, the man lifted a hand, releasing a puff of dust.

    Charles involuntarily inhaled the smoke and immediately began violently coughing, releasing a few harsh sneezes between his coughs.
Lifting his now teary face, his gaze fell on a shadow puppet hanging in the air in an odd posture.
A second later, the puppet rushed at him.

    Charles was terrified of ghosts, and reacted by terrifiedly flailing his clawed hands.
In response to his agitation at the approaching puppet, the nails in his palms extended to take the form of draconic claws, said claws anticlimactically ripping the puppet to shreds in an instant.

    The remnants of the destroyed puppet crashed to the ground in a heap.
It seemed to have lost its ability to move after being so haphazardly attacked by Charles.
The dragon cub, who wasn’t certain of this, however, tiptoed over to the puppet to get a closer look..


    Closer inspection of the destroyed parts as well as Charles’s noting the sudden disappearance of the individual in question revealed to him that the boy who had been following himself and the artist was actually the shadow puppet that had attacked him.

    Charles finally understood why Jiang Yan said yesterday that the being he had seen was not a ghost.

    Folk artists like these also existed in the Continent of Noah and their tricks had always impressed Charles.
To him, these people relied not on magic or spiritual power, but instead solely on their elusive craftsmanship and the secret techniques passed down from generation to generation.
And usually, they had nothing to do with ghosts.

    Following the disappearance of the artist, Charles noticed that the noise being made by the bustling crowd had suddenly disappeared, along with the crowd themselves. 

    Taking a second look around, he further realized that the theater had disappeared as well.
There were no large structures, no costumed performers, no loud singers nothing.
All that Charles could see around him was the barren outskirts of the city and the weeds that filled said outskirts.

    A cold night wind suddenly blew past, bringing with it the sound of rustling leaves.
The young dragon, meanwhile, had his downcast gaze focused on a dry well not too far from him.
Sighing to himself after a few seconds, he turned around and screamed in shock.

    “When did you get here?!”

    A calm Jiang Wuyi stared back at the momentarily frightened dragon cub, lifting his gaze from his person to glance at their current location.

    “What are you doing here?”

    Hearing his question, much of the fear that had sprouted in his mind at the sudden appearance gave way to a despondent expression.
“Jiang Yan, I was duped…” he said, his voice drained of energy.

    Jiang Wuyi was someone who was very protective of those he considered to be close to him, so on hearing the words of and seeing the expression on the face of Charles, whom he had started seeing as an adopted child, his expression immediately chilled.

    “Who was it?”

    Charles mumbled a reply: “The shadow puppeteer… I don’t know where he went…”

    Jiang Wuyi paused at his words and then looked down, taking a second look at the broken remnants of the shadow puppet that remained on the floor.
Passing a sliver of his energy into it, he watched as it shuddered to life and rose from the ground whilst trembling heavily, looking at first glance like something that would crumble to dust at the slightest breeze.

    An extremely frightened Charles watched from the side and as his horns started peeking out in response to his increasing agitation, Jiang Wuyi placed a palm on his head, ruffling his hair and speaking, “it’s okay.”

    After reaching the closest thing to balance that the shattered remains of a shadow puppet could get whilst being held together by the energy of an elder dragon, it flew into the air, Jiang Wuyi stretching out his arm to embrace the dragon cub and then rise after it.
Both figures took off into the city a second later, Jiang Wuyi following behind the puppet. 

   Both entities flew until they reached the backyard of a theater – an actual one – where the puppet landed, closely followed by Jiang Wuyi.
As soon as the shadow puppet crashed into the backyard, the artist stumbled out in a panic, and as he saw the following duo land after it, his legs softened and he fell to his knees and kowtowed.

    “Immortal Master! The little one is foolish and obsessed with money.
I had eyes and could not see Mount Tai! I will return all of the gold to you.
But I beg that you spare this little one!” As he spoke, he kowtowed repeatedly, such force behind each hit that it seemed like he would bash his own brains out even before Jiang Wuyi could decide what to do with him.

    The artists’ shouts, however, succeeded in drawing the attention of the other people in the theater; taking up ladders and peeking from windows and open doors, they all watched the proceedings with entertained gazes.
Among the numerous heads that appeared, a particularly distinct actor with half his makeup removed could be seen among those who were peeking from the walls.

    This actor was particularly distinct because he was watching whilst chewing on a cucumber, and so looked quite ridiculous.

    Authors Note!

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    Dragon Cub: =o=

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