lease you.”


“Or maybe, you’re mad at me….” 

“No, that’s not it.” 

Do I look like such an insensitive person? I placed my hand on my face and looked at Hien again. 

Anyway, what he meant was that he thought I set fire to those carnivorous plants or the garden itself because I didn’t like them, and yet, he apologized. 

“Are you crazy?” 

“I’m sorry.” 

“T-That’s not what I meant….” 

Now that I think about it, this guy is a sycophant. 

Anyway, looking at the situation, it seems that he won’t get angry with me over this.
I think I have a better chance of survival this way than if I had accidentally missed the torch.

Well, what should I say now? 

“…The garden is not particularly pleasing to me, but it’s not something I dislike either.” 

No, to be honest, I dislike it.
I hate it! It’s grotesque! 

However, it’s impossible to ask the gardener of the Demon King’s castle to grow ordinary flowers of the human world, such as roses and lilies, so what can I do? I have to put up with it.


“Also, I-I would appreciate it if you could refrain from growing that plant you showed me earlier.” 

“Oh, of course! I understand.
I’ll get rid of all the seeds.” 

If you get rid of them from here, it’s not my concern what you grow in your own home. 

Anyway, it seems like the situation has been resolved, but behind the calm expression of the Hien, a shadow appeared. 

It’s definitely a person, or a demon.
I wondered who it was and as I squinted to see, a voice came from the shadow. 

–A very familiar voice.

“What’s this fire?” 

Hien’s body stiffened.
It didn’t show, but I froze too.

That’s understandable, because that voice definitely…

“Who did this? Was it done on purpose?”

Belonged to the one and only king of the Demon Realm, commonly known as the Demon King, who is said to be the strongest of all time.

“Eh, why is the Demon King here…”

“Hmm, my castle is on fire, and you want me to stand still?”

The Demon King, who abruptly cut off Hien’s question, turned his head.
His eyes, which moved slowly, looked at the fire once and then cast a particularly eerie glance on Hien and me.

His eyes, which were indifferent when he looked at Hien, changed as soon as he looked at me.

“I was wondering why no one was putting it out even though there was a fire…”

He shook his head and smiled.
Obviously, toward me.

Oh, is this it?

Today would be the same as my memorial day.

As expected, the Demon King said my name.
Perhaps it’s because there were other people around, but it wasn’t my real name, but the name known in the Demon Realm.

“You were here, Demon.”

At the same time, as I waved my hand, the thick smoke around me was pushed away and faded away.
Only then was I able to see clearly.

There were plenty of demons all around.
They were looking this way with troubled expressions, unable to do anything.

No, if you had arrived earlier, you should have put out the fire right away.
Why are you standing there and watching? Thanks to you, the Demon King is here.

“So, what did you not like?”


“Are you mad at the gardener, or are you displeased with the garden? I could kill him if you want, so what do you want me to do?”

No, wait a minute.
That gardener, I heard you brought him here yourself, so how could you say you can kill him so easily?

There was no smile on his face to dismiss it as a joke.
I looked back at Hien, puzzled, but he, who would’ve to plead or defend himself thoroughly, was bowing his head calmly as if he would accept any decision.

At this rate, I felt like the Demon King would kill Hien, so I hurriedly opened my mouth.

“It’s not that I’m mad at the gardener, nor that I hate the garden.”

“Then why? …No, before that.
Can I put out the fire?”

“Huh? Yeah.”

I nodded my head in a daze, and those who were waiting rushed over and started to cast magic.

Massive droplets of water were created from nowhere and poured down all at once.
It would have taken a long time with one or two people, but with so many people doing it, the fire was put out in an instant.

What, if you were able to do it quickly, then why…

“Then why did you set the garden on fire?”

I paused here for a moment.

First of all, there is no reason for me to say Hien’s misunderstanding with my own mouth in front of all these people.
Should I then tell the truth?

‘How would he react if I told him I almost died because of a single plant?’

‘You’re so weak that you were almost killed by an insignificant little plant.’ No, maybe he’ll try to kill me while saying, ‘You burned down my garden just for that?’

However, it’s impossible for me not to answer the Demon King’s question.
I was thinking about what to answer for a while, Hien suddenly stepped in and explained instead.

“The plant I picked up this time attacked Sir Demon.
That’s why Sir Demon set it on fire in anger.”


Hey, he’s a spy! Who sent him? Revolutionary army? Or was he sent by the nobles of the Empire?

I was thinking about how to answer so that rumors wouldn’t spread, but he opened his mouth again after a brief pause, as if he hadn’t finished speaking.
His voice was trembling slightly.

“It’s my fault.
I didn’t train them properly.”

The word ‘train’ doesn’t suit plants at all, but no one here seemed to feel weird.

Well, it was more like an animal than a plant, considering what it looked like a while ago.


At that moment a short groan pierced my ears.
When I suddenly raised my head, what I saw was the Demon King lifting Hien by the neck with one hand… Hien distorted his face as his breathing was interrupted, but he did not resist.

‘F**k, I’m going insane.
I could have done better, but why…’

The atmosphere was different from the beginning.
It was heavy and serious enough to make a person pass out.  

While I was speechless, the Demon King who was holding Hien by the neck turned his head to look at me.
His face, which was very serious when he was looking at Hien, clearly softened when he turned this way.
No, he was even smiling.

“What should I do?”  


“Should I kill him?”

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