I need emotional support

New friends? Part 2

Even in a confusing situation I still invite them into my house. Who is this little woman? Questions playing in my mind.

When they enter my house, I ask them to sit in the living room and I will serve cake with tea.

After that I asked Sakura who this woman was, but suddenly the little woman answered.

[Ah.. Sorry to bother you, its okay I can go home]

But Sakura answered

[Hey no, you wait, let me take care of him]

After that Sakura explained to me the following. I was kind of surprised at how hard it was, but let me tell you.

First when I called Sakura to invite her to my house. After she left her house.

On the way to my house Sakura came across this little woman on the side of the road. At first Sakura thought nothing of it, however.

Looking back, it looked suspicious because she was waiting for the vehicle.

And it was suspicious because when it seemed that a big truck was passing by, suddenly the woman tried to jump in front of it.

However, because of Sakuras quick thinking she managed to pull the womans hand aside before anything happened.

And because of that Sakura had saved the womans life even though she wasn asked.

The woman cried because she had failed to kill herself, but Sakura was there to hug her tightly.

After she was relieved from crying Sakura asked her what her name was and how old she was.

The little womans name is Hannah Natisha, 16 years old. Sakura also asked Hannah why she wanted to kill herself.

From the story, what I realized is that Hannah needs emotional support and because of that Sakura brought her to my house once.

Oi oi when the heck I become emotional support for people? That question came out of my mind, but as an adult I can let this situation go like this.

I told Hannah to eat the cake I made today and rest first. When she is comfortable, I ask her what happened.

I also served Sakura cake with tea. While they rested while eating, Sakura and I chatted.

While chatting together with Sakura I also introduced myself to Hannah.

After Hannah was comfortable I asked her. What happened until Hannah tried to kill herself.

Hannah Pov.

I was always bullied at school because I looked like a foreigner and my name was always cursed because I was different from others.

I also have no friends at school and I always spend my time alone.

But thats not something I can change because Ive been this way since birth. My father is a foreigner and my mother is Japanese.

Every day I was bullied to a point where I kept not coming to school. Until today when I tried to jump in the middle of the road.

But what can I do if my destiny is like this!! I just feel like killing myself because I can go through this life anymore.

I thank you for bringing me here and feeding me this delicious cake, but let me kill myself after this.

If you hadn pulled my hand, I would have died on the road, but you pulled me.

Sakura was just silent with what Hannah said but Yamato was furious.

[Sakura saved you, you should thank Sakura, you know?]

With what Yamato told me, he made me feel angry because he couldn understand my problem.

But it wasn anger that came out of me , but tears fell in front of them. As tears dripped down I spoke.

[But you two don understand my problem either.]

Ayato answered.

[Yes indeed I don understand but trying to commit suicide is stupid!!]

Yamato Pov.

I know what I said, but I was still angry with Hannah when she tried to kill herself.

Even though I am fully aware that Im has also tried to commit suicide, I am still angry with Hannah.

Why is that, The answer is from the beginning to me suicide is stupid.

What I did was stupid and because of that when I heard Hannah trying, I couldn help but feel angry.

I kept talking without thinking.

[Hannah after this you don worry anymore if you don have friends because Sakura and I will be your friends.

First of all, from today onward I and Sakura will always be with you, remember that.

I will give emotional support until I die, so please don kill yourself. Don try to kill yourself.

Don do that stupid thing again and I promise Ill make sure you have an emotional support buddy.]

It was without me realizing that I had just released a feeling like a schoolboys love confession.. Shameful.. Im embarrassed…


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