I’m imprisoned, but I’m free in Illusion

but I\'m free in love with fear . | part 2 |

Im dead ignorant of it, Im dead like the death of the earth in the eyes of emptiness, That one day her redness will be ruined … The emptiness is filled with nothing but sadness and pain, everything that is poison for feelings and the heart, it just hurts, and I can barely get that poison out.

Thats whats happening to me, Im afraid in my conscience of death, in the land of the mountains of oppression, I wish for a watershed point that separates me and those who claim this torment.

Its there that you don see him, I just look at him, he scares me and follows me wherever I go and go, you don know him, I run away from him a little bit when Im asleep for five minutes and he chases me even in a dream, even when Im a little far from the truth, I can take a break from him, hes like a thief of time, he steals moments, hes a quick hypocrite, thats all. I wish for a way out of everything, a way out of the end of every pain Everything is exhausting, and so is death.

I look at one thing, my hand, the thing Im focusing on, stretched out in someones body that I can lift to touch my face, and I sense my face, as usual, this is different from the previous different, I wish the director would be close to me, maybe so, look dear reader of the sky what do you see, I see it as unclear as red after thing, as if it represents my desperate life, I breathe without feeling that I eat without my lust for food terrifying that I have turned into the living dead, But theres one thing I feel I feel like they
e two, its … They
e movements that I don know what they suggest, they
e a place of voices I feel it yes … I do.

Those sounds I hear, they make me feel love, they make me feel it, yes I feel it, Those voices make me humane, I don feel lonely when I hear them, are they the director I wished for? , Im good at these voices.

What those dancing movements that make me feel like, they make me warm, when I move as those movements move, I touch the air and I feel it in my lungs, its pure With the amazing melodies that color my pale life.

Dear reader, I found the reason for living in life, I found it to be very beautiful, but not love, but something more beautiful than it after the thing, I found myself in it and I promise you, dear reader, whatever the adversities, I will not abandon them, those dance movements and those denominators of voices, I will not abandon the reason for my life.

I learned something and I want you to know it, stay alive, dear reader, for one thing, which will make you want to live, hold on to it well.

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