Charles was flying back with the boy, safely in his maw.
The fragrance which the flowers gave off when he passed through the layers of fog resulted in him sneezing, letting go of the boy.

    As soon as he let go, seeing the child fall straight down, the little milk dragon immediately swooped down and stretched out his claws to grab the boy again.

    However, the dragon’s claws were sharp, and he grabbed the boy in a hurry.
He didn’t know that his claws had poked the boy, resulting in the boy waking up with a cry of pain.

    Charles, being startled by him, instantly released his claws.

    The young boy fell to the ground, but fortunately they were at a height not far from the ground.
Although he had suffered some injuries, he did not lose his arms or legs.

    He hadn’t suffered serious injuries.
Sitting up, he looked around in confusion, when suddenly, the blades of grass around him flipped, and then he fell down.

    The boy screamed, and before long he woke and sat up again, only for him to collapse back to the ground a few seconds later.

    With a snort of his nose, Charles circled around him a few times, confirming that he had fainted again, and continued to carry the boy with confidence.

    If the poor boy woke up at this moment and saw that he was in the air being carried by a strange beast, he would be scared to death.

    But he was completely unconscious this time and stayed this way until Charles put him in Tao’erxian’s yard, not intending to wake him up again.
Tao’erxian, who was also sleeping sweetly in her house, was unaware of Charles’ arrival.

 The little chubby girl who ate and slept most of the time, was not very alert of her surroundings.

    Charles, reciting a sentence in his heart, remembered that he was going to run away and, since the apology had already been given, he turned around and left.

    Jiang Wuyi, who had been following not far behind, chuckled lightly, thinking that the little dragon had finally remembered his business.

    But it was all in vain.

    Jiang Wuyi had let him walk all night.
He just wanted to test the depths of this dragon and find out what the bottom of this dragon cub was, but now Charles had even exposed the dragon pattern.
Jiang Wuyi, noting this, didn’t bother to accompany him for a time-wasting game of hide and seek, but instead raised his hand directly above his head and grabbed the air.

    Charles was free and in a good mood, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain throughout his body.
Roaring from the pain, the dragon turned a few times in the air.

    With the pain doubling, Charles fell to the ground and uncontrollably smashed several pits into the ground, rolling all around in pain.

    This movement was not small; the sound of the dragon’s roar was even more shocking to the eardrums.
Tao’erxian woke up and rolled out of her room.

    Even the boy woke up, when he opened his eyes, he saw a monster roaring, and immediately crawled back, holding a pillar to hide behind.
Turning around, he suddenly encountered something.
Looking closely, he realized that it was actually an eight-year-old girl in pink.

    The pain reduced a bit but Charles trembled uncontrollably, and lost his strength, changing back to his human form.
Jiang Wuyi approached slowly, and reprimanded him as if nothing had happened.

 “Am I not obedient?” Charles asked.

  “I didn’t say that.
Just don’t run around.”

    His attitude was neither cold nor indifferent, and the tone of his voice was no different from normal, but it fell hard on Charles’ ears, seeming like a curse from the devil.

    If it was said that he was afraid of Jiang Wuyi’s powers before, now he was beyond terrified.
His already pale face lost all its color, and when the night wind blew, he felt a bone-chilling cold.

    The continuous pain came from his wrist, and seemed to pass from the veins to the heart.
Charles looked at Jiang Wuyi timidly, only to find that there was a light blue line in his hand, and that the other end of the line was connected to his wrist.

    He didn’t know how or when it got there, but there was a light blue dragon-pattern totem on his wrist.

    The silk thread seemed to be made of spiritual power, and it was emitting a faint light.
Charles then remembered that Jiang Wuyi held this position, intentionally or unintentionally, when he gave him spiritual powers.

    It wasn’t until a long time later that the bone-cutting pain subsided, and the blue line disappeared.

    Charles fell to the ground holding his wrist tightly, both grateful and afraid, and asked cautiously, “What is this…?”

    It was probably because of the pain, but his voice was softer than usual, with a whimpering tone.
He was desperately trying to hold back his eyes from blinking in order to prevent teardrops from falling.
Jiang Wuyi squatted down slowly in front of him and reached out to grab his wrist.
Charles, being so frightened, suddenly ducked back and looked at him in horror.

    Jiang Wuyi didn’t force it anymore; he just squatted down and looked at him.
“It’s just a contract.
From now on, I will be the master and you will be the follower.
If you want to escape again, guess what will happen?”

    Charles couldn’t bear to imagine what might happen.
He trembled, gritting his teeth, as the fear ravaged him.

    Jiang Wuyi stood up slowly and said: “You are pure in mind; I will teach you a lesson.
In the future, be cautious about people and things, and don’t…”

    After speaking, he seemed to remember that Charles’ ability to understand was very weak.
Shaking his head, he continued “Don’t just trust others.”

    The first time the little unrestrained dragon of dragon Island suffered a major blow, he lost himself in it, and now his intestines turned in horror. 

    Sure enough, his intuition was right; Jiang Wuyi was an evil dragon.

    On the other hand, the young man who watched the lively action for a long time saw this unknown monster being subdued, and he immediately felt respectful, and with his eyes shining brightly at Jiang Wuyi, he couldn’t help but muster up the courage to walk up to him.

    “I’m sorry to bother you…I simply wish to ask if the Immortal Master can send me back to Duke Huai’s mansion?”

    Jiang Wuyi, remembering that there was still a living person here, turned to look at the young man, and found that his breath was quite familiar.

    When the young man saw him look over, he straightened his back and said in one breath, “I am Jing Yu, Son of King Huai of the Rui Kingdom.
I was traveling to hunt demons, but I was plotted against by thieves who sought my life.
I fled here in a panic.
I humbly ask the immortal master for help.”

    Jiang Wuyi’s eyes changed slightly: “Jing… King Huai…?”

    Jing Yu thought he didn’t believe him, so he immediately searched for the palace token, but he couldn’t find it after searching for a long time.
Neng Neng said with a blushing face, “I’ve been really embarrassed these past two days.
There are quite a few monsters here.
To save my life, I threw out all the magic tools, and I think I lost the token at that time… But I’m really Duke Huai’s Son, there is no lie.”

    Jing Yu was being sincere, but the moment he had announced his name, the eyes of Lao Huashu and Tao’erxian changed.
But he didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore.

    He was very scared of Jiang Wuyi now.

    But Charles didn’t think that Jiang Wuyi, the evil dragon, would be kind enough to really send this young man back.
However, unexpectedly, Jiang Wuyi smiled like a two-faced liar, and agreed.

    “The prince is being polite, there is no one in Xiajiang, there’s no teacher and no sect, it was my beast pet that bumped into the prince today and sent him running in a panic, as it should be.”

    “…beast pet?”

    Charles suddenly looked at Jiang Wuyi, and wanted to refute it as a conditioned reflex, but Jiang Wuyi glanced at him unintentionally, and immediately he slumped down, shutting his mouth and sitting still like a stone.

    Jiang Wuyi then said: “Today is too late, the prince will rest here for a while, and when it is sunny tomorrow and the fog outside dissipates, we will head out.”

    Jing Yu breathed a sigh of relief and respectfully gave Jiang Wuyi a salute, “Thank you, Immortal Master!”

    The little unrestrained dragon looked at the ‘lion’ that was grateful to Jiang Wuyi, and suddenly became very sympathetic towards him.

    He could guarantee that Jiang Wuyi was holding back some bad plans.

    But Jing Yu and Charles were stuffed back into the room to rest; Lao Huashu followed Jiang Wuyi back to the attic on the cliff, and finally couldn’t help asking him some questions that’d been bothering him.

    “Master, are you planning to go out?”

    In front of Jiang Wuyi was a blood-colored knife.
The knife was dark red, and there was a strong evil aura around it, as if it had just been washed in a sea of ​​blood.
What kind of monster bone was this knife made of? The pattern on the handle of the knife was a little golden, giving off a strange, yet gorgeous feeling.

    Lao Huashu dared not to look at the knife and lowered his head tightly, until Jiang Wuyi had waved his hand to put the knife away, which relieved him so much, as if he had been granted amnesty.

    Jiang Wuyi said, “It’s a pity to let such an opportunity go.
I haven’t heard from that old thing for one hundred years.
That group of trash in Shenting didn’t dare to disturb me, so they’re here.
I’ll just leave a shell.”

    The Lao Huashu continued: “Do you need me and Tao’erxian to follow you?”

    “No, you stay here.
If the gods came to visit, I would say that in the past, I had lost 90% of my spiritual power, and now is not the time to face it.”

    A moment of gloom flashed in Jiang Wuyi’s eyes: “Wait for me to get my things back…”

   Lao Huashu nodded in response: “Alright.”

    Seeing Jiang Wuyi no longer speaking, he respectfully retreated.
Jiang Wuyi then sat down on the couch, moving his fingertips around as he looked at the blue silk wrapped gently around his index finger, and whispered softly.

    “It’s just right.”

    The next morning, Charles was woken up by Tao’erxian.

    It was probably because Xiao Nilong shouted too badly last night; Tao’erxian didn’t hate him at all for it, but felt that he had angered the adults and that led to him being pitifully tossed.

    Charles was in a complicated mood.
He didn’t sleep for most of the night.
Only at dawn was he finally able to close his eyes, but he was woken up after half an hour of sleep.
His anger was so obvious that Tao’erxian had to slump and bow her head to apologize.

    “Tao’erxian, I was drunk that day.
I’m sorry.”

    Tao’erxian waved her hand: “It’s nothing, you’re leaving anyway, and I don’t blame you.”

    Charles instantly said, “Go?”

    Could it be that Jiang Wuyi finally agreed to let him go?

    Tao’erxian seemed to see what he was thinking, and shook his head: “Sir, I’m going to take you with me this time, speaking of which… I’ve been in Shenlongyuan since I gained my intelligence, and I haven’t been out yet.
You are really lucky.”

   The little dragon wilted immediately.
He didn’t think it was good luck.

    Jing Yu’s heart was like an arrow, and he had been waiting patiently in the yard since early in the morning.
After all, he was also a monk in the heartbeat period.
After a night of rest, he was not so embarrassed.

    Jiang Wuyi changed into a light green robe that was not so conspicuous.
Although he was still extravagant, he had a bit more immortal style, just like those monks in the human world.

    The three of them went out to the valley and went off, not knowing if it was Charles’ illusion, but when they passed through the barrier, Jiang Wuyi’s lips seemed to lift up slightly, and then disappeared quickly.

    This smile made his heart skip a beat for some reason, and he always felt as if something was wrong.
Charles’ attention was not hooked until he saw Jing Yu jumping on a silver sword flying in the sky.

    He had also read in books these days that cultivators can fly and need the help of foreign objects.
Most of them choose magic weapons, and then he saw Jiang Wuyi also take out a knife, and looked at it with visible confusion.

    The knife was hidden in its sheath, but it always made Charles feel uneasy, but he couldn’t say anything about it.

    Seeing Jiang Wuyi stepping on the knife like Jing Yu, Charles attempted to change back to his original body, but Jiang Wuyi stretched out his hand and pulled him up.

    When Charles was touched by his hand, he recalled the pain from last night, and his small shoulders trembled.
However, Jiang Wuyi held his shoulders tightly, and without saying a word, he flew with the magic weapon into the sky and followed behind Jing Yu.

    Flying all the way, there was no river, and naturally there were no monsters to block the way.

    Jing Yu breathed a sigh of relief, and cursed with some resentment: “It really is something to bully the weak and then be afraid of the strong.”

    Yesterday, he was so embarrassed that he was chased, but today the journey was smooth all the way, which made Jing Yu both happy and angry.

    The group flew to the front of Lucheng city gate and fell to the ground.

    Flying in the sky above the city was not allowed.
This has been an unwritten rule since ancient times.
Even the Prince of Rui Kingdom had to follow it.
When the officers and soldiers at the city gate saw Jing Yu, they immediately shouted in surprise.

    “It’s the prince! The prince is back.
Go and inform the King.”

    Although Lucheng was located in a remote location, it was the center of Duke Huai’s fief.
Due to Duke Huai’s anger about his missing son, many of his people were sent to prison, but now that he had returned safely, everyone was surprised and happy, hugging and holding him all the way back to Duke Huai’s mansion.

    Before they could go far, the guards at Duke Huai’s mansion hurriedly greeted him; following behind them was a middle-aged man in a scaly robe.
It was Duke Huai.

    When Jing Yu saw his father, he immediately stepped forward.


    Seeing that Jing Yu was safe and sound, Duke Huai couldn’t wait to hold his precious son in his hands, and looking at the wounds on Jing Yu’s body with distressed eyes, he spoke, “When My son suffers… I suffer.”

    Charles felt that everything in front of him was genuine, and he looked at it all.
However, when he heard the words, he immediately looked at the bloody wound on Jing Yu’s abdomen, and shrank back with a guilty conscience.

    Although Jing Yu was embarrassed before, he didn’t have any major wounds on his body.
The only wound was that, it seemed which happened when he was caught by him.

 The author has something to say:

Little Dragon : “I have seen this man.
Today is the day that Jiang Wuyi will show that he is not a human being.” (Well… it seems that he is not human doesn’t it?)

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