Noting these similarities in his mind, Charles wrinkled his face and replied unhappily: “I’m from Long Island, and I’m really a dragon… Don’t look at me like that, I’m not lying!” After thinking about it, Charles had realized that he was on someone else’s territory and so he softened his tone a little: “I was swept away by the waves… I was here the moment I woke up, I really didn’t come here on purpose…” 

    A dragon being swept away by water was quite shameful.
Charles in particular, could be considered to still be a fledgling dragon and so took this sort of ‘face’ very seriously.
After speaking with a plain face, his face turned slightly red and his fingers grasped the edges of his cloak, giving him the illusion of a well-behaved, soft-spoken, and heavily embarrassed young lad.
The image he gave off at that moment extremely different from the one he had when he tried biting Jiang Wuyi’s arm off.

    Regardless, Jiang Wuyi understood him.
The little dragon before him was a capricious one; its temper came and went quickly.
When it gets angry, it shows its teeth and claws.
When it feels ashamed, it bows its head and blushes.
Just like those little monsters who had just transformed, he wasn’t very sensible.

    But this little dragon couldn’t be restrained.
Even his aura suppression seemed to have no effect, but he probably sensed something, and restrained itself a little.
If it was an ordinary monster, it would’ve already been kneeling and begging for mercy, not to mention biting him.

    Besides… the Jianzhen Mirror also confirmed that he really didn’t lie, he was indeed a dragon.

    Bearing this in mind, Jiang Wuyi eased his expression and said: “I mean.
Before this, before you ended up here, where was the realm you were originally in?”

    Charles tilted his head to the left: “Realm?”

    Jiang Wu nodded: “When I saw you a while ago.
There was a hole in the enchantment in the valley, many fish, shrimp, and sea objects are scattered, but Shenlongyuan is far away from the sea.
So your origin is a bit strange.”

    He paused, and then continued: “You know.
In this ream, from the divine court to the ghost mansion, I’m the only one dragon in the four kingdoms, five realms, and eight wastelands.”

    Charles felt that this person seemed to be talking a lot of nonsense.
(E/N: You’re not alone Charles… you’re not alone…)

    Seeing Charles’ reaction, Jiang Wuyi sighed and took a sip of his tea.

    It was stressful, communicating with this little dragon.
However, Jiang Wuyi was very curious about said dragon, and so he put down his teacup and began explaining what he meant with great effort.
After a while of explaining, Charles, who had finally gotten the gist of what he had been asked, responded: “I’m from the Noah Continent.
You should have heard of it, right?”

    Charles’ tone was filled with anticipation, and he looked at Jiang Wuyi eagerly.
Jiang Wuyi could see that the dragon cub was a little more pleasing to the eye than before, but he maintained his cold face as he replied: “I seem to be unfamiliar with it”

    He finished speaking, Charles had very obviously heard him, yet there was no change to his expression – positive or negative.
Sighing to himself after a few seconds had gone by in silence, Jiang Wuyi changed his words to a more direct statement: 

    “I haven’t heard of it before.”

    With just four words, his thousand-year-old culture of literacy were swept aside.

    Who was it that made this young member of his kind so uncultured? Jiang Wuyi despaired.

    Charles had no idea that Jiang Wuyi’s mind had been made up, and that he was about to begin cultural education classes… 

 The look of expectation on Charles’ face disappeared instantly: “You haven’t heard of it huh…” For some reason, as Jiang Wuyi met his eyes, he felt like the cub had spoken as if he was an illiterate who knew nothing about the world… 

Charles felt that the situation was quite bad, and he was at a loss for a while, thinking about it.

    What if this dragon had partnered with the old man to deceive him?

    He had fallen into the sea for a short while, that much was undeniable.
But could the world change so drastically during the time he had been unconscious? It was hard for him to accept what he had heard so far and seen, even as he heard and saw them. 

    ‘They must be lying to me!’

    The half-blood cub narrowed his eyes, he looked at Jiang Wuyi, hostility obvious in his gaze.
He had an expressive face, almost everything he thought could be gleaned simply by glancing at his face.
It was no surprise to anyone, aside from Charles, of course.
When Jiang Wuyi looked at him and instantly knew what he was thinking.
He put down the teacup lightly and said lightly: “Want to have another go?”

    Charles was startled, this dragon could read minds!

    Jiang Wuyi felt the side of his lips rise: “You broke the barrier of my Shenlongyuan, and it stands to reason that the crime should be punished” 

“Be… a pig?!” Clearly even with the help of the language jade, Charles had problems understanding some words. 

    Charles snorted in fright: “You want to turn me into a pig?!” 

    So vicious! As vicious as a witch in a storybook!

    Jiang Wuyi: “…”

    Jiang Wuyi was silent for a moment, then he shook his head and sighed in a bid to calm his troubled mind.
Thinking to himself, ‘He has no culture, no culture, no culture.’ On achieving a delicate balance of emotions, he spoke: “It’s your life!”

    Charles breathed a sigh of relief at his words, and then tensed once again.
‘Things might be worse than I thought…’ 

    Seeing this, Jiang Wuyi continued: “But since you are a dragon, I can forgive you after… and let you go.” 

    The dragon cub was understandably suspicious.
His wariness of Jiang Wuyi still not fully eliminated.

    Jiang Wuyi however, already exhausted by the conversation, rose with a sigh: “If you stay here for a while, I’ll have to think about it.
Besides, how are you going to pay for your stay?”

    Charles was full of grievances: “How was I to know that your enchantment is faulty? You’re being unreasonable!”

    “Unreasonable?” Jiang Wuyi felt like he heard a funny joke: “I’ve never been unreasonable.”

    Deciding to end the conversation there, he begun moving towards the exit when an irritated Charles rushed up and grabbed his sleeves.

    It wasn’t until Jiang Wuyi turned around and a pair of pitch black pupils gazed at him that Charles felt his anger and courage seep out of his body once again.
Humbled, he mumbled: “You, you… at least tell me what your name is…” His voice subdued with his head hung low, he pulled on the edges of his coat as he spoke.
Once again, the dragon cub gave off the feeling of a little child being bullied. 

    Jiang Wuyi felt that he just maybe had been resting in this place for too many years, as the dragon cub suddenly looked a bit more endearing to his eyes.

    ‘This little cub is quite cute when he isn’t biting.’

    So he pulled back his sleeves, slowly smoothing them out as he answered, “Jiang Yan.”

    Charles tilted his head to the side: “Jiang Yan?”

    Jiang Wuyi nodded, then turned around and left.

    Charles followed him to the door and watching him disappear, felt strange in his heart.
But then;

He’s really gone?’

    Realising that he was completely alone at the moment, the little dragon’s eyes lit up, he realized the opportunity.
Just as he wished to assume his draconic form however, he noticed a light pink ball rolling in from outside the yard and hitting the pillar at the door.
The ball was easily knocked back, but after getting hit, it faded away to reveal its passenger.

    It was a chubby little girl who looked like she was only ** years old.
(E/N: Her age ain’t there, don’t look at me)

    The child rubbed her head, as if hurt from being hit, and then sat on the ground grinning.
She seemed not to notice Charles until a moment later, after which she jumped in excitement and rushed forward to circle around him with wonder visible in her eyes. 

    “You must be the new dragon.
Your name is Charles, right?”

    Charles, irked at her constant spinning, said fiercely: “Stop moving or I’ll bite you!

    Halting, the child smiled and leaned forward: “I’m Tao’erxian, the lord asked me to accompany you.
Charles, do you like drinking?”

    Charles shook his head.

    In the Noah Continent, beer was quite common and while he had drank many kinds in Robbs Sea City, he didn’t exactly like it.
To his knowledge, there was only one type of wine that tasted good—a wine brought by an envoy from a distant place.
It was very, very precious.

    Thinking to this point, he asked, “Is there any good wine?”

    Tao’erxian shook her head: “Yes.
But actually, no.
Well, I made some fruit wine and some peach blossom wine.
If you want to try them, I can take you to dig them.”

    Charles was immediately attracted to this topic: “Dig? Where do I need to dig?”

    Tao’erxian happily responded: “I brewed a lot in the peach blossom forest by the lake, and buried them there.
The Old man and the adults also like to drink it, but unfortunately there are not many fairies in Shenlongyuan.
Well, if you like it , you can get it anytime.”

    Charles immediately tossed his escape plan to the back of his mind and squatted down before his new friend: “Let’s head there right now!”

    Tao’erxian nodded in response and proceeded to lead the way to the Peach Grove.
The young dragon followed behind him, making sure not to make a single misstep along the way.
Ironically, he was much more obedient now than when he had been tied up by the immortal cord.

    The mountainous region was inhabited by numerous vines, trees, and a particularly massive rock wall.
At the top of said rock wall, there was an inconspicuous crevice into which an equally inconspicuous residence had been built—impossible to detect if one wasn’t carefully observing for it. 

    At this moment, Jiang Wuyi and the Old man were within its confines and through the carved round windows of the building, they watched two individuals gradually making their way towards the Peach Blossom Forest.

    The Old man shook his head in amazement, speaking: “It’s really a child’s heart.”

    As Jiang Wuyi watched in silence, the Old man looked at him and asked: “What are you going to do with the adults?”

    The pale golden robe was as gorgeous as it was flexible and adjustable.
Jiang Wuyi slightly adjusted his sitting position and casually replied.

    “He is a dragon.
Besides me, he is the only dragon in the world.”

    As the words fell on the ears of the Old man, the old man couldn’t help but ask – his voice radiating a mix of sincerity and fear while his heart suddenly felt heavier: “Sir, are you going to get rid of it?”

    Jiang Wuyi was not surprised that he would ask such a question.
After all, if it weren’t for him, the dragon clan would still have many descendants and would have continued in its prosperity.
So he patiently shook his head: “Although it is a dragon, it is somewhat different from my kind.
There is only one of its kind in the world.
It would be a pity to erase it.” 

    The Old man, holding a few positive feelings towards this young dragon, sighed in relief on hearing that, at the very least, the youngling wouldn’t die.
Then he tentatively asked, “What do you mean by that, Lord?”

    Jiang Wuyi finally couldn’t help taking off the complicated jade on his belt.
He wanted to put it down, but at the same time he wasn’t willing to let it go, so he played with it in his hand: “Let’s teach him first.”

Author’s Notes:

Little Milk Dragon: qaq let me out! I don’t want to study! ! !

Jiang Wuyi: What if Mommy always wants to bully the cub, hehe~

    Editor’s Notes:

“Little Milk Dragon” – What the author calls Charles but I’ll make it Little dragon 

Old locust tree = Old man. 

‘I’m good… but there’s two of me! So I’m good twice… Boom, check out that math.’


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