s by freely manipulating the three major dark magic spells, which are designated as forbidden arts.
Well, he is a character who can’t be helped.

He is the worst character, hated by readers and characters alike.

There was once a popularity contest for My heart.

At that time, Malcoy was by far the worst.

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Of course, everyone is emotionally attached to the main character, Harris, and I guess they are thinking, “The Marcoy who gets in the way of Harris should die!”

In fact, Marcoy was criticized by the characters and readers alike, who told him to die and go to hell.

But I don’t hate him.

Marcoy was born into an elite wizard family, the Dukes of Draco.

The family specializes in dark magic.

Since Marcoy was able to use the forbidden arts from an early age, his parents had high expectations for him.

He was expected by his parents to become a great evil wizard in time.

But then, Harris comes in his way.

Original surname was Hogward.

Harris Hogward is a boy who survived an instant death spell from Noir, the great dark wizard who once shook the world.

Noir is a terrifying dark wizard.

He is a terrible dark wizard who has brought ruin and chaos to the world, and even created an age of darkness for a time.

Harris survived the magic from such Noir.

This is because Harris had a quality of dark magic that surpassed Noir’s. 

While the world praised Harris as a surviving boy, they feared he would become a second Noir.

That is true.

This is because a hero who defeats a Demon King can become the next generation of Demon Kings.

Harris’ parents were killed by Noir.

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It was Marcoy’s parents who took in Harris, who had nowhere else to go.

Until then, Marcoy had been the sole beneficiary of his parents’ favor.

However, with the arrival of Harris, a potential demon king, he lost his place in the house.

His parents began to favor Harris.

Marcoy, on the other hand, grows resentful of Harris.

He had been thinking that he would be the best dark wizard in the world, the second Noir.

Moreover, unforgivably, Harris was a righteous man.

He had a talent that rivaled Noir’s, yet he would not use it for evil.
That, again, would have been unforgivable to Marcoy.

Well, it’s a long story.

I was reincarnated as Marcoy, who is in the way of Harris, the main character of this world.

… Of all people, Marcoy!

Because he dies a miserable death in the end!

Wow, that sucks…

No, but wait.

If you know the ending, you may be able to change the future.

“I’ve made up my mind! I’m going to live a decent life! I don’t want to be ruined! I’m gonna try to stay away from the hero!”

… But just a while ago, I had just defeated Harris’s important woman.


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