I’m imprisoned, but I’m free in Illusion

I\'m imprisoned, but I\'m free. |

The truth from the beginning my heart started beating with a beat of fear, you can ask who I am afraid of, I am only afraid of the past only afraid of it I can not forget it all, and the worst thing is that I remember its details It is only the source of my fear but today dear reader you will know the reason for the fear, you will know the cause of the pain, oppression and torment and hell that I am in and still am, I don know how, but Ill let my pen run through my heart again and youll read what Im going to write.

And from here the bitterness and darkness will start taking me to drown, and from here the hatred will start from a child who was 7 years old, and its me.

School is the little hell and the big at the same time, I hear the screaming of the children that I hate their treatment of me with hatred this is a small hell but it started to grow something and little by little until it became a nightmare for me to suffocate when I remember their faces, I feel a great desire to harden their faces, but nothing will change, I am the child that everyone hated from a young age Its me, Ive always been alone away from boys and girls I don talk to anyone except if someone talks to me and I answer him as much as his question, Their dealings with me have been different to the point of death, but whats even more painful is how adults can deal with me with that behavior. Oh, its something deadbeat.

A fear began that did not stop my past at this point, when you appreciate someone with pure love innocent with all the power with hope and then destroy everything I imagined it was an illusion of what I imagined and what I felt towards my professors I was nothing precious except a small ability that wants to learn and her dream is miserable that will never come true, any mind … It is reasonable that this act would happen by those whom I loved with my heart with my own heart, my teachers despised me when I was a 7-year-old child, they were making me the joke of the oath I was the joke of the ability to entertain them, I remember Bodouh as if the situation was repeated in front of my eyes I see it clearly and painfully it is very scary.

I remember in second grade in the hell of the school, in the middle of the darkness amid my fear, amid my weakness, my teacher mocked me, my teacher insulted a seven-year-old child and she insulted me, a bully on my writing on my little dirt notebook, and when she was done she called out to all the pupils she called for hell and then… Then she said to them out loud they laughed at him and they started screaming and the laughter came out of the mockery and I look at them innocently I can barely speak but the strange thing is that I didn cry just hijack the looks its a horrible picture I don want to remember more, my pain gets stronger to weaken me when I remember.

The truth is something that scares me that makes me very weak when I remember it… Its not over yet,… no, its not over The hardest thing a human being can go through is passing through a memory that he does not know will become his nightmare.

The torment of the second year didn stop in hell and not school, it started to manifest for the worse, the hatred of the hellish students and their teachers wasn enough, it was passed on to all people and this pain is still growing like a tumor.

The bullying did not stop at the rocky level, but moved to isolation in a clearer sense, my teacher in the third grade isolated me from everyone at a single table, hahaha… Im the epidemic.


The school has become hell for me, from the second grade of the pain that I have been tormented by, I have become absent from the classrooms I stay outside, where the ashes and in the third grade I knew and I am a small nail what hatred means and how it is, and how I feel it towards people, everyone was opening their books except me, she forces me to close it and the scenes why, because in her eyes I am a criminal … A criminal, ha, I learned a new word, the child learned the word new … criminal.

And all this goes back to my shabby clothes, it goes back to my face full of small scars, its all because of the darkness that has overwhelmed their eyes, what a hell theyve been lying and still in…

the name Ali, its one of the names that I hate, of the people I hate, of the people that Im going to destroy when the time comes, Im going to let the world play with them, and then its my turn, and Im going to play a game that picks me up with them, Im going to do it scarily.

It wasn me from a young age, they made a monster with their actions corn with their stupidity, with their arrogance, they made a monster that would destroy them, I don scoop how, but Im sure they
e going to destroy one by one, those faces that look at me mocking me, those fingers and words poisoned with pain, they
e going to change for fear yes… Its going to change into great fear, Im going to fill their hearts with the horror of what theyve done, yes, they
e going to remember, yes, they
e going to do it, but its going to be late.

Only it will be the time of reckoning… Haha it will be a good time

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