I’m imprisoned, but I’m free in Illusion

but I\'m free in love with fear . | part 1 |

Im just an illusion that loves an illusion, but what does that feel like? Ple…ase… P….lease know who this love is, I don know him do you … Is… Hes going to heal me or hes going to break me again.

I couldn figure out love. … What did he tell you? Whats his tone? I didn talk to him, I didn feel it, I didn have a chance to meet him, even if I met him, he wouldn love me either, and why would I ask about another torment that would burn me too…

Oh Love is a share of life, I claim to say, and I say it is the spirit of the heart as the soul in the body, thats why Im dead, but Im alive, my hearts soul is dead, my only pulse is dead.

But why does my love change why I didn love as people love, but why do I love someone and have my feelings for him, are you … Am I incomplete, someone must complete me as an endless story, which is the end, or as a tree without branches, which will be my twigs to be together, a tree I don know … I don know

Why are you asking about love? Ask who lived the betrayal, ask who lived the oppression, ask who lived it with a heart that misses and who will not return to it Love is nothing but pain disguised as something beautiful.


I want him, I want his hand to touch me, hold me to his chest, hug me with his hand, kiss his head, I want to come and sleep in his lap, I want his lips to touch my lips and charm me with a kiss of him forget who I am, then look into his beautiful eyes and kiss his soft lips, to want him to caress his hands my cheeks and guarantee me again in his chest, I want to hold his hands and kiss them, then I feel his face with my hand and caress his cheeks, and put my forehead on his forehead and tell him that I love him and I want to be his medicine when he gets sick, and I want to be his happy and beautiful life, I want to be the good news for him…

But why do I remember my pain, why didn I turn my mind to it, I was in a bad situation, I was hopeless who I was in the pot, Im sorry, dear reader for these words, why does this disgusting picture appear before my eyes again?

Why would I love? this puzzling question, but the complexity of it is why I miss someone who doesn exist?, why do I imagine the illusion and love it for why? My frowning features change when I think about love and frown my features from the new when I remember the darkness I remember the past … Past… And love is a heavy barrier to my heart and hinders its beats, I wish I hadn passed on bitterness, why to regret what happened, but why do I feel remorse when I remember to love whats wise in it or why this torment that makes me burst out of oppression, regret, and sadness, that kills me.

I can describe this feeling that Im feeling, I don know how these horrible despicable seizures come, they make in my face broad lines they dig in the face of a trail, the effect of fear oppression, and remorse, how can I love when I am in darkness AYYAYY …

What a tragedy I am in, the hell I live in, all I want from love will never come true, I think I am sentenced to death in this life, but the truth is I am the one who put himself in these situations in these painful memories, all I am going through now I deserve, every second of regret from the oppression of grief from bitterness I deserve to die…

Who deceives death is mercy to me in this case away from love from all of ….. God, death on this journey without love is something strange, but it won make a big difference My face hurts from the many frowns, my pilgrim hurts me from the many disjoints in the past in love in regret in pain.

You know the truth, dear reader, Im tired of hope, I realized its a fake thing, its not real, but it makes me stick to life that makes me real after the thing I … I don know whos real, is my feelings or me or what, is falling in love painfully, but in love with this is the painful love of whos going to love me, I think Im the ghost in this story Im the real one.

Im telling you, dear reader, watch out for the talk that will come out of your mouth, be careful not to laugh at one of them or insult him, look at my miserable condition, look at the hell Im living now and still live, a prisoner in the past, not any past, a prisoner in a room of the past where I don breathe. In his actions and dealings, please be careful if your heart is still beating and alive give life to others because you will feel a very big difference …

I wish if I died because someone lived dead like me, someone lived hell like I did, and I wish who was the cause of my death, but not any life… A life that teaches them about the crimes they committed.

Good night my heart I wish love overwhelmed you again, I do not want you to live again, death is better for both of us death is the bridge from which we both will pass we do not deserve to live together on one of us dies to live the other if you live you will suffer me and I will resort to death …

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