lancholic about the blue dragon pattern, the complicated and delicate dishes in Duke Huai’s mansion had attracted his attention, soon making him change his mood.

    The palace was very particular about food, far from being comparable to Tao’erxian’s simple grilled fish.
Xiaonailong had never seen anything like it before.
The aroma of the food had made him salivate.

    But the dishes were not yet ready, and there were a lot of guests at the dinner party.
The two of them sat next to Prince Huai, they were very eye-catching.
Charles felt it was strange, and he tugged Jiang Wuyi’s sleeve and asked in a low voice, “Why are there so many people?”

    As soon as he saw a lot of people staring at him, he couldn’t help lowering his head, trying to hide the dragon horns.

    Jiang Wuyi said, “In half a month, there will be a wedding banquet of the second lady of the palace.
These guests have come to congratulate them from afar.
There will be more in a few days.”

    Charles was a little curious about the marriage, but the banquet was already open, so he didn’t bother much about it.

    Was human food always placed on a plate? How do you eat it without a knife and fork?

    And the things in it are not like bread, they can be eaten directly, and of everything on the table he could only recognize the roast chicken.

    Seeing that everyone else picked up the two thin sticks and started to eat, Charles tried them but seeing that it didn’t work well, he simply threw the sticks on the table and started sulking.

    Jiang Wu looked at him sideways and picked up the chopsticks with a chuckle, shaking them at him: “These are chopsticks; you don’t know how to use them?”

    Charles was so annoyed that he stretched out his hand to pull the roast chicken, but Jiang Wuyi stopped him, putting a spoon in his hand.
“This will work, right?”

    After that, he raised his chopsticks and looked at the little dragon: “What do you want to eat?”

    Charles raised his chin at the fragrant elbow flower “That.”

    Jiang Wuyi patiently brought the vegetables for him, and put the small pieces into the bowl, which was just the size of a spoon.
Charles instantly devoured the food as a wild smile filled his face.

    One to eat and one to feed, it was harmonious.

    Jing Yu looked at the two in surprise, thinking that their relationship was not that bad.
It was not what he thought.

    Ordinary cultivators, how can they treat their monster pets like this, even to the point of feeding them?

    The little prince had just reached sixteen, he was ignorant and not enlightened, he stared at Charles’ face for a while, he didn’t know what to think.
He turned his head not to look.

    Yesterday I only thought this little beast was terrifying, but today it seems that is not the case.
Although it was strange, the beast looked very handsome. 

    Jing Yu originally saw that Jiang Wuyi’s cultivation was not shallow, and wanted to ask him to accept him as his apprentice, even if he taught him a lesson or two.
Seeing this scene, he had an idea in his mind, deciding to start with this little beast, to please him, before proceeding to Jiang Wuyi.

    Charles was happy as he ate, grabbing a chicken leg when he got off the table.
After eating to his satisfaction, he finally noticed that many people were looking at him, frowning and avoiding Jiang Wuyi.

    He always felt that these people were about to show their supernatural powers any moment now and take out their crosses to fight a dragon.

    “Why do you want to hide?”

    Jiang Wuyi was puzzled and, after thinking about it, he added “They dare not do anything.”

    This was not unusual for demon cultivators.
Many of these people came to see the little dragon because he was really good-looking, so his dodging was not because he was shy, but as a result of habitual avoidance.

    Charles bit the drumstuck sadly “I’m just used to it…”

    He said vaguely.
Jiang Wuyi didn’t ask any further questions, and after dinner, he let the little dragon go back to the yard.

    Duke Huai always had the intention of letting Jing Yu be an apprentice.
Naturally, he did not dare to neglect Jiang Wuyi’s requests, and even sent Charles to the yard alone.

    He came from the imperial capital and had seen as many great people as there are stars.
After spending a day together, he felt that this person was extraordinary, and he wanted to win him over, so he used the excuse of a wedding banquet to keep him.

    He didn’t know what Jiang Wuyi’s purpose was, but he agreed.

    However, no matter what the reason was, it had nothing to do with Charles for the time being.
He only knew that the bed in this palace was big and comfortable, and the food was the best food he had ever tasted and he had lived for a hundred years.

    If there was no dragon pattern on his wrist, it would simply have been the “fairy day” mentioned in books.

    Charles fell asleep while thinking about this, feeling his big round belly.
He didn’t sleep last night, but he made up for it today.
When he woke up in the evening, he drank the soup again and his stomach felt warm and comfortable.

    The night was a little too long and he didn’t know how long he had slept.
The sound of rain outside woke up the little dragon, who was sleeping soundly.

    Charles rubbed his eyes, not knowing what was going on.
It was raining outside, but the moonlight still filtered through the window and it was still very bright.

    He felt strange.
Sitting up, he climbed up the couch by the window.
He didn’t know if he was wrong, but he felt like a shadow had passed by the window just now.

    The little dragon cub frowned, kneeling on the couch and staring at the window, feeling the little cold around him, and at the same time, the air mixed with the smell of rain and seemed to also be mixed with the smell of blood.

    Charles could have sworn it definitely smelled like blood.

    There was a swishing sound in the yard, which was especially clear at night, and then another shadow passed through the window.

    Charles was stunned, blinking hard; he took a deep breath, and stretched out his hand to open a gap in the window, and slowly looked out.

    A pale, twisted face suddenly hung softly from the roof.


    Sticky blood kept dripping from the pale figure.
Charles held his breath, only to see the nearly rotten eyes blinking.
The corners of its mouth twitched, and its face was falling down.

The author has something to say:

 Dragon cub: ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!

  I recommend Jiyouwen! Super cute! This wife is also really cute, so try to flirt with her

 “I heard that I am petite and frail”

   Ji Ye, the third young master of Yiliu, is handsome and hot-tempered, but he was rejected for rejecting too many girls’ confessions.
They cursed him and he was forced to dress like a dud in a book.

    This one is blessed with his prosperous beauty, charming electric eyes, but he is very weak.
He squeaks when he is touched, and tears up when he is touched twice.

    Ji Ye: …

    Ji Shao was very angry and the consequences were very serious.

    After he was molested and had a fight with someone, facing the man’s sarcastic gaze, his eyes turned red “Fuck you!”

    Then he kicked the man eight meters away.

    After kicking the man, he couldn’t help crying even more fiercely.
He squatted down and rubbed his ankle.
“My feet hurt so much…”

  The melon eaters: I’m in a big fuck!

    Qi Wenyan: I feel bad…

    Seeing that he cried so badly, they wanted to call a truce, but the arm was removed the next second.

    One second he satirized him as a waste, and the next second he was pressed and rubbed on the ground, crying while being beaten.
“People are so afraid… My hands hurt…”

    Qi Wenyan squatted down to wipe his tears and rubbed his ankles, then he picked him up carefully, “My baby is too weak and can’t take care of himself, you should let him be more.”

    Everyone: …

    The big guy who was forced by the system to be spoiled by wives had no lower limit.

E/N: No one’s know what the author is thinking with these notes. 

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