The Skeleton King had a dream after hundreds of years.

It was a dream of getting rid of those damn priests and gods and devouring this country as his own.
It was a good dream to wake up from and enjoy the long-awaited rest.

“It’s certain.
The young master took care of the magician.”


What a bullshit

As he woke up, the royal knights were engaging in a strange scuffle.

“Oddly enough, there were traces of 7th-rank magic being used in the place where I found the young master.”

Oh, it seems they were investigating the kidnapper.
And they seem to have finally deduced that the magician appeared because he used magic.

But suddenly, magic? That was weird.
There had never been a case of such high-level magic being used there.

“Otherwise, the grass and trees wouldn’t have dried up like that.”

What are they talking about? Did they mistake magic absorption for blood-sucking?

Well, magic absorption was a unique magic of the Skeleton King alone.
Even those around him had mistaken it for мфьзшкшыь, so it was understandable that they were confused.

But as high-level priests, they should be able to easily correct such errors…

“If it’s magic, is it the <>? The 7th-rank magician of the Magic Empire.”

“Well, vampirism is his dirty specialty.”

No, you kids.
That’s just a basic magic absorption that’s embarrassing to even call magic.

That’s not high-level magic, is it?

“The prophecy of the birth of the Saint has spread to other countries.
The Magic Empire must be an enemy of the Holy Empire and is targeting His Holiness.
They are a bunch of dirty scoundrels.”

“So the young master has driven out not only the kidnappers but also the magicians of the Magic Empire?”

No, black angel or black sugar, but you’ve never been there before?

“Oh my God, I must report this to His Majesty.
He has even driven out the enemies of the Holy Empire.
He will be a great treasure to the country.”

What crime did magicians commit?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Young master, we have arrived at your residence!”

The place where he arrived embraced by the paladins was a luxurious mansion.

Although it was a mansion in a nearby village, the garden was magnificent and the subtle divine power overflowed everywhere.

‘It doesn’t seem like my original house.
Is this perhaps Eshua’s villa?’

Above all, the Skeleton King was able to learn a lot from the conversation of the paladins.

First and foremost, he wanted to know his own situation.

-What time is it now?

‘It doesn’t seem like a lot of time has passed since I was sealed.’

He roughly heard that the Skeleton King, the worst Demon King, had fought against the gods and was defeated, and peace had come to the gods.

The demon  camp was said to be in chaos due to the absence of the Demon King.

The Pope was also keeping an eye on the movements of the demons.

In such a situation, was essential.

If it’s a Demon King, there are many who will come after your head, but…

‘If I reveal my identity to the Pope, it’ll be a real pain.’

The Skeleton King and the previous Popes were originally enemies, but the Pope was the only being connected to the gods more than anything else.

And what if he reveals his identity to him?

‘I’ll either be destroyed out of personal animosity, or in the worst case, I’ll be taken away by the gods.
That’ll be the end.’

Of course, it won’t be easy to take him down.
This time, he had a body that could overwhelm them.

If it were me, I could have raised this body to surpass even the highest god.
The gods would think they’re finished when they realize this.
The problem is that until I can grow stronger, I’m still a helpless newborn.
But that will be resolved once I regain my original strength.

‘In that sense, let’s call my subordinates first.’

It was a piece of cake to raise the magic rank after receiving the magic core through a subordinate.
Moreover, he had no intention of learning only magic in this life.

‘Magic and holy power are opposing forces that can’t coexist.’

It was like the strongest spear and the strongest shield. 

But what if you could use both powers?

‘What if you could freely invade even the absolute defense that they put up?’

Why was the Skeleton King defeated by the gods?

It was because he was vulnerable to divine power, but more than anything, it was because of the divine barrier that made the divine realm impregnable.

The entry condition for entering the divine barrier is having divine power.

In the first place, it was a problem that no one could approach it no matter how strong they were.

But what if it was a body of a Saint?

‘Then, one can freely enter the gods’ inner sanctum without any inspection.’

But what if you also had the magical power to kill gods?

‘Even if an archangel or anyone from their faction comes down, I’ll assassinate them on the spot!’

The corners of the Skeleton King’s mouth curled up with a sinister grin.

‘I’ll destroy this country of such priests from the inside out.’

What kind of expression would they have if they saw those who lived off them, enjoying the power of the divine realm!

‘Well, I just need to be careful of the temple for now.’

It was the headquarters of the filthy priests.

The temple was where the most sensitive people to magic gathered, and it was where all sorts of lethal weapons were equipped to dispose of demons.

So, he must be careful.
Even though he was reincarnated in a Saint’s body, he was mentally in agony.

That’s why the Skeleton King’s eyes happily drew a crescent moon when he entered the luxurious mansion.

‘Here, the smell of the rich is in the air.
It’s the best.’

He could call his subordinates without any risk of being discovered here.

Although the Skeleton King hated the paladins to death, they were the ones who brought him here.

There was no need to hate them this time around.

‘Well, this is enough for the paladins, and the pretty ones too…’

Corrupting and turning them into meat shields in the future… However, the expression on the Skeleton King’s face changed as he realized the true identity of the mansion.

‘What the fuck! Why is it a temple and not a house?!’

That’s right.
The mansion where the paladins arrived was not a villa, but a temple!

Although the garden was luxurious, it seemed like a temple created by the nobles, not a nobleman’s mansion.
As he actually passed through the garden, a familiar architectural style of the temple was revealed.

Because of this, the Skeleton King trembled at the sight of the paladins who were happy to death looking at him.

A house, you say!

‘Are these damn holy knights trying to assassinate me?’

Bringing me straight to a temple when I used the magic before! At first I followed the assassins, and this time it was an assassination room!

“If it is a temple, it will be of great help to the young master, who is already using Holy Law.”

“You will be recognized as a Saint.”

Saints are great, but a temple?!

‘Damn it.
Anyway, the temple was still a dangerous place.’

Even if he planned to become a Saint and take revenge in the future.
Of course, the problem was that he couldn’t get close to it.

After all, a temple is a place where magical power can’t exist.

‘Holy power rejects magic.’

And his subordinates? How could he summon anything if there was no magical power in the first place?

‘Damn it, if only there was magical power in the temple, I wouldn’t be struggling like this.’

But then, it happened.


He felt a familiar power around him.

‘Magical power?’

The Skeleton King’s eyes twinkled.

If there was magical power, the story would be different.

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