At first, he thought it was a mistake, but he was sure.

‘This is magical power.’

But why was there magical energy in the temple?

He couldn’t understand the reason, but what did it matter? The important thing was that with magic, anything was possible, whether it was spells or summoning subordinates.

And the direction where he could feel the magic was…

The kitchen?

The Skeleton King saw a building bustling with food coming out at once.

At the same time, when the smell of food entered his nose, he staggered like a zombie.

‘Darn it! My hunger is making me dizzy.’

He hadn’t felt hunger like this in hundreds of years, and it was so joyfull that his tears came out.
But now, it was his limit!

‘These damn paladins.’

He rolled over, wanting to starve to death at this rate.
It wasn’t difficult to escape from the couch while the paladins looked away.

Rather than waiting for these bastards to bring him food, he would rather raid the warehouse himself.
It wasn’t a time to be picky about warm or cold rice.
As long as he could eat anything, even if it wasn’t meat!

That’s when it happened.

As soon as the Skeleton King entered the kitchen, he heard the screams of the holy knights.

“Oh my God, young master! Did you come all the way here because you were hungry? Hey! Bring it quickly!”

“Don’t worry.
We’ve prepared the best food!”

Wow! These guys!

It’s creepy that they brought him to the temple, but he forgave them because they said they prepared the best food.

“Especially, the royal family prepared something valuable for you!”

Wow! Pretty guys!

It’s even the food of the royal family!

Whatever they give him, he’ll eat it deliciously!

However, soon his face contorted at the food they had brought in a golden dish.

* * *

The Skeleton King had longed for a human body for hundreds of years.

He wanted to eat a bowl of ramen, even just once before he died.

And with extra spicy broth!

He wanted to eat the hot and spicy stuff that he had boiled for midnight snacks and hangover cures.
Actually, it didn’t matter if it was ramen or jajangmyeon or anything, as long as he could eat it, he had no more wishes.

Just being able to do that act of eating and swallowing it in his throat was enough to make him live happily for a hundred years.

And finally, after hundreds of years!

He was able to eat human food.
Whatever came out, he would eat it deliciously…


But in front of the food, the Skeleton King’s face was full of complaints.

There was no other way.

‘I always said I would eat whatever was served to me, but I didn’t want to eat this… ‘

The face of the Skeleton King holding the bottle was rotting.
His fingers gripping the bottle tightened.

‘Well yes… Since I’m a baby, formula milk is good…’

Without teeth, the baby needed to grow by drinking as much as possible.
That way, he could quickly raise his magic level.
But if they were going to provide milk, they should at least give him actual milk.

‘What is this tree root! Root juice, fuck it!’

The Skeleton King glared at the table in anger.

On it were dishes filled with beans and grass.
Even though the juice from the grass was said to be a favorite of the holy knights, the Skeleton King rejected it and chose the bean water instead.

Milk would have been better than some unknown juice! Of course, even the milk was more like boiled water with beans than actual milk.

The Skeleton King had no choice but to eat it to survive, but…

‘Is this really the food the royal family sent?’

At this point, he had to seriously consider whether he could become a Saint renouncing his citizenship.

‘Couldn’t the Holy Empire be a vegetarian country?’

Of course, he liked vegetables, but how could the highest-quality food sent by the royal family be this bad? Boiled bean water, really?

‘These bastards, were they from the elven nation?’

But soon the Skeleton King shook his head.

No, that’s not it.

It was a body that could barely eat and chew after hundreds of years.

Whether it’s bean water or plain water, if this is their staple food, now he’s humbled with a grateful heart…

“But is it really okay? Should we give the young master something that we don’t eat as well?”

“Because you are a noble representative of the gods and a leader, we prepared only the best.”

“The Pope ordered that the Saint candidates should be fed only with this crop.”

“Yes, it’s our duty.”

The Pope bastard, who wouldn’t be satisfied even if they chewed on this!

He has never liked those bastards since old times.

The Skeleton King, who was about to crush a milk bottle, glared and spat out anger from his eyes.

Before kicking the gods, let’s first take off the Pope’s balls.

In the meantime, the Skeleton King’s gaze fell on the lunch boxes carried by the paladins.
A delicious smell emanated from the boxes.

And perhaps sensing the Skeleton King’s gaze, the paladins smiled as if moved.

“Do you care about us that much? You don’t have to worry about us!”

“That’s right.
In order to protect you, our knights have thoroughly enjoyed the special meat dish!”

“So please eat without worry… Oops! The young master is drooling!”

“Wait, young master! Stop it! Oops!”

Tweh! Twaht!

He will definitely make these knights slaves and work them to death.

‘It’s not like eating this will make me any less of a Saint.’

But wait, it wasn’t just anyone who ordered him to eat it, it was the Pope?

‘Darn it, I’m hungry so I’ll eat it for now.’

Surprisingly, it felt like he was eating soybean noodle soup, and it was actually pretty good if he just added sugar and salt.

Of course, Skeleton King didn’t need to use magic to make seasoning, but still, he had already depleted his energy using only a 1st-rank spell.

‘This is all because of the saint’s body.’

Was it because it didn’t match his energy?

No, that wasn’t the reason.
On the contrary, his body was the best for a magician who stored up power.
It could store any amount of power like a monster.


‘Even storage capacity needs to be good to some extent.
Am I a monster?’

Well, he understood.
Compared to a god, the human body was small.
So how can you store a lot of power in that small body?

‘Filter out impurities and compress as much as possible.’

Filter out impurities and compress the power as much as possible.
To be able to produce the power of ten thousand with the power of one.


‘Damn it, I underestimated the power of the Saint’s body.’

Because the compression was too great, only a few drops were filled even when absorbing power!

Of course, that meant the output was even better.
Compression meant that the same amount of power could produce a stronger force.

In other words, it meant that the destructive power of magic also increased.
It was undoubtedly the reason why a 1st rank magic produced the power of a higher level magic.

But it couldn’t go on like this.

‘Even if the power is strong, when will I be able to fill up my mana pool if I keep compressing it like this?’

The only way to replenish mana in the Holy Empire was to absorb mana core.

But if it continued like this, he would have to search for mana cores until he became an old man and die.

‘Damn, are you telling me to convert peacefully?’

I’m not even thinking about facing the gods, let alone becoming one of their lackeys.

In a situation where there was already a shortage of mana and it was difficult to summon subordinates…

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