Chapter 3: Angry Little Dragon.

Jiang Wuyi didn’t expect the beast before him to take a human form.
The beast in front of him didn’t look very bad after transforming.
His shoulder-length golden hair was dazzling to look at, and his pupils were dark red, but the clothes on his body were very strange.

But the little beast/human in front of him seemed to be very frightened.
Blinking his wet eyes, he gave Jiang Wuyi the illusion of a child being bullied.
The bully in this case is Jiang Wuyi himself.

The old man’s eyes meanwhile, widened in surprise: “It can change shapes! It seems that there may be some Taoism involved somewhere, but it still doesn’t understand our language.”

Jiang Wu nodded.
Dipping a palm into his wide sleeves, he retrieved a jade talisman that on release, immediately flew towards Charles.
While the talisman was quite fast, the speed of a frightened half-blood dragon seemingly running for his life was many times faster, and as soon as he noticed the strange man pointing an equally strange piece of paper at him, he had immediately taken off.

And so in this quiet forest, a rare case of pursuit occurred.
A dashing young man dressed in classy clothes running with all his might, away from a strange piece of paper that he believed wished to claim his life – poetic, amusing, pitiful.

Charles frightened and aggrieved, cursed mentally at this human who had decided to kill him just because he was a dragon.
However, his cursing – alongside his run – came to an abrupt stop as he felt his ankles suddenly sink into the ground.
Looking down, he found a light blue vine entangling his legs like a snake, and immediately he raged and spat out flames, roasting the plant.

This delay, however, was all the jade talisman needed to close in on him and fly into his eyebrows – where it disappeared.

Charles, bracing himself for the torment to come, curled up on the earth… tears streaming down his cheeks as he did so.

Jiang Wuyi meanwhile, hurriedly walked over.
Questioning once again whether it would be wise to make something this stupid his pet.
Well, it seemed interesting though.

Charles had covered his head, but after waiting for a long time found that he wasn’t feeling any pain, nor was he feeling any death signs.
Opening a peephole between his fingers from where he spotted a calmly observing Jiang Wuyi, rage and embarrassment clouded his mind once again: “What are you looking at? Keep staring at me and, I’ll eat you!”

‘So it can reason’, Jiang Wu nodded and looked at him curiously: “Now.
What exactly are you?”

While he’d only just received the language and so wasn’t as proficient in it as he need to be, to properly understand everything he was spoken to about – he clearly understood the question he had been asked, and couldn’t help but feel a bit of rage at such a question.

Being public enemy number 1 came with its pride you know?

“What do you mean ‘what exactly are you?’ I’m a dragon!”

At this point, Charles had put down his hands and begun to re￾examine the human in front of him.
Since he awakened, he’d felt like something wasn’t right and that feeling had only grown since then.

Where exactly did he get washed off to by the waves, how could someone not know what dragons were?

You must know that human beings were wary of dragons, just as they were concerned about eating food and drinking water.
Any child over five years old will be baptized in the church and then be taught by divine envoys.
The power of the dragon was too much, and even the gods had a bit of fear towards them, so compared with the evil dragons.
Vampires, werewolves, and the undead all had to stand aside.
The first lesson of growing up and being sensible is learning the song of dragons.

Jiang Wuyi didn’t speak for a second, he first calmly placed his hands into the sleeves of his robes, and then looked at Charles quietly for a few more seconds.
At the end of his actions, he coldly uttered two words: “You lie.”

When he said those words, Charles felt a shiver run up his spine for no apparent reason.
The person in front of him seemed to be good￾natured, but as a dragon, Charles had a nearly infallible intuition about danger.
And his senses told him that this man was dangerous.

At the same time though, Charles was confused.
He didn’t lie.
This man had no knowledge of him, and now even slandered him: “What do you mean by I lied? I’m a dragon! You saw my appearance, my wings! When I spread them, I’m even bigger than a sea ship!”

While in the past, the Siren had said that he was mixed blood.

Jiang Wuyi sneered, and Charles shut up in a resurgence of fear.
But he didn’t expect that in the next second, the person in front of him would suddenly disappear, leaving only the old man not far away to look at him with a wry smile.

The sunlight over his body suddenly disappeared, and a cold gust of wind blew over, causing him to shiver unconsciously.

At the same time, layers of overcast clouds poured out from the originally clear blue sky, and the sound of thunder could be heard faintly as if heavy rain was about to fall.

Charles had lived on Dragon Island in the sea for a long time, and he had long grown immune to the shock of sudden storms, but when he raised his head, he saw a large shadow looming behind the clouds and mist.
At first glance, there seemed to be a giant hidden within the skies…

And soon, the wandering behemoth exhaled and blew the clouds away, revealing his true face.
Charles had never seen such a thing before, and after carefully identifying it for a while, he found that the thing bigger than a boat turned out to be just the claws of a MASSIVE beast!

The little dragon suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air and stared at the sky with wide eyes.

The clouds separated, finally revealing the whole picture.
For a while, there was no sound in the realm, the whole world was quiet as if terrified.

Seeing Charles’ dazed look, Jiang Wu lowered his head and spoke: “Can you see clearly?”

Charles gulped and nodded.

“I am a dragon.
And I am the only dragon in the world.”

Charles: “….

The little dragon reacted instantly, his anger rushing up once again to push down the fear: “You’re talking nonsense! Although I’m not pure￾blooded, I’ve seen other dragon clans, and no one looks like you! Maybe you grew up differently… but even then it’s too different from the giant dragon clan! You…”

Charles was getting more and more heated the more he spoke: “You liar!”

Jiang Wuyi didn’t expect that instead of himself, it was the little pretend dragon who had responded with rage.

Charles however, was having none of it.
He had gotten up happy, ready to go find a princess to kidna…-befriend as a celebration of his coming of age only to be knocked into the sea by strange waves and then faint.
For the first time, Charles had choked on and drowned on seawater.
And now he woke up in a completely unrecognizable place only to meet strange people, one of whom was claiming to be a dragon and seemed intent on shitting on his half-blooded self.
He couldn’t bear it anymore, he didn’t intend to.

Roaring as he assumed his draconic form once more, he raged into the skies and inhaled deeply, releasing with all of his strength a massive blaze of flames that… didn’t even cause the massive dragon before him to flinch.

Instead, he tired himself out, and wistfully and gracelessly fell to the ground once again.

—— Only the front scales had been touched by his flames, and they were now covered by a layer of hoarfrost.

Charles: “… ”

The little dragon looked at the layer of hoarfrost and felt aggrieved in his heart.
He had raged and put his all into an attack, only for it to be brushed aside with such ease.
And then comparing himself to the blue dragon before him, Charles’ could be said to be tiny.
His entire being was only as big as one paw.

‘What the hell is this?!’

‘Where did I get washed to???’

The old man had long hidden away, unwilling to get caught in between the clash of the dragon he knew very well and one that claimed to be a dragon and whose capabilities he knew next to naught about.
Leaving the two dragons, one massive and one tiny, to stare at each other.

The atmosphere was tense.

Charles fluttered his wings, blinked, and then blinked again.
Seeing Jiang Wu unmoving, he could only shake his head and resignedly revert to his human form, unwilling to risk any more than he had already done.

Jiang Wuyi had thought that Charles was going to use some tricks again, but was amusedly surprised as the pretender jumped onto his claws and started using his sleeves to wipe at the hoarfrost.

Author’s Notes:

Charles: Well, if I wipe it off for you, don’t you dare hit me…

Jiang Wuyi: Tsk, little liar.

Don’t be confused by the first chapter, this is a traversal comprehension essay (probably…?), our baby dragon is going to see the old attack~

Editor’s Notes: I’m so tired…

TN: Loooool.
I noticed some spacing problems, sorry I’ll try to fix them next chapter..
I’m new to using this.


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