Ch 10 Sorting and Protagonist Falling into Darkness

Safe? Me arriving at Ain Magic and Witchcraft Academy.

It’s a long way off, but in the end it’s just the way it was in the original story… This is what I call the revisionist power of history…

I was escorted by Snare-sensei to a large hall.

The hall was as big as the Tokyo Dome.
It was huge…

There were four rows of long desks with numerous students sitting at them.

The school is a six-year academy.

You entered at the age of 14 and graduated at 20.

Oh, yeah, I’m 14 now.


A brown-haired girl calls out to me as I walk by the long desk.

“Good, you didn’t get expelled or anything.”

“Yeah, it was no problem.
I’m sorry I made you worry.”

Roy smiles with relief.

She looks plain, but when she smiles, she is quite cute.
She also has big breasts.

“Oh, yeah.
Did you finish the [sorting]?”

“Yes, I did! I was in the Red Eagle dormitory!”

The school is located on an isolated island in the sea, and students live in dormitories.

The dormitories are divided into four.

Red Eagle.
Blue sharks.
Green elephants.
And a black lion.

Students belong to one of these four dormitories.

Each dorm has its own color.
I don’t mean colors, but the school culture, or what the dormitory values.

The red eagle is courage.
The blue shark is intelligence.
The green elephant is harmony.
And the black lion is pedigree.

As a matter of course, in the original story, Marcoy belonged to the Black Lion dormitory.

Well, he was the kind of guy who was more proud than anything else of being born into a great family.

If all goes well, I will be going to the Black Lion Dormitory.

“Hey Draco.
Come on quickly.
Your grouping is not yet done.”

As someone who is already disliked by Snare-sensei… I don’t really want to go to the Black Lion Dormitory.

Snare-sensei is an administrative teacher at the Black Lion dormitory.

Well, I don’t care if the administration hates me.

As long as I don’t get involved with [him] as much as possible, that’s all that matters.

That guy, in other words, is Harris, the main character in the book.

Harris is the main character of My Hearts, and here in this volume, he belongs to the Red Eagle dormitory.
In other words, he is in the same dorm as Roy and the other heroine.

“Marcoy-kun, I would be glad if you’re in the Red Eagle dorms with me!”


Sorry Roy, but I definitely did not want to be in red eagle.

Because Harris is out there, you know?

Why should I bother jumping into a minefield…?

One large crystal sat on the upper seat of the great hall.

It was the [Sorting Monolith].

A huge rectangular crystal plate.

When a person places his or her hand on it, the monolith examines the person’s aptitude and changes the color of the dormitory to match the person’s aptitude.

If it is the Red Eagle dormitory, it changes to red, and if it is the Black Lion dormitory, it changes to black.

I come up to the front of the monolith with Snare-sensei.

“Look… it’s Marcoy Draco.”

“… of the dark wizard clan?”

At the front of the room sat a group of first-year students who had just finished their placement.

Everyone was looking at me.

Among wizards, Marcoy of the House of Draco is famous.

He’s arrogant, proud, and a jerk.

“… Where does he belong?”

“… It’s the Black Lion, isn’t it?”

“… The black lions belong to a lot of dark wizards, don’t they?”

“… I definitely don’t want to be a Black Lion.”

Well, the black lion dormitory gives me the impression that it’s full of bad guys.

I have the impression that many of them are likely to fall into the dark or commit crimes in the future.
As far as I’ve read the original story.

“… Hurry up and touch the monolith.

Snare-sensei gives me a glare.

She totally hates me…

“Okay, okay.”
I touch the monolith.

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