I’m imprisoned, but I’m free in Illusion

I\'m imprisoned, but I\'m free.

With all this, does love heal wounds? Can I love someone? Why am I jealous if I see someone better than me in the way he wears his clothes? Am I going to fail one day, and if I succeed, what happens? Are my dreams going to be shattered? I don want to cling to anyone again.

I say how painful it is to remember my wounds even though they are in my heart carved in it I cannot forget them I cannot forget it I can not forget the wound a wound was never forgotten and if you forget it will deepen the pain of those horrible situations or those ugly voices I can not forget those voices I can not forget them I will remember them failed or succeeded I will remind them name by name and what I will do then the fate will be the one who will rule.

Then there come characters who enter your life that don give you anything, and you don even know anything that judges me, saying, ”Oh, hes a psychopath or a moron. ”

He wants to draw attention to him with his immobility.

Those wounds make me stronger and stronger. Im weak without my wounds,

Any of my wounds I remember when I smell what I remember when I saw something in a situation I remember, I still remember my wounds.

The pain is unforgettable and must not be forgotten because those who once hurt me hurt me a billion times, says the Moroccan proverb I believe in one day I will come back and if I return I will take revenge on them will that day come when, myself, when …

honey, life :

I didn intend to know you, and you deserve to know that so-called love has faded in the age of our time, and now something normal has returned, except for a few people I always like to tell you and ask you.

Whos the only one, Vicky, the desperate, the oppressed, whos become his boyfriends calm, winter night, his dear season, and the rain are his tunes.

Dear Life, thank you, you taught me to be strong, your cruelty to my body of challenges with patience, and thanks to you, but I am still exiled from this world I am still the only one in the darkness of congratulations.

I apologize for my strangeness, my strange actions, my provocative accent, my scary looks, my fear of my actions, I fear even that tone, I fear myself.

I don know how youve become like this, but what I know is that Im always going to be like this for a long time.

Im sick of them, they look at me, and those fingers still resonate in my mind Into… Into… When and Ill stay in this terrible situation?.

Or how long Im going to be a prisoner?.

The world is a little reckless, but after meditating on it rudely, considering that I am a teenager and all that is known about reckless teenagers is problems or disorders and addictions, but almost all of this does not concern me, I think I am old in my youth or as I say sometimes I look wisely at things, I do not recklessly consider my decisions and also my feelings, but I will not deny that I suffer from a disorder and I still am. Its important to see everything wisely, and regardless again, too. I suffer again from emptiness, something exhausting to death, and if it meets hatred, anger, hatred, sadness, all the negative energy of truth, its bleeding to death.

And here is death, it is my mercy because all I live is torture. No… Hey, it could be a lesson, but a lesson, why about what, and when Im going to take this lesson, Im going to live a good phase that forgets me the taste of oppression, or because Im still in battle, and all these disappointments of hope and treachery and keeping away from those I love about me, if this is my last fight, Ill fight until my heart bleeds, and if death is the end, theres a paradise waiting for me…

I speak to God when I run out of energy to confront them, but I am facing what I am facing, I have never asked this, I do not know who I am facing people or the darkness in which I live or where I face fate or all I face is, am I an enemy of myself, I do not know, but all I realize is that if my enemy is him, it will get worse.

I don say oh my God more, I say what an oppression I am in.

Im sick of all these feelings. Im bored with all this. Everyone who stares at me from everyone who offends me with those looks, any of these idiots, whether they are emotional or sexual, I am bored and bored of all the pain I have regretted from every eye I have seen crying and those eyes have been mine.

From all the exploitation, whether emotional or sexual, I am bored and fed up with what mud I am in, what is this monster that increases me weakness or strength, I do not know this which makes me weak, I do not know much and many, and perhaps my ignorance of things what gods mercy alone knows, knows and manages.

Free my thoughts in my principles and my arrogance and arrogance in growing up on people I prefer to stay arrogant than fall at a low level.But Im still a prisoner of my thoughts, my scary feelings, the desire to kill, the desire for revenge, the desire to make their lives hell, their death hell, and end my day with a strange laugh.

Why am I like this?

Is that normal or am I crazy?

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