is fine! Well meet for lunch first then head over to the library? ”

”library? Its too quiet… Why don we go to a cafe instead? ” he suggested.

” Thats fine with me! See you on Saturday. ” You stood up to return your tray and bid him goodbye. You were thrilled and amazed at your courage to ask him out on a study date.

*Jessies POV*

OH MY GOD, I can believe its already Friday.


What should I wear? Skirt? Nah too uncomfortable. How about this dress? Nooo… Im not a dress kinda person… Should I wear make up? Omggg I can decide!!!

My heart is beating so fast just thinking about tomorrow! 6 years and this is the FIRST TIME I had the courage to ask him out, although its not exactly a date… but I mean… we
e alone!

I have rejected so many qualified and non-qualified men throughout these 6 years. I have been heartbroken so many times whenever he has a new date as well… Im hopeless.

The number of dates he had so far, even my 10 fingers couldn count them all. I wanted my first kiss to be with someone special, I wanted it with him…

We were childhood friends, our parents were super close and we used to spend time playing together every day when we were kids. We still meet every week, it has become our tradition to meet weekly and hang out with everyone, both our families would come together and enjoy dinner together.

However, during high school… We were both pretty good-looking individuals and had many suitors. I didn like the attention but he did. He went ahead and made new friends & I think they influenced him- not in a good way. We pretty much drifted apart and even during our weekly gathering we didn talk much. This distance made me kinda … sad?

I never really noticed my feelings for him, till 6 years ago… He started bringing girls over to our gathering and I noticed how much that had bothered me. Not to mention… they were always hanging out in his room. Despite our many years of friendship, I didn even go into his room!

I have practiced so many times in the mirror how I would confess my love for him. However, whenever I tried to my tongue just freezes and no words would come out. Not only do I fear his rejection, but what if things get awkward between us?

As I stood there contemplating what I should be wearing tomorrow, time passed by so quickly that it was time to rest. I took my phone to set my alarm and suddenly my phone buzzed and there was a text from him.

See you tomorrow, Ill pick you up at 11 am.

WHAT…? I thought well meet at the cafe for lunch instead. At this rate, my heart might just pound out of my chest any moment now.

The next day

* Ring Ring Ring * my alarm went off. I looked at my phone and noticed that it was already 8 am.

I quickly shot out of my bed and went to prepare myself for my study date.

I decided to dress up a little differently than how I usually would, a skirt with an oversized sweater. Im a T-shirt and shorts kinda girl, comfort over fashion. But Im going to put in more effort today! I curled my hair, did my
o make up make up look, and packed my bag all ready to go. I looked at the clock and noticed that there was still an hour before his arrival. I sent him a text indicating that I was ready and to text me upon arriving.

*Alexs POV*

”Dad, may I borrow your car? Im picking Jessie up to go on a study date. ” I asked as I took my dads key from the counter.

”Sure, drive safe and make sure to look out for Jessie! If shed like, mom can cook her dinner for tonight. ” dad asked.

”Ill let her know, Ill text you! ” I took my bag and headed out to the garage to start the car.


I took my phone out of my pocket to see a few messages from my crazy ex.

Alex, I missed you… Please don leave me.

Im sorry Im wrong, I shouldn have cheated on you. Im sorry…

Alex, don you miss me? My body? My kisses?

Crazy bitch.


Omg, Im so blocking her. Just when I thought it was my crazy ex, its actually Jessie.

Good Morning Alex! Hope you had a great rest. Im all ready and just let me know when you
e reaching!

The different vibe between these two messages. Her messages seem to have calmed me down a little.

I texted her back telling her Im on my way and drove off.

I reached her house and proceeds to knock on the door.

”Good Morning Mrs. Kain! Im here to pick Jessie up. ” I greeted politely.

”Ah, how nice to see you, Alex! Are you both going on a date? ” she teased.

”No mom! We
e going to study! ” Jessie walked out of her house as she denied.

She looks different…

”Well, tell your mom Ill be cooking tomorrow. Enjoy yourself kids! ” we waved goodbye to her mom and headed to the car.

Her sweet scent surrounded me, it mustve been her perfume… Why didn I notice how beautiful she was?

Has she always been dressing this way? her oversized sweatshirt revealing one side of her shoulder, her skin glistening as the sun shines on her. Her thighs looked so… soft. What am I thinking?!

I pushed my thoughts away and focused on driving toward our destination.

”would you… Uhm like some music? ” I asked as the silence was way too awkward.

” Ye..yeah sure.. ” She nodded and looked out the window.

I turned on some music. As she looks out the window, I noticed how long her eyelashes were and how smooth her skin was. I never truly examined her features properly before, although weve been friends since young.

*ringgg ringgg*

”would you like me to answer that for you? ”

”Sure, ” I answered, without looking at the caller ID.

”Baby, Baby… Please don hang up… ” My ex begged.

”Hey Jessie, end the call. ” I commanded.

”Babe, Please. Ill do anything you want me to. Ill give you my body, you can do whatever you like. We can have sex like- ”

”HANG UP. ” furious, I demanded her to end the call again.

”Im sorry… I shouldve… ended the call when you first asked… ” She apologized but I ignored her. I can believe she heard what Lily said…

*Jessies POV*

I didn know he had a girlfriend… now.

Sex? Why did I have to hear this… I wouldve loved it if he had preserved his virginity just like I did…

After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at the cafe. He went ahead and ordered food for us while I waited at the table.

”Hey.. heres your drink. ” he passed me my green tea.

”thank you.. ”

”Im… u

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