‘I won’t keep you waiting for too long,’ it’s so touching that it makes me want to cry.
You don’t have to go so far.
It’s fine if you make me wait for a long time.
If possible, I’d like to wait until the day I die.

However, Asild is the type of person who always keeps his promises.
This is something he will never forget.
In other words, regardless of when it happens, I will definitely have to face this terrifying b*****d.

“Sir Demon?”


Now that I think about it, he had said something at the end… That’s right, he asked if he could come and watch.

I involuntarily swallowed the sigh that was about to come out.

There is no valid reason to reject him.

Still, it’s better than having to spar, so I should be happy.

Unwillingly, I nodded my head, and a faint smile appeared on his stiff face.

“Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me…”

It’s strange to see the guy who ruthlessly kills humans on the battlefield being so polite.
It makes me feel more burdened.

It would have been better if he spoke to me informally.
If he had appeared a little arrogant, it would have made me feel more comfortable.

“Oh, then can I come as well? I’m curious about the Zero Corps’ training methods.”

Why does Edellia want to come when she doesn’t get along with Asild? Oh, is it maybe for reconnaissance?

It seems like she’s trying to gather information about me, but what should I do about this?

“You can come, it doesn’t matter either way…”

I apologize in advance to Edellia, who is looking forward to it, but my training method is “neglect.”

Literally, I neglect my corps members and only occasionally drop by to watch them train.
That’s all… I’m afraid she’ll be disappointed.

Still, because of my conscience, I couldn’t say that I was neglecting them, so I quietly organized my plates.

After placing all the plates still full of food on the tray, I stood up.
At that moment, Jaykar and Asild, who were sitting, stood up holding empty plates.

Edellia, who had already cleaned up her plates, approached me, then looked at my plate and nodded.

“Are you done eating?”


“Is your stomach not feeling well…”

“Yes, a little.”

Because of you guys!

I swallowed the words that had come up to my throat and answered calmly.
Then, Jaykar looked at me worriedly and said,

“Then, shouldn’t you go see your doctor first?”

“I’m fine.”

Even if Ben is nice, if I continue to bother him with insignificant things, I can’t guarantee what might happen.
After all, isn’t he a ‘demon’ as well?

I shook my head and handed the tray to the servant, remembering Ben, who seemingly claimed to be a demon because part of his face was covered in snake scales.

As I walked outside, the rest of the Corps Commanders followed me.
In addition to the unexpected situation, it seemed like someone’s appearance overlapped with mine, and I stopped reflexively.

It’s like…

‘I’m the Demon King?’

And thanks to this, the gazes that wouldn’t stop even if I didn’t want them to became even more intense.
I just wanted to eat quietly and leave, but how did this happen?

Feeling that the atmosphere was right, I thought I should head straight to the corps, so I stopped awkwardly and looked around, but someone rushed over from a distance.

“Lord Jaykar!”

What’s this now? Since something must’ve happened, I feel uneasy.

I quickly judged whether it was an enemy or an ally.

“Lord Jaykar, your paperwork is overdue, so your aide has requested that you come immediately.”

It’s an ally.

“….I see, the paperwork must have piled up, is that all?.”

“Yes, maybe… I think.”

I heard a heavy sigh.

With one hand covering his face, Jaykar showed his frustration and discomfort.
He then turned to me.

“I’m sure you heard, but it looks like I won’t be able to accompany you today.”

“Yes, that’s a shame.”

It’s not a shame at all.

I silently thanked the demon who delivered the good news, and looked back on my past when I had refused to do paperwork from the very beginning.

At the time, I was so nervous that I thought I’d lose my voice while speaking, but now I realize that it was a good decision.
Thanks to that, I don’t have to suffer because of my aide.

For your information, my aide, who had nothing to do thanks to me, is currently in the human realm.
I sent him out to get me a new puzzle or cube, because I was so bored.
Of course, there are many things to be cautious about because he is a demon, but in his own way, he is just as kind and caring as Ben.

“That… Come to think of it, mine are also close.”

The next to me, Asild, let out a sigh that could be interpreted as either frustration or pain. 

He nervously ran his hand through his hair and then turned towards me with a resigned expression on his face.

“It seems like we will have to postpone our visit for now.
I apologize for the inconvenience regarding the topic I had asked you earlier.”

“No, it’s fine.”

It was truly fine, I wish he really didn’t apologize.

I did my best to show that it was fine and smiled at the demon who had brought the good news.
But He flinched like a petty thief in front of a guard.

It didn’t strike me as particularly strange.
It’s odd that he doesn’t mind the Corps Commanders to begin with.
Besides, he was here to inform them that their paperwork was past due and that they needed to hurry up.

“And… Lady Edellia… huh? Lady Edellia? Where is Lady Edellia?”

The servant looked around nervously, searching for Edellia.

“Edellia? Edellia should be right here… Wait, where did she go?”

What’s going on, am I the only one who didn’t notice that she disappeared?

No, that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Even Asild, and Jaykar, were looking around with a mixture of surprise and frustration on their faces.

Where did she suddenly go? I hope she didn’t run away just because she didn’t want to do paperwork… No, that shouldn’t be it.
Now matter what, she’s still a Corps Commander.

“Looks like she ran away again.”

“It seems like she’s becoming more incompetent with each passing day.”


I forgot.
The Corps Commanders aren’t normal.

The servant, who also realized that Edellia had run away, let out a big sigh.
Or rather, he was almost about to cry, and he started ranting, forgetting who he was talking to.

“Have you seen Lady Edellia’s face? It’s almost like a mask.
It wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t care, but the problem is that now the Commander’s Aide is causing a commotion about submitting a resignation letter…”

“…You have my sympathy.”

“No, I apologize.
Then I’ll be on my way.
If you happen to find Lady Edellia…”

“Be sure to catch her and throw her in front of the Commander’s Aide.”

“Yes, I’ll definitely do that.”

As if to search further, the servant bowed down and walked away.

And when the servant’s figure disappeared from sight, both Jaykar and Asild turned to look at me at the same time.

“Then I’ll see you next time.”

“We’ll see each other again.”

“Yes, good luck with your work.”

Oh, I guess that was wrong.

They both sighed, as if they’d had enough of the words of encouragement.

I was worried they were going to get angry, but fortunately, they both turned around without saying anything and slowly walked away.

‘And I…’

I guess I will go to the Zero Corps… and take a look.

There wasn’t a deadline, so I could take my time, but if I really did, the Commanders who had completed their paperwork might come looking for me.

Now that everyone had left and were busy, this was the perfect time.

So I kept holding back my steps that were trying to head to my room and forced myself to turn towards the Zero Corps’s exclusive training ground.

F**k, I don’t want to go.


It was just after lunchtime, so the training ground was completely empty.

Who would run right after eating anyways.
It’d hurt their stomach.

Should I just go back? But if I go back without meeting any of the corps members, it would mean I didn’t do my duty as the Corps Commander. 

So, with the intention of waiting, I reluctantly grabbed a wooden-sword from the rack, walked to a corner of the training room and sat down with my legs crossed. 

The sword, with a discolored handle, felt heavy in my hands. 

Maybe because it was from the Demonic Realm or maybe it was just because I’m weak.
I could try to swing it, but it would be the sword swinging me, not me swinging the sword. 

This cursed strength of mine that can’t control even a wooden sword, let alone an iron sword.

Was the reason why, when I was first dragged to the battlefield, I remember panicking to avoid and run away without being able to hold any significant weapons.
Only later did I decide on a small, light dagger.


I was awakened from my thoughts by a small noise.
I raised my head and saw someone standing at the entrance to the training grounds with a serious expression, looking towards me.

This is the exclusive training grounds of the Zero Corps, so he must be one of our corps members.
Did he come here to train? How diligent.

…As soon as I thought that, the man suddenly ran out of the training grounds.


Why did he come if he was just going to leave?

Or is it because he dislikes me? Is he trying to tell me that he won’t return until I leave?


Yeah, who does some insignificant human think they are to act like a Corps Commander?

Let’s leave.
I’ve done enough.

In truth, I can’t say that I’ve done enough, but my conscience is telling me that this is enough, so it’s fine.

I stood up from my seat to put my sword away.
As I took a step, I felt a vibration from the ground.

At first, I thought it was just me, but…


I could see dust clouds gathering in the distance, and I was certain.

‘What the hell is that? Is that a monster? Were there monsters in the Demon King’s castle?’

Wait, I see a human-like figure emerging from the dust cloud.

Only then did I realize that those were the corps members, and we were on the same side.


Let’s run away.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m getting a bad feeling.
I can delay until later to check on the corps members.
No, at this point it was a divine revelation telling me that it had to be delayed.

As I nervously backed away, the guys who had come right in front of me lined up in a row.
Their actions were fast and sharp.



A silence settled in the wide training ground.

Unlike the silent training ground, my thoughts were becoming increasingly loud.

What is this? Is this their way of telling me to leave because they don’t recognize me as their Corps Commander? When should I leave? Should I leave now? From the look in their eyes… I think I should leave right now.

I was about to turn around after nodding once to indicate my intention to leave when one of them, who appeared to be the representative, cautiously called out to me.

“Excuse me, Sir Demon.”


“What brings you here…”

Why did his words sound to me like ‘Why did you come here if you had nothing to do’?

But even if my interpretation is correct, there’s nothing wrong with what he said.

My uneasy hand moved on its own.
I tried to fidget with my shirt collar, but it would be better to just grab my sword instead. 

I put strength into the hand that held the wooden sword and spoke.

“I’m curious.”

About the abilities of our corps members.

Every time I come, they are almost always training, so I believe they will be at least above average, but I want to see it with my own eyes at least once.

Well, judging from their attitude, I suppose it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to see it unless an accident occurs.

I headed towards the sword rack to put my sword back, unable to withstand the pressure to leave quickly.

I tried to move as naturally as possible, but it seems I was too tense.

My feet got tangled up!

My weak lower body failed me once again!

‘I’m falling!’

If I fall like this, I’ll become a laughingstock.
It will be fortunate if it ends with me just being seen as a laughingstock. 

But if I really fall, people will look at me with disdain and the rumor that I fell because I am weak will spread.
I can already imagine how that will turn out. 

So, with the thought that falling here would mean my end, I desperately tried to regain my balance by pushing one foot forward. 

Then I lowered my upper body and tried to maintain a stable posture… Shockingly, something flew by my head!

“Sir Demon!!”

I raised my head and saw something falling down in front of my eyes. 

White hair… is this my hair?

I was horrified as I stood up and quickly turned my body to look back.
Then I felt my elbow hit something hard.



When my vision finally cleared completely, the opponent was already trembling with his stomach clenched and his back bent.

My eyes widened at the familiar appearance.

“A human?”

There were no tails, horns, or scales.
Unlike demons, who have parts that are different from humans, the opponent looked like a human no matter how I looked.

The question of how a human was in the Demon King’s castle was temporarily put aside as I saw the sword they were holding.

An intruder.
Could it have been this guy’s stomach that my elbow hit?

I was lucky.
If I hadn’t, I would have been the one who got hit.

After calming my surprised heart, I held the sword with both hands and raised it.

Whether it was a human or not, the fact that they were an intruder and had attacked me did not change.
So there was no hesitation in my actions.

Instead, thinking that I would be in danger if I left things like this, I swung the sword with all my weight behind it.


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