As Jiang Wuyi spoke, the old man couldn’t help muttering again: “I don’t understand the words…” 

    The old man pondered in his heart and realized.

    ‘The adults are planning to raise the little guy!’

    ‘Heaven and earth be blessed! The adults will surely succeed!’

    The old man thought, instantly refreshed, and looked in Charles’s direction with eyes full of love.

    As Charles continued after Tao’erxian on their way to the peach blossom forest, Tao’erxian came to a sudden stop, prompting him to poke the chubby little girl whilst he observed her with suspicion.

    “Why did you stop?”

    Tao’erxian ignored Charles’ antics and stretched out her hand, conjuring two small shovels out of thin air before giving one to him: “Dig under whichever tree you want.
There are seven or eight kinds of fruit wine, including peach blossom wine and sophora flower wine.
What you get is what you dig, and what you dig up depends on your luck.”

    Charles had lived on Long Island since he was a child, and although he had been to Haicheng, he was, at the end of the day, a dragon.
He always had to make sure to maintain some modicum of secrecy, afraid of being discovered by the gods or the numerous other enemies that wished to end dragons.
As such, he couldn’t really be considered to be one who had ever just simply had fun.
This small task of digging up buried wine jars, however, intrigued him greatly.
And so he hurriedly grabbed the small shovel and took off into the woods.

    It was rare for someone to accompany her out to play, and so, in this case, Tao’erxian wasn’t that much better than Charles.
Sharing his excitement, she ran after him—their goal? Digging up wine jars.

    Charles dug happily, waving the small shovel in his grasp, and after a while, he had dug up seven or eight jars of wine.
Tao’erxian, on seeing the amount, immediately stopped him, saying: “Don’t dig anymore, this should be enough for now.
Alright! Let’s take a look at what you’ve dug up.”

    So the little dragon happily squatted close to the wine jars, watching with excitement as Tao’erxian opened one up.
The wine wasn’t old.
Although it had a fragrant smell, it wasn’t strong.

    Tao’erxian took a little bit with a small spoon and handed it to Charles to taste.
The young dragon smacked his lips after doing so, the floral fragrance leaking faintly from his mouth and the heat from the wine seeping deep into his body.

    “It’s delicious! What is this?”

    “Sophora japonica wine, is it very fragrant?”

    Charles handed his spoon back to Tao’erxian: “More.”

    Tao’erxian patted his chest with a sincere look: “Then let’s head back and go to the pool to catch fish.
The spirit tail fish in the pool are the most delicious around.
If it’s wrapped in a packet of radium grass leaves and roasted till it’s crispy, it’s the best match with the wine!”

    Charles was practically drooling when he heard all of this, and as soon as Tao’erxian finished talking, he immediately rushed them to move the wine jars to the pool where they began catching fish together.

As someone whose main source of food back at his home was fish, Charles could be said to be quite experienced when it came to fishing.
Assuming his draconic form, he had several fishes ready for roasting in a few minutes.

    It was the first time Tao’erxian had seen such a dragon, and she watched him fish in amazement for a while before shifting her focus to putting away the fish on the ground.

    The sun was about to set, and smoke rose from the small courtyard in front of the bamboo house.

    Charles guarded the small stove, a wine jar next to him from which he would occasionally take a sip.
He intermittently sighed with satisfaction as he happily hugged the jar.
Tao’erxian, meanwhile, skillfully cleaned up the fish, wrapped them in radium grass, and placed them atop the small stove.
The aroma spread instantly, and Charles’ eyes brightened.

    He always liked to eat fish, but on the Noah Continent, humans seemed to prefer meat gotten from land, and only the poor actually lived on fish.
While Robbs Sea City wasn’t exactly rich, its inhabitants had enough to not depend on the fish they farmed as their staple food and this naturally led to the development of a few fish-oriented delicacies.
And since Charles always had to conceal his identity, he could never get any special delicacies to eat. 

    If asked what his favourite meal was, Charles’ response would surely be the fish he had caught and cooked himself.

   The smell of the fish before him was fragrant, and Charles noticed that it wasn’t the same as any other fish he had eaten in his life.
What he didn’t know was that these fish were accompanied by dragons all day long and, after absorbing properties from the dragons they so frequently moved with, had evolved into a species whose marrow had been washed by the breath of dragons and whose bones had grown larger, making them plump and extremely delicious. 

    Tao’erxian roasted several pieces and handed them to Charles in a dignified manner, saying happily: “It’s rare that someone eats fish with me, so you can eat as much as you’d like.
I’m best at roasting fish.”

    Charles wondered: “Don’t Jiang Wuyi and the Old man eat with you?”

    “The adult is the dragon god, how can he be gluttonous, and Lao Huai doesn’t need it…”

    Tao’erxian paused her speech abruptly, realizing something so shocking that she almost dropped all of the fish into the fire. 

    Charles quickly caught the fish and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

    Tao’erxian’s heart trembled, and she lowered her voice: “How can you call your lord’s name directly!”

    Charles lowered his head and ate the fish: “Why can’t you call him? Tell me.”

    Tao’erxian was stunned for a while, before she said, “…Yes, you are also a dragon.
I have never seen other dragons besides you and him.” 

    After chatting, drinking and drinking until the end of the moon, the smoke from the kitchen did not disappear.

    The young dragon stabilized like this, and it saved a lot of effort.
A satisfied Jiang Wuyi was about to fall asleep when he saw a ball of pink suddenly roll into the hidden house, crying out tears and begging for help. 

    “Sir, help! Charles is chasing after me and spitting fire at me!”

    The old man rushed towards her and hurriedly checked her injuries, only to see that a big hole had been burned in the pink robe, revealing the inner lining and white tenderness hidden. 

    Jiang Wuyi raised his eyebrows slightly: “Why is he chasing you?”

    Tao’erxian burst into tears: “He was drunk, so he had to change back to his original body and asked me if I looked good.
I’d also drunk some wine so I wasn’t thinking clearly when I replied to him.
I… I said he wasn’t very good looking, and suddenly Charles got angry and started chasing me and breathing fire at me!”

    She cried inarticulately, releasing snot and tears: “He’s too fast, too fast!” hiccup “Sir, I can’t run anymore!”

    Jiang Wuyi thought, ‘who told you to eat so much on weekdays? You’re as fat as a ball now.’

    But before he could speak, however, the dark red dragon flapped his wings and flew down, releasing a blaze of bright red flames at him.

    A barrier was forged with the intent of protecting the trio, but a Charles full of food and wine was extremely different from the hungry Charles who had just recovered from a sudden drowning.
The raging flames ate through the barrier in an instant and went on to raze the house.

    Jiang Wuyi, wearing a thin inner lining, looked at the remnants of the bedroom that had been instantly burnt down, heard the sound of Tao’erxian’s loud crying beside his ears, and finally turned his gaze to the dragon who had lost his mind after drinking, and took in a deep breath.
He raised his hand to restrain the little dragon who was still breathing flames and then patted down gently on his head, Charles immediately returning to his human form in response.

    The little dragon wanted to move forward angrily, felt his strength seeping out of his body and flopped down to the ground.
He fell to the earth and lost his strength, but he remained unconvinced and roared at Tao’erxian’s sobbing figure: “I’m not ugly!” 

    Tao’erxian shivered and immediately began rapidly nodding like a chicken pecking rice: “You’re not ugly, you’re not ugly, you’re definitely not ugly!”

    “You said I’m not good-looking!”

    Tao’erxian closed her eyes as her sobbing intensified: “Wuwuwuwu I was wrong…”

    Jiang Wuyi, listening to this exchange, closed his eyes, ‘I’m going to have a headache.’

Author’s Notes:

Jiang Wuyi: Daughter-in-law doesn’t seem to be very

Actually, our dragon cub belongs to Erha…

I didn’t say anything, but I also demolished the house.

Editor’s Note: 

I tried and failed to edit the author’s notes.
I couldn’t understand shit.
Forgive me.

Been busy for a while… Sorry for the slow uploads.
I’ll try to post another one before the day ends and also try to fix these none English names. 

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