With every tear, tears.

People, nation, society, these terms show a lot of people a lot of different opinions from culture to thought, and in a society of limited thinking, I can almost be patient, between me and madness a quarter of a foot drop in its raging sea, eyes that see the defect … Lack… Mistakes, especially if I had a past that was wounded by mistakes, blinded by mistakes, if they saw you relatively complete, I would have been

influenced by their habits, I would have been like them, but thanks to my principles and limits, and unlimited thinking, all these things were a solid bond.

Their ignorance of science and liberal thought made them blind in their behavior in their thinking the way they look at things, I think thats why they made me in this case, but every guilty judge and Im the judge, in this case, will be ugly, it would be a terrible judgment on them, what if their selfishness is the reason why Im going to make them in an intolerable situation Ill make filth manipulate their mouth that brings out the filth.

Every loophole I try to access to find the reason I find it annoying, I feel like Im in the middle of a pile or a hurricane of disturbing cargo, whatever the reason is, it won justify what they did to me, no matter what the goal was to do something with anger, Id respond worse, I wish I wasn someones enemy, but fate took the opposite course, and if the opposite reflected evil, Id be that evil.

I bet you know this feeling, dear reader when I pass in front of them choking, and I see in their eyes as if you were watching a despicable demon, I wish at that moment I was pregnant with something to make them suffer from, but I will make them throw their deletion into gods hands.

All I want to do is get away from them, I don want to see their faces again, those despicable and angry poisons, oh, I want to kill them, but thats not going to tempt anything.

I am alone I do not laugh with my best friend as others do I do not cry on the shoulder of someone and I can not share a secret with anyone because I am alone laughing with myself crying and I am on the shoulder of the wall I keep my secrets for me alone no one deserves me as a friend …

Disappointments are painful; no human can bear this feeling of something more painful than death, do you think of it as if you are in hellfire.

And today, is a new day to learn from every mistake every painful attitude of grief from regret form new memories, as I say to myself when Im at rock bottom, < Every mistake is right >.

I have to work hard, I have to be perfect for every step I take, and always a voice comes in and says that to me.

In the past, from a time when I was giving or paying attention to myself, I learned to write to myself something, even if it was a small sentence, what I want to say to me, don be afraid to be sure of good, I waste … I don know what to say to myself, but sometimes I have to be selfish.

In the past, I was so attached to others, that it was like my life would prevail if no one was with me. I indeed learned to give up a lot of strangers and harmful parasites, although I never understood, even though I am locked in the shackles of attachment, still stuck in my mind the ugliness of the view as if I am watching hell,

Im still watching them from afar, but Im going to give them up even though Im connected to them, where I heard a strange but true saying, after all,

But I believed in one thing, which is .

And here I am, maam, hating myself for her wounds, stripped of the world and the warmest society, and I end up in silence.

I see silently speaking and no one hears me other than God and myself, I found the right choice not to deny, everything became self-evident and if I am hurt, oh in a night praying to God in the hollow of darkness I thank my Creator, my God, for my good friend the Creator in silence in a time, it is difficult to be alone it is like… Like, like, Im dying of life, right as a prisoner, but Im free.

I don know when these conflicts will end. Feeling…, I can describe it anymore when … The what… Time… When I look at the mirror and the tears that sink into my eyes with sadness, I do not see my face under a pile of darkness under this torment that no one but me sees, I wish them this torment, I wish them this loss, but I want to enjoy their screams of the intensity of the torment …

But for every pain of healing, but for every joy crying, why unhappiness is the longest for joy? Why less joy?Why less comfort? Why doesn time heal wounds, but forget about them?

And I gave myself the head in front of my little notebook, at dawn I write with tears of unhappiness a look from my eyes showing and explaining everything Ive been through, will this journey end or not? I do not know…

Im David Fariss or muhammad I don know if Im bad or sad all I know is selfish.

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