I’m imprisoned, but I’m free in Illusion

I\'m imprisoned, but I\'m free. |

They are all afraid of darkness, afraid of all dark places, all avoiding unknown places and angles because they are accustomed to something called light.

But I used to have something called darkness. Me….. I am the Cloud… Im calm, I say inside me that Im not strong from the noise. Im afraid of people.

I can talk, Im ashamed of everyone. My heart starts to beat very quickly, and my hand shudders hysterically when a passer-by talks or asks me something. I was deprived of all these things Why… W …W … Why because darkness robbed me. Sometimes I envy everyone when I see them with their mouths open,

and they keep talking without a beating heart or trembling hand. Haha, wide smiling mouths, I envy them.

I saw my madness and I saw him talking to me.

Am I crazy?

I don know…

I still hear their voices that scare my heart. Im afraid one day Ill be dead. You hear me, I hear them, I hear them, Im scared, but that fear won last long. It won be long, but Im still that weak, and scared, my hearts still ticking. My broken heart is going to be their hell. I heard Yum that the man entering the storm isn the same one who gets out of it. Am I going to be that guy?

Over time, I will recover from my weakness, not my pain, because the pain makes me strong. I can imagine myself without pain. Ill be their pain, but not now because Im still that egg that wants to crush the stone. Don be the egg that wants to crush the room because its going to break. Be the tremor that will crush the stone into a diaspora.

She tells me to torture them and then

Killing them or killing them will make me happy, but…

Would I be happy to kill them?

Do I want to tell the truth?

He says like a Moroccan, every darkness that passes through you, enlightens you. Now my darkness is light or light, it is my darkness that fell at the bottom of the question again. In life, lessons taught me, values taught me to face darkness with light, not darkness, taught me to calm down in front of the enemy, and attracted me to laugh to meet my enemies.

I think everyones asking me who I am, whos that kid? Oh, I don know! Have you ever seen him? No way, hes a stranger. Thats what they say when you saw me.

Im devastated It doesn scare me anymore. It won make me sad. A moment I laugh, a moment I hurt, a moment I conquer.

I locked myself in the dark box. No one goes in. And no one comes out of it. There is no way to break down these barriers. I can break it. Its not easy to be dark on the other side that people are afraid of. The side of mixed feelings and the desire of the black to die.

I adapted to my situation, so I heard and laughed, insulted, and I would advise you to see the ve

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