What rain? But he must have had his own reasons for bringing this up.

“That time, the day we took shelter from the rain in the Marquisate.
That day too, you were staring vacantly outside.”

Did I? At that time, I was just staring blankly out the window because I felt melancholy.

But currently, I was not low in spirit, I was truly deep in thought.

I couldn’t believe he even remembered that.
I smiled at Logan.

“You have a good memory.”

“Because it left a deep impression.”

Could he mean because we suffered together? I smiled bitterly.

“Logan, have you ever been mistaken for a nobleman in your life?”

“Ah… there were times.
Why are you asking…?”

“I think I know why.”

“And why is that?”

Logan looked genuinely curious.
Not knowing the problem was even more dangerous.
Even if he kept his mouth shut, he still did not look like a commoner in the slightest.
Even more so once he opened his mouth.

“I don’t know if you are aware, but commoners usually have a hard time around nobles.”

I thought I would point out something for him to be mindful of.
So that he would not be suspected by anyone next time.

If he was going to lead a double life, wouldn’t it be better to do it perfectly? It was truly surprising that he had not been noticed until now.

“The nobles take that for granted.
But Logan’s attitude is not like that at all.
You talk too bluntly and firmly.”

“You mean the way I talk is the problem?”

“Um… yes.
I think it would be nice if it was a little softer.”

Would he be able to do it? Though I said so, I couldn’t really imagine it.

I’m embarrassed to say this myself, but I heard it from my tutor, so please don’t get me wrong.”

“What is it?”

“It is said that nobles have a unique demeanour no matter what clothes they wear.”

It was embarrassing indeed.
It was like praising myself, but this was what I heard from my tutor, and these words were also essential to Logan.

“Anyone quick-witted can figure it out.
Like, ‘oh, that person is a nobleman’ even if they are dressed in commoners’ clothes.”


Logan did not even know this either.
This man, this duke, seriously, what was he trying to do with a double life?

“Some commoners may exude a noble aura.
But what if not only does one have a unique aura but also an abnormal attitude? That’s when you get suspicious.”

I stopped talking, hoping Logan would understand what I was saying.

He stayed still for a while, as if to reflect on what I said.
He then opened his mouth.

“Thank you for letting me know.
I shall keep that in mind.”

There must have been something troubling him by the frown on his face.

Then he shook his head.

“As I thought, I don’t think I can do it.
It seems difficult to change your natural way of speaking.”

Did he just do something? I couldn’t notice it at all.
Did he just practise on his own? I asked carefully.

“… did you…try changing it just now?”

Was it obvious?”

“No, not really.”

If he hadn’t said it, I wouldn’t have known that’s why Logan was frowning.

I looked at him quietly and said.

“I think changing your tone or speaking habits might be tough.
So just keep a polite attitude.”


Even if it’s disappointing, I can’t help it.
Because it was advice for him.

So, Your Grace, please put on a perfect act. I secretly left him a message of encouragement in my mind.


I still didn’t know why Daisy hated me.
She’s not contacting me at all for the time being.

Pretending to be friends with the person I wanted to get revenge on… I thought it was possible when I went to the Marquisate, but turned out it was not as easy as I thought.

I had rubbed her the wrong way too many times.
Now, I was not even sure whether I was her friend even if it was only on the surface.

I overlooked her.
Daisy had once been against me, who was quiet before the regression, so there was absolutely no way that annoying girl would stay still in this life.

It was on an afternoon burning with sunlight when I found out about the vicious thing she did.

“My lady! A guest has arrived.
We have led her to the drawing room.”

Nancy, lively as always, informed me that I had a guest.
Daisy, the only one who came without notice, was not coming to my mansion at the time.
So who else could it be that came without prior contact?

When I asked who she was, Nancy said.

“I think she said she is from the Grint House.”

Chloe? It was the first time she had visited my mansion.
And without prior contact too.
I thought it was strange as I went down to the drawing room.

“Lady Grint.
What brought you here so suddenly…”

As I opened the door, I saw her face, looking somewhat urgent about something.
Wasn’t she always calm? It was the first time I had ever seen Chloe like that.

She spoke in a hurry.

“Lady Nelson.
Did you hear about that rumour?”

“Pardon? What rumour could you be talking about?”

What on earth was that rumour for her to come to the Marquis mansion so suddenly? Even when I scrambled pieces in my memories, nothing came to mind.

And while I was racking my brain, Chloe’s following words made me bewildered.
It was beyond what I could ever imagine.

“There are rumours going around that lady Nelson is dating a commoner!”


It was unbelievable how I got myself a man without me even knowing.

My mouth was gaped open, staggered at the nonsense.
What’s more, it was said that he was a commoner, not a noble. This is just absurd! I felt a sense of injustice.

I asked Chloe, without even thinking of fixing my startled expression.

“Where did you hear that?”

“I heard it from the young lady of Beth County.”

Of course lady Beth would know.
Wasn’t she friends with both Chloe and Daisy?

I hadn’t come into contact with her much, but I used to meet her together with Daisy in my previous life.

Once that fact struck me, I realised it at once.
From whom this rumour spread.

As my face grew serious, Chloe said, wary of my expression.

“You really don’t know? Lady Beth told everyone at the meeting.”


There were six people in total, including me.
Everyone was astonished to hear about it! It was said that the commoner was such a handsome man that lady Nelson dates him.
Is that true?”

“That is ridiculous! It is just baseless rumour.”

I shook my head and firmly denied it.
It must have been Daisy’s attempt to tarnish my reputation.
I did not have a man in the first place, but for me to be with a commoner….

At that very moment, it suddenly dawned on me.

There was a commoner who I met, wasn’t there?

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