I’m imprisoned, but I’m free in Illusion

I\'m imprisoned, but I\'m free |

s on you, do not feel sleep at night, I imagine his hand holding me and that kiss Im imagining My heart is still beating.

When fate teaches you not to envy anyone or envy him, and when fate teaches you the lesson of good love for others, and then you pass through situations that tell you if you are still alive, you have to work and dream of a busy and exciting future and start step by step until you achieve what you want to be.

Oh, I was barren land, and now a velvety spring, beautiful, I realized something called loyalty and sincerity that I lost in everyone.

Fate gave me things I didn know about, Im David… And I am satisfied with myself as you and I are dear reader, yes yes I am, I realized that the shortage is just an illusion in our minds, and perfection for god alone …

I passed and walked through a hard road for humanity to bear.

With life heartache and a soul hurts and a feeling hurts, so he shouted love, who holds the pen and who narrates the pain, did not there come a moment to love a heart, will not a period comes on the broken heart, did not you see how and how much other than love from the nature of human beings, I asked to love one day, love, didn you see How much love has destroyed human beings., a war for the illusion of love has emerged. I walked under the moonlight and wrote letters hoping for an answer.

-I hope fate answers my questions.

So there were faces because of the pain, and the pain was you and the wound, your love, your laughter, your crying, the madness hanging on, and the relationship in a lot of times, and most of it failed.

The word love in its meanings and language is a wonder, whoever came and melted into the world of love entered a disvalued love will show them destiny its value and torment their life to know what love is I hate adolescence.

I feel lack, love, and love, love is lost with the time when sincerity is lost, with those who love from their heart not with lust, wonder of a life that has changed.

The past is a time of joy and ulcer, but when I remember the past, I remember Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Cisi Houston whenever I remember singing with them wishing and doing the miracles they did with their voices that their songs remind me of true love I am one of the youths who love the songs of the past with people who sing from their hearts the time of serenity and living hearts and the plains of love and the spring of love and willow of modesty and meadow of sincerity and flowers of loyalty and birds of loyalty and the winds of honesty, I remember the tongues were made and out of her mouth poetry, and with words balanced raw from the glories and the strength of relationships in love and friendship.

But what is this feeling I feel about that person, am I…..?

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