Okay now I will mix the ingredients for the cake starting with the wheat flour. I will filter all dry ingredients except sugar and salt because it is too coarse to filter.

After that I mixed all the dry ingredients until well combined. When combined, mix all wet ingredients except boiled water. Now we combine it with a mixer.

After finishing, we just put the hot water into the batter and continue to mix using a mixer until well combined. After that its done!!

Just put it in the cake tin and bake!! Don forget to lower the temperature a bit!! Argh!! Who am I explaining this to!! Do you think Im feadpool??

Oh, thats right, more than two tins of cake for the batter. After putting the cake in the oven to bake, we will make the buttercream.

For buttercream, mix butter with cocoa powder in a bowl and mix using a mixer for 5 minutes. We cream this butter until fluffy.

After it has fluff, mix icing sugar with milk. But we put the milk with icing sugar little by little.

Like 1 cup icing sugar and 1 tbsp milk.. Repeat until enough, now mix again to blend. When finished, we mix vanilla extract with espresso powder.

We mix again until its mixed and ready!! We put it aside first and we see if our cake is done in the oven yet.

Ting!! Hear that sound? Thats the sound of the oven being ready, lets take out our cake and let it cool first.

1 hour later. Lets cut the cake to put the cream, we cut it in the middle like a burger bun. After that we put it on the cake board.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that while I was on break, I made sugar syrup to apply to the cake to make it moist.

I just mix the sugar with hot water and stir until it dissolves. Okay lets put this cake together.

We apply sugar syrup to the cake and put buttercream. Spread the buttercream evenly and place another cake on top.

Repeat this process until you have used all the cake layers. After that we coat our cake with buttercream. Decorate by yourself and its ready!!

Our cake is ready and ready to eat!! Before eating, I want to rest and think about what happened. Oh, make sure to close the oven, it can burn the house down..


Lets think.. Wait a second, why us?? I feel like Im not myself, who am I talking to?

Am I crazy talking alone? When I think about this, a shiver sends down my spine. My situation is really dangerous if I let it go.

And because of that I plan to invite Sakura to come to my house to eat this cake together!!

[Ah.. Ahah.. Ahahah… Ahahahah… AHAHAHAHAHAH]

I didn think about anything at all.. Hm.. After all, I didn think about anything at all.

I repeat again, Yamato never thought of anything involving me and Sakura sitting in the same house.

Never!! But various things can happen when Sakura is at my house. For example, when we were chatting while eating cake, water fell on her shirt and she had to take a shower at my house.

I am a gentleman!! I will not spy on Sakura in the shower!!


Because I am a gentleman.. Ah mother, even if you don spend time with me, I hope you are happy with your son, because I am a gentleman..

Second situation!! While I was enjoying the cake with Sakura, I spilled water on my shirt and had to take off my shirt to show off my muscles.

Surely Sakura will be attracted to my body.. But right.. I have no muscles..

[Ah.. Ahah.. Ahah-]

Its a bit embarrassing for me.. I really feel sorry for myself.. Well I better called Sakura first instead of thinking about the things that will happen.

Ding ding.. Ding ding.. Ding ding..

[Hello Sakura?]

[Hello Yamato, want to go out again??]

Sakura replied impatiently.

[Oh no, I want to invite you to my house because Im making a cake]

[Oh seriously!! Okay I came but give me the address!! You wait for me to finish your cake later AHAHAHA]

After I gave the address I turned off the phone and waited. But I didn think it would be so easy to just invite Sakura to my house..

Well.. Let me clean the house while waiting.

A few hours later.. In the evening I was still waiting for Sakura who hadn arrived yet.. Apparently she is someone who always comes late..

Because Ive been waiting for hours, it makes me want to fall asleep.

[Why not sleep for a while..]

Before my eyes fell asleep I heard the sound of the bell being pressed many times. The sound is so noisy that it annoys me.

When I opened the door I saw Sakura ringing the bell many times and a little girl!!??

[Oh hi Yamato, I brought this girl, she needs emotional support!!]

At that moment only these words came out of my mouth..



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