‘Kidnapping? These bastards are up to no good!’

The Skeleton King’s eyes flashed with anger. The light that created the magic core in his body wasn’t particularly bright.
Even so, there was nothing good about humans witnessing the creation of magic cores.

‘Because magic and divine power are like cats and dogs, irreconcilable enemies.’

Of course, there were many reasons to hide it even if it wasn’t that reason.

‘If the baby learns to use magic on their own, they will go into shock.’

Humans could use magic from the age of five.
But in that situation, a milk-drinker using magic? The wizard guys would go crazy, saying that it was a miracle child.
Other countries would want to take him away, right?

In other countries, they will be excited to take you, right?

And he must become a Saint of the Holy Empire and corrupt the servants of the gods, the priests.
But if other countries or the Mage Kingdom caught wind of it, wouldn’t that be a pain in the ass?

It would become very troublesome.

‘Well, as long as they don’t get in the way.’

Now was the chance while the henchmen were fighting and kidnapping him.

However, the Skeleton King, with his eyes closed, was more nervous than ever.

In fact, this was the most important moment while creating the magic core.
If the process was interrupted here, his body would never be able to create magic core again.

It was not for nothing that the magic schools had set the age limit for succession classes at 5 years old.
Even though they knew there were special abilities that could only be obtained at this age.

Well, if I could become the Skeleton King, I’d like to make it in a calm place…

‘If not now, there won’t be another chance.’

Right now, there are only fake servants here, but the Holy Empire is probably full of high-ranking priests.
And creating a magic core inside that damn priests’ lair?

That would be crazy.

It would be the same as announcing to everyone that the Skeleton Demon King, whom humans fear, is here.

So now was the optimal opportunity, as the fake servant’s weren’t paying attention to him.

‘The first step is simple.’

The Skeleton King closed his eyes, and his vision became dark.
This was simply a state of closed eyes.
But he didn’t stop there.
The place where he had to create the magic core was the world, where he had to concentrate again.

[Conscious World]

At that moment, the Skeleton King’s vision changed.
It was as if he was sinking into a dark water, and both sound and light disappeared.


A perfect space of nothingness.
This was the place where he could create the magic core.

The reason for creating it in such a place was simple.
If the magic core wasn’t hidden deep inside, there was a risk of it being exposed and destroyed.

There was a reason that there were professional hunters who killed monsters and collected magic cores.
But this place is moderately deep, so it’s a safe place. Even the dragons at the pinnacle of magic created magic cores here.

However, the Skeleton King was different from others.

He was the leader of the demons who not only had unparalleled magical abilities but also subdued demons with his bare hands, causing even the gods to tremble.

‘I’ll go in twenty more times!’

He transcended the realm of consciousness and delved into the vast unconscious world, particularly the primordial world at the very end.
The Skeleton King cut off the connection between the outside world and the consciousness.


He felt his breath stop for a moment.

‘It’s dangerous if we don’t hurry.’

He may have had a strong body, but even he felt like his mind was going to fly away in this place where even the gods could lose themselves and disappear – a place that was never entered by the unconscious.

But the Skeleton King had a different reason for choosing such a dangerous place.

‘The scale here is completely different.’

After all, there was a limit to the range of consciousness that creatures could perceive at once.

But the unconscious? There was no limit.
That’s why he wanted to create a magic core here.

As the landlord is above the builder and the builder is above the landowner, what good is having many seeds? What good is having a lot of building materials?

‘Anyway, if there’s not enough land, then everything is worthless.’

However, this place had no limits, expanding like an infinite universe – a place where an ‘infinite core’ of magic could be created that even the gods of magic couldn’t reach!

So at this moment, in this place, he unleashed all his power.


A flash of light began to appear before his eyes.

It was a magic core.

But the Skeleton King’s expression as he looked at the magic core was strange.

‘Insane, the magic core is white?’

Magic cores are basically three primary colors of red, blue, and green, and each color has different characteristics.

But white?

It was surprising even for a blank piece of paper, and the tremendous power emanating from that small size was felt.

The feeling wasn’t bad.

No, it was very good.

It seemed like his gamble had succeeded.

‘Good, now that we’re almost done, everything will be over.’

All that was left was to engrave a ‘name’ on the magic core.

It is the most important task of concentrating and connecting consciousness and core, but it wasn’t a difficult task for him.

Actually, it was making the core that was tiring.

If he had come this far, it was practically over…

But at that moment.

“Oh, wait a minute. Baby Saint, are you not breathing?”


At the sound that came from outside the primordial world, the Skeleton King was startled.

“What was that? Am I mistaken?”

“No, look at this.
His chest isn’t moving at all…”

The Skeleton King screamed at the voices of the servants getting closer and closer.

No, now is the most important moment.

Even if it was him, touching it now would make him lose his mind and ruin everything!

“Artificial respiration!”

No, it can’t be!

It was kind of them to worry, but they didn’t need to!

Soon, the male servant’s voice could also be heard.

“I will do it!”

Damn, don’t do it!

The Skeleton King hurriedly began his finishing work, and the letters of light on the magical core were quickly inscribed.

That was the moment when the servants made a stance to save the child.



It seemed that the extreme concentration was worthwhile.

Finally, the name was engraved on the magic core. At the same time, a tremor resembling the beating of a drum began, and magical veins began to form throughout his body.

The magical core had started to activate.

The Skeleton King hurriedly focused on the ritual and ascended from the unconscious world to the outside world.
It would take time for magic to circulate throughout his body, but he had already activated it, so he could use magic.

‘Hopefully, this will solve the problem for a while!’

The Skeleton King, who had finally crossed over to the inner world, opened his eyes abruptly.

The servants were surprised.

“He’s opened his eyes!”

As they stepped back, the relieved Skeleton King closed his eyes as if he had fainted.
It seemed like it had been almost 200 years since he had last exerted such intense concentration.

‘Already tired…’

“Oh my God, the baby has lost consciousness again!”

“As expected, I do Cardiopulmonary resuscitation!”

‘Don’t do it, damn you!’

The Skeleton King opened his eyes again, cursing at the male servant.

‘The young ones really do make the grown-ups nervous, huh.’

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